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Florida Travel: A Guide to Family Fishing in Anna Maria Island

Florida Travel: A Guide to Family Fishing in Anna Maria Island

– [Announcer] This “How
to Do Florida” segment is presented by VISIT FLORIDA. – [Trek] Hey guys, you
ready to go fishin’? – [Kristy and Chase] Yeah! – [Narrator] It’s early in the morning and Kristy and Chase are
setting out to go fishing at sunrise just off the Anna Maria Island. – It’s worth it getting up
this early in the morning just to see the sunrise, huh? – [Narrator] They met up
with Captain Trek Hackney of Hackney Marine Fishing Charters. – [Trek] Beautiful morning. – [Narrator] Captain Trek Hackney has been fishing this area
since he was six years old. – So, today out on the
water with Kristy and Chase. We’re gonna start out
at a couple local reefs and do some sheepshead fishing. Hopefully we can put a few of
those in the box for lunch. Any kind of structure around
the bay here is always gonna attract some fish. – [Kristy] I think I feel nibbling. You feel nibbling too? – [Trek] There you go, Chase. – [Kristy] You already caught one? No way! Oh my gosh. – One bait, one fish, my friend! So guys, this is a sheepshead. These are a structure fish, so
they’ll live around bridges, docks, any kind of wrecks or reefs. Check out his teeth. Horse teeth, right? – [Kristy] Ooh, you got another one. That looks like a big one. – Nice job, buddy! – Chase, man, you are on fire! – [Narrator] After only
30 minutes of fishing, Chase had five fish in the boat. – [Kristy] Good job, buddy! – You got it, buddy. (Kristy cheers) – [Trek] Light a fire! – [Narrator] And Kristy? Well… – You got backcountry fishing,
red fish, snook, trout. Different times of the
year we can get off shore and stay near the beach. The tarpon fishing is world class, and we also have nearshore
reefs and offshore reefs where we can do a lot of grouper fishing and snapper fishing as well. – [Narrator] Kristy is
still working on catching her first fish. – [Kristy] Ooh ooh ooh, woo, I got one! Whoa, look at that! Wow, that’s a big one, huh? Oh my goodness. Woohoo, finally! – [Trek] You’re on the board. – [Kristy] Got one. Woohoo, that was fun! – [Narrator] It’s experiences like this that connect families and
create lasting memories. So next time you’re
near Anna Maria Island, hire a fishing captain and go fish. – [Announcer] This “How
to Do Florida” segment was presented by VISIT FLORIDA.

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