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Fly Fishing for Wild Salmon & Steelhead to Prove that Happiness is Connected to Healthy Environments

Fly Fishing for Wild Salmon & Steelhead to Prove that Happiness is Connected to Healthy Environments

Have you ever wondered where happiness comes
from? What if I told you that it was outside, waiting for you and that you had to go and
find it. Would you go looking for it? Hmmm, would you? What if I dared you? Double dare?
Triple dare? Quadruple dare? (Music) My name is Captain Quinn and when I am outside
doing what I love with the people I love, I am happy. I enjoy exploring, spinning yarns
and fishing. Im a father and when I m not fishing I m also a husband. Five years ago
I set out on a journey to explore how much our happiness is connected to healthy environments.
So I moved my family to Northwestern BC, a place with wild rivers and rugged landscapes.
My approach was simple: venture deep into wild places, interact with people who are
living life-styles that honour their connection to the environment and of course chase wild
salmon and steelhead with my fly rod. (Music) What I found was that the healthier our environment
is the happier we are able to be. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, which is
off the Southwest Coast of British Columbia. Ive been fishing my entire life and through
my love of fishing have embarked on many wild adventures to incredible places. It is through
these adventures that I have recognized that a healthy environment provides countless exciting
opportunities. Opportunities to engage with and honour our environment. Opportunities
to connect with each other and ourselves. Opportunities to just be happy. In 1992 the entire salmon fishery on the Sunshine
Coast collapsed and it used to be world class. I got to taste a bit of it but not nearly
as much as I would have liked. When I turned 25, my friends and my family pulled off the
first ever swim for the salmon. In 13 of the most physically strenuous hours of my life
with the support of my family and friends, I swam the 32 km Sechelt Inlet, through the
Skookumchuck Narrows, which is the second largest tidal surge in the world. Sechelt
Inlet used to get so full of salmon that in the summer it was said that you could walk
across their backs. I thought that if iI could pull off the swim for the salmon than we could
bring salmon back to the Sunshine Coast but it turns out, its not that easy. It seems
that the much better plan would have been to protect them before they were gone. I wanted to show the world how incredible
healthy environments are, so I became Captain Quinn. Captain Planet was already taken and
I set out to promote the outdoors to save the outdoors through outdoor entertainment.
I started documenting my adventures and sharing my stories. I never thought that it would
turn into a career but it has and I think thats pretty cool. Did you clip your barbs? You remember to clip
your barbs? Should ve been here yesterday, couldn t keep em off. What are you using?
Muddler Minnow? Wooly Bugger? Egg Sucking Leach? Hey could I borrow some leader line? When I became a father I was overwhelmed with
wanting my children to have access to the same or even better outdoor opportunities
than I had growing up. Fish, big fish. I put a bobber on a shrimp on. Trout, Steelhead,
Sockeye, Salmon. Puppy, whats that? Thats pretty cool. That is cool. What was I supposed to be doing? Your were supposed to be finding a job and
a house and supporting your family but instead you were so enthralled with the fishing up
here that you could not take one day away from it so you went out fishing, you got back
at like 8 at night, I was fuming, I was so mad, and then you.. I checked my email. You checked you email and you had a job. I had a job and we had a place to live. and you checked your phone and we got that
sweet cabin to rent. Moral of the story& listen to your husband. Let him go fishing. When life gets hard just let him fish. Yes absolutely. And now here I am living with my family in
Northwestern British Columbia on the Skeena River. Exploring the connection between happiness
and healthy environments. Im not sure what the future will bring but I am excited to
find out. Steelheadings hard. Fish of a thousand casts
you know. Got a spey rod hear. 13 foot, 7 inches, 8 weight, 4 pieces, lifetime warranty.
Hows the visibility? About a foot. Thats all you need, all you need is about a foot. You
got your backing, your running line, your shooting head, your sink tip, your leader
than your fly. Thats how it goes. They say if your arms hurt, your doing it wrong, Im
always doing it wrong. I can do a snake roll. Fish of a thousands though. More like 10 thousand
huh? Hey you gotta get it down, mend it, get it down. (Blowing) Fly fishing only. You chucking
a Skagit or a Scandi? Long bellied Spey, ohhhh. You fish the riffle? Oh look at that bucket.
4 Piece not a 2 piece, whoopsies. Nothing like a tight line grab huh, the tug is the
drug. Hey do you think I need a weighted fly? Yah, I could be a guide but I don t want to
mix passion with work. How much sink tip should I use? 5 feet of T-14 or 10 feet? Im just
gonna use an intermediate sink tip I think. Maybe ill through on a floating line, see
if I can get one on the dry. I fly fish only. Pretty low and clear today. Can you Perry
Poke?Hey I got tube fly on. Snap T. Squamish Poacher. Egg sucking leach. Bulkly Bomber.
Theres water born casts and theres airborne casts. I think I m gonna skate a dry. Fly
fishing is like poetry. They say you gotta read the water but what language do you think
its written in. Huh. Nothing like firing a laser across the river into a riffle, drift
through a seam, swing your fly, tight line gran, tug is the drug, you know, ohhhh fish
of a thousand casts. (Music) Sleep fart coffee poop. Yah. Sleep fart coffee poop. Fish. Fish. Ummm. Repeat, Quinn s life. Yah. (Music) One of my favourite things about fishing and
getting outside is sharing it with the people that I care about. So when I heard that my
Dad and life-long friend Nathan Robinson were coming to visit, I couldn t wait to introduce
them to steelheading and I wondered if through this experience they would find this place
as wild and as incredible as I do. Hi, Im Kelly Barabash. I currently live in
Kelowna, British Columbia. Im up here in Terrace, British Columbia visiting my son my grandsons
and his wife. Its beautiful up here, lots of wilderness, great outdoors, snow, rain,
cold, you name it, its got it up here along with the wildlife and awesome fishing. When
Quinn was young I was teaching him how to hunt and fish, target practice, bow, riffle,
trolling, fly and now I m up here in Terrace and he s teaching me Spey. My names Nathan Robinson, pretty much close
to a lifelong friend of Captain Quinn. Its been about 27, 27 years approximately that
I ve know him. Um, we, I first more or less met him as a pre-school student going to Welcome
Beach Preschool in Half-moon Bay, British Columbia. I guess, you know, like have always
sort of shared a common interest in terms of outdoors and natural surroundings and sports
as well. You know, if your familiar with early 80 s Edmonton Oilers, he was more or less
like, you know kinda the Gretszyish guy, I was Curry, setting him up all the time in
soccer. Um, He got majority of the credit, I did most of the work, majority of the time.
Um, because of the friendship that I had with him, um, its given me, you know, that much
more reason to come and spend some time here in an environment that he loves and one that
I want to learn about so. Fishing with the old man, took me fishing
lots as a kid. Always out-fished him, today hopefully for his sake he out-fishes me. Bit
of a gruelling hike in here especially because he just had hip-replacement surgery. Who caught the big one last time we went fishing,
who caught the most last time we went fishing? (laugher) Yep, you did actually. I did actually. So, he s gonna go through there swinging a
little sink tip and he s never caught a steelhead before. He definitely doesn t know what he
s doing with the double hand. Thats true, I do not know what I m doing. So we will see how this goes. If he can catch a steelhead here on the spey
rod, which is something that excites him even though he had no idea what he s doing, its
something that he s learning and he s really keen to learn and its just really cool seeing
him out here being out here in his element trying something new and I just really hope
he gets into one, it d be pretty cool. WoooHooo (Music) He aint done yet. (Laughter) Missed him. He s under the ice. reel reel reel, Good, let him go. (Laughter) I wanna new net man. There we go. (Laughter) Nice son. My first big steelhead. What a beautiful
fish. Pop the hook out there. Barely in, barely in. How did it stay in thats
what id like to know. More oxygen over the gills Quinn? Yup that does help. There she goes. There she goes. Awesome Quinn. You see how she swam away really fast? Yah strong really strong. When it went under the ice I though thats
it, its cutting off. Well I could have used a better net man I don t know if you saw that. (Laughter) Here we are in this healthy river systems
that has healthy population of fish and that directly effects our happiness. Oh for sure. Like how do you feel right now. Stoked. Yah, your gonna tell this story. I feel like I could almost make it back to
the truck. (Laughter) Is your hip any better? No, I don t feel any pain, everything numb
from (beep) hole down, so um, just froze. Thats was awesome. I was pretty grumbly when you said it was
a kilometre in but it was more like 7. That was the best hook set I ve ever seen. Nate was that a fish. No. (Laughter) Get its head on the water, rod up, rod up. (Laughter) Pop the hook out there. Oh yah, he wasn t
going anywhere. Hey dad. What? It was about twice the size of yours. Well done Nate. Ill take it, that was uh ya, a pretty cool
experience. Two people who, you and Kelly have never Spey
fished before. Never Spey fished. Never intentionally gone
Steelhead fishing. Beginners luck, the only person who hasn t
caught on today is me. Lets note that, lets pay attention to that. (Laughter) A healthy environment provide countless opportunities.
Opportunities to explore, to survive, to fish. Its a vast playground in which relationships
are born and nurtured. When we explore our outdoors passions we honour our relationship
to this world. We connect with Mother Nature, we connect with each other, we connect with
ourselves and through these connections we can find happiness. (Music) �
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