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Fly Fishing Tales #3 // Pike Land

Fly Fishing Tales #3 // Pike Land

Here we are, once again on our way to one
of the most remote places in Scandinavia. this time our destination was Kautokeinoelva, in northern Norway Pekka here is giving us a ride with the Heliflight chopper. We land on the border of Finland and Norway. We start a short hike to the nearby lake. Paddle through a couple of lakes. Drag our gear over hills and bushes. Cross a couple of swamps. Finally, make our way to the river. As we relax after the long first day, we
realize that the water level really sucks. We fish throughout the night
but there is not a single trout or Arctic Char insight. Couple of pikes
go for our streamers. The next morning we get an idea. It’s
time for some Mouse action. Pike hunting 2019 here we come! Gotta fix the rat! Oooh yeah and it’s good to go! We had been planning and waiting for
this trip the entire winter. With huge Arctic Char and trouts on our mind. But this is fly-fishing. When mother earth gives you an
opportunity to fish Pike with mouse. You better take it. That was so F*cking cool!! Hahhah! Our total journey was about
60 kilometers long. We were supposed to stay for nine days and fish our way down. We decided to hammer down in four days. Didn’t really sleep that much during the
night and it was freezing cold. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 This is Pike Land. Oh yeah and on top of not catching any
trout or Arctic Char, I had to spend my time with these two baboons

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