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Fly fishing com montes de capturas e espécies (4K ULTRA HD)

Fly fishing com montes de capturas e espécies (4K ULTRA HD)

fish on seabass look winged ant there he goes another seabass Bluegill there she goes fish on another beautiful Bluegill look there she goes, beautiful let´s see if there is more there another Bluegill another beautiful Bluegill Bass so guess this Bass likes winged ant too so fun so I got some seabass, some bluegills now a bass going good I am shore fishing, lot´s of you guys prefer this videos later I will explain to you why yesterday I don’t fish from the kayak but now we will try to catch more did you saw? was beautiful to see I think this is the biggest and she swallows all but these are barbless hooks so will be easy there she goes today I really need this Friday I got all my stuff ready for fishing I was preparing my kayak and my hard drive the hard drive I use for my business just die and we have till day 16 to deliver the VAT to the government so was chaos, I try to fix all the night without success Saturday I went to a computer shop is not ready but I think they will fix till day 16 but today I really need to relax, is one of those days you need to calm down so cast some flies, get some fish I was thinking to catch some mullet here and is the last missing species, I got several attacks in a minnow imitation, can you believe? but they missed anyway, I am seeing some Bluegill near me there is a Bass there too so we will have some fun with Bluegill we need to have some fun the rest don’t matter I change my fly for another who sink faster to save some time and got this Bluegill another one they are enough to have some fun so beautiful, look the size of this belly you are eating so much so, guys, my fishing day is over, today I tried to get the maximum of different species I am down the dam Crestuma-Lever and here we got seabass at the same time we have fresh water species like Bluegill that you saw, Barbel, Mullet and Bass, hope you like and see you in next video

14 comments on “Fly fishing com montes de capturas e espécies (4K ULTRA HD)

  1. Muito bom vídeo. Não vejo hora de montar o set e tentar a minha sorte. Imagino que ainda vou ter algumas horas de prática até acertar a mosca na água 😅 fantástico spot e o 4k a dar o toque final. Abr

  2. pequenos peixes, grandes emoções. João vc me disse que vai me ajudar no sorteio dos 50 mil , vc falou sério? Posso falar aos meus amigos que o joão vai Patrocinar as prendas pro sorteio?. Grande abraço

  3. Todos os amantes da pesca ,devem levar isto em consideração. Pois não precisamos de grandes peixes para nos sentirmos realizados. Parabéns pelo grande momento. Grande abraço João!

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