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Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

Hi. It’s Anni from fly fishing community. And on this video we are gonna look fly fishing basics with nymphs. Nymphs have often times saved the whole fishing trip when nothing is happening and nothing else works you’ll see what I mean later on this video. And do watch until the end there’s a free fly fishing cheat sheet that I think you will like. Fish are oftentimes staying at the very bottom of the river. where they can stay in nice shelter and just wait for the current to bring their next meal. And it would take a lot of energy to rise all the way up to the surface to catch one bug for a dinner. So therefore when you’re using nymphs you can serve your fly right in front of the fish which is lurking at the bottom of the river. And especially if your nymph has a heavy bead head it sinks to the river bottom really quickly and nice. And let me show you a quick super fancy illustration how it works. Your fly sinks to the bottom and the heavy head goes first, so it’s not so likely to get stuck on the river grass or anything. You let it bounce to the bottom or at least very close to the bottom and it swims right in front of the fish and then it’s a really easy decision for your fish to decide if it wants to go for it or not. There. Now you know the very basic principle of nymph fly fishing and why it’s so alluring for the fish. If you’re interested about the fishing techniques week 3 of Fly School with Anni is all about different fly fishing techniques. So you might want to check that one out. And as you know it’s all about knowing those little tricks and tips so if you want more fly fishing tips there’s a free fly fishing cheat sheet for you I prepared it just for you and there’s a download link below this video in the description box. It’s totally free so go get your copy. And now let’s see this nymph fly fishing in action. Let’s get back to my life is in the vlog. A bit of after work fishing. Lovely sunshine. It’s maybe five clock and the plan is to do a little bit of fishing close to the roads and then hit another place with the car and then move along and try a third place with a car so let’s see it’s a rainbowtrout place. This is quite rare that you can actually see the river bottom. It’s perfect sunshine and quite clear water. Could be just me and my imagination but it’s there a fish First stop. I had my fly stuck to the tree Typical. and to the river bottom and it’s really pretty out here. And now we move on to the next place Good work dad! I was fishing at the same spot I didn’t catch anything but the pro needed to show how it’s done. Nice rainbow. Ups. I think we forgot something. That was the second place. Nice rainbow trout. And all the snacks are eaten so now we’ll check the third place and then it’s time to go home. The sun is already quite low it’s such a nice evening. This third place it’s really nice. The Sun has set already. It’s getting a little bit late. It’s so peaceful here. We’ve seen few rings on the surface but that’s all. Quite quiet but lovely. And now you get out there. If you liked this video make sure to click the like button and share it with your friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next video.

22 comments on “Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

  1. I love you illustration! Gave a clear visual for all of us who have never been fishing. Prepping for a summer camping trip so love learning about this! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. This is so interesting. I would love to try fly fishing. Maybe this summer. Great content. "Yes, it's just your imagination" so funny. 😂

  3. Those are some beautiful shots! Love the fishing and the "sensei". Those trout were beautiful, looking forward to more fish! Subscribed, if you get the chance please check out our channel / sub! 🎣🐟

  4. Try drop shotting!You will feel the bottom with the led and you'r nimph will stay near by the bottom,but not stack in to.Deadly technique!!!Wish you luck,Ann!!! 🙂

  5. Nice video!
    Try A upstream mend when your nymph fishing . you catch more fish!
    looking foreword to your next video

    greats wes

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