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Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Lines

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Lines

Okay the next part of our equipment is the
fly line and even though the rod is the most important, most expensive part, the fly line
is probably just as important as the rod because that is actually what is going to be doing
the casting. Most of your fly lines now will be tapered fly lines meaning they will start
off thin, toward the front they will get thicker and then they will taper off toward the back,
so here is the front end of it, fairly thin and you can see that it is much larger here.
That is the weighted portion of the line and then the back end of it will be pretty thin.
The fly lines are going to be weighted just like your rods. They will start at most commonly
2 or 3 weight up to about an 8 or 10 weight. Right in the middle is your 5 or 6 weight
which is what we will be using most of the time for freshwater fishing, trout fishing
or bass fishing. The line is your weight so it’s going to be a vinyl coating, a plastic
coating on a braided core and that plastic coating is what gives you weight and it’s
almost arbitrary. It’s just a system set up by the fly fishing manufacturers to determine
line weight.

3 comments on “Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Lines

  1. hello friend,i am Cristian from Romania, i was buying to me a fly fishing equipment i never try this style so in a beginer:) i just wait to summer comme beaucouse right now is too cold:D thanx 4 ure posts im watching them all beaucouse i repeat i am a biginer and i neet to now somme things:) thanq bye bye

  2. Hi. I'm from Cleveland OH and usually fish at the Grand rivers and lake Erie. I love to go steelhead fishing and most of the time I used the spinning rods and caught a huge one. But now I'm shifting to fly fishing and just got an Martin Classic, 8ft 5/6 weight beginner rod with everything pre-tied. so I took it out for the first time and saw that the leader was already tied up to the fly line but then it also seemed long so I cut it and took like 20 in from it. I wasnt supposd 2 do dat rite?

  3. me again, I was over the limit so. Anyways, by the info you gave in this vid. the leader is supposed to become smaller as it goes down to the end where you tie the fly to. And by the comment I left a minute ago, it seems like I already messed it up real bad. So should I just cut the part already on the rod and took the long leader and tie that to the fly line? Moreover, my first casts, the fly line was not straight and it came out in a zig zag kind of way, please help.

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