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Fly Fishing Basics – Learn to move around while fly fish

Fly Fishing Basics – Learn to move around while fly fish

Good morning from the river. Hi. It’s Anni from fly fishing community. What’s one tip for
fly-fishing basics that will improve your chances of catching fish? Well that’s
how you move around while fly fishing. And that’s what we will cover on today’s
video. But make sure to watch until the end of the video to get a free fly
fishing Cheat Sheet as gift from me. Move around quietly and stay low when you approach the waters not to spook the fish. Anf in some places you basically need to
crawl to get to the fish. That’s some of the fly fishing basics that you’ve
probably heard of. The fish get spooked easily. Right? But one thing I’ve noticed
when you learn to fly fish is that’s moving around doesn’t seem to come so naturally
at least it didn’t for me I remember so many times when I start fishing and then
half an hour later I’m on the exact same spot I haven’t taken one step and
especially on this kind of river fishing that you see in this video it pays to
move around On this fishing trip I talked with some first-timers and I
realized that they do the same thing maybe it’s that you are so focused on
your fly cast that you forget to move around and try different places. Maybe you expect the fish to move around in the river and find your fly. Or maybe
it’s just unconscious and you don’t pay attention but you just stay in one spot.
But to learn to fly fish and catch fish it increases your chances when you move
around. That way your fly will travel slightly different routes and you will
cover more ground and hopefully we will deliver your fly in front of the fish. Fish are lazy and they look for shelter in places where they don’t need to use
too much energy to swim around and they just wait for the river to bring in
their next meal. That’s why it’s better for you to move around and fish a
bigger area. Bonus tip: a good rule to go by is to make few casts then take few
steps and then repeat. You now know a little
tip how to fly fish. If you want to learn more fly-fishing basics go ahead
and download your free fly-fishing Cheat Sheet there’s a download link in the
description box below this video Go ahead and get it. It’s free to get and now
let’s see how our fly-fishing trip worked in action and how I almost jinx
the whole trip Today we’ve headed out to the river with my brother and my cousin and his friend. So four of us. We are in Kuhmo and we will check out Saarikoski. And the plan fly fishing and let’s see where it goes my cousin there. He and his friend, they
are first-time fly-fishing so the plan is to do a light introduction for the
sport I started the day, I caught a grayling from
behind that big rock so I think now I will take my cousin to that spot. Aha, one very cautious take. that’s a start. I think I’ve made a grave mistake. My
rule is always always always you take a photo of the first fish. You sort of
respect it. Even if it’s like 10 centimeter one. It’s the first fish of the trip. And now I caught the grayling, it was nice like 30 centimeter grayling and
I didn’t have my camera in the middle of the river so I thought okay I put it
back.. Aha. Now Taneli has a fish! Nice grayling. Ok I’m not jinxed. Excuse me Tuomas, What’s the verdict?
How is fly-fishing? Fly-fishing is really nice, but not yet so exciting because I’ve had bad
luck and no fish yet so… But you did have one take. Yeah. I had one situation
but it didn’t go so well It’s a good start. And now the fly is stuck somewhere And I was so worried that we are jinxed
because of my bad behavior in the beginning. But looks like at least Taneli knows what he’s doing How about Pekka. Hi. So what has been best on today’s trip so far? The nature and of course learning some new things. And is it easy or difficult? Pretty easy. but I don’t know how I’m doing so Well as we talked on the way as long as the fly is in the water that’s a great
start right yeah It’s so hot. Need to cool down And now you get out there. If you liked
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thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Thanks for watching. Do you usually hunt for the fish, or stay put and wait, What's your tactic for fly fishing? And do you have any useful fly fishing basics to share?

  2. Löysin just sinun kanavan. Älyttömän hienoa nähdä kauniimman sukupuolen edustajia tekemässä kalastus videoita ja jakamassa hyviä tipsejä täällä tubessa. Extra pisteet kotiin siitä että teet näitä englanniksi, meitä enkuksi videoiden vääntäjia ei taida olla suomessa kovinkaan paljon 🙂

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