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Fly Fishing Tales #4 // Search for Graylings

Fly Fishing Tales #4 // Search for Graylings

We were in Pöyrisjoki, Lapland. We had been sleeping in the bushes for the past two weeks, and everybody was pretty beat. It was raining and we were freezing But for some reason, the water level just was not rising. We had been eating this green gooey porridge like pasta for the past 10 days. And on top of that. Our Thermacell had broken. Fishing wasn’t going according to the plan. We were loosing hundreds of flies in to the tree branches. But the worst thing was The graylings did not want to eat our dry flies. All they did, was give it a small nibble. Actually hooking them, was impossible. The Lapland madness was setting in. After a good night sleep, it was time to change the strategy. It was time for some nyphing. We had come here for the huge graylings but Pöyrisjoki did not deliver. But hey that’s part of fishing. As we warm our selves by the fire we know that this was the end of river fishing season 2019. It was good times and I can’t wait for 2020 Dont forget to subscribe! 🙂

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