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Fly Fishing the Ausable River

Fly Fishing the Ausable River

Ok, well, I’m out here on the West Branch of the Ausable. The fish here that you’re gonna most likely catch are brown trout. That’s what they stock, at least. Right now it’s July 4th weekend
which is… one of the nice things about the Ausable is you can fish it pretty much all summer, so long as the water levels stay decent. Currently I’ve got a nymph and a wet fly on. I’ve got a tandem rig on. I’ve seen some fish hitting just below the surface here earlier. and I’m hoping that…I’ll be able to get one. But, I’ve only been here for about 10 minutes and so far had one hit but I wasn’t able to catch ’em. Just keep moving down good and you’ll see, ’cause you may find some more fish in there. Look at how big that area is. Ok, when you get down there, there’s some sunken logs. So, you don’t even need to let your fly sink too much anyways in there. Ok, because if you do, you’ll hook ’em. I’m actually from New Jersey I have a house up here in the Adirondacks, about an hour and 15 minutes from here. I make it to the West Branch probably three times each summer, maybe once more in the spring and the
fall, and it’s a beautiful stream. It’s a great area, lot of access. this isn’t the no-kill section, but there’s a
no-kill section just down the road, which is nice. I’m pleasantly surprised that the stream isn’t more crowded today. I assume later on today it might get so. In the evening, and maybe even later this morning, there might be some dry fly activity, which is always fun. It’s always fun to
catch them on the surface Here it’s a little bit deeper, so we cannot access the water as we could, maybe a little bit upstream. But you go, let’s say, on the rock. You just try to read the current and the fly is going to pass in front of the fish, jump for it, and then it’s breakfast! Ok, strip in some line. There we go. Nice work, pal! This is so relaxing. Oh, yeah! It’s a good way to start a day

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