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Fly fishing New Zealand – Chapter 3 & 4

Mount Cook Is that the one you’ve seen? No, no, that was the big one next to the river bank Everything is unfishable in nor’western … in this area. Which is a problem We have read the entire chapter now We spent the last few days south of Twizel. But this morning we woke up in… … in a severe weather warning with north western winds. Twizel and north western winds apparently arn’t the best of combinations. So we decided to head back up north again to Northern Canterbury. to Lake Groevlan or actually River Groevlan hmm…. Cannibal Gorge They ate them Follow it Björn, follow it up Noooo, not into the Willow Can I back it down here? It’s so f*****g strong This gorge actually looks like something from a Wild West movie w00th? As stable as can be Quality from New Zealand Skål! Where should we go from here? Now that we’ve been fishing on the other side of the world? I don’t know, I heard they found water on Mars That’s a good id … yes… wait Honey, it’s me We might take a slight detour No, no, won’t be long, just… …yes fishing We found… Ok See yoo soon, bye bye

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