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Fly Fishing Videos  –  Catching Fish for Youtube Fishing Videos

Fly Fishing Videos – Catching Fish for Youtube Fishing Videos

This is a true story about the ugly truth
of fly fishing. You see those amazing fly fishing videos. It all looks awesome, people catching fish,
great fights ending with landing an awesome fish. And when you watch enough youtube fishing
videos it starts to feel that catching fish is so easy. Well this is a story of what it takes to catch the fish to make flyfishing videos. The autumn colors of a swamp just got to love them. So. A late season fishing trip for grayling. Lovely place here. But as we saw the other dog. There’s a dog here. Seems to be nice dog. hunting dog So I don’t want to be mistaken as an elk. Or a bird. I think I’m going to go with a Rambo style today. We are going to eat these today. Three highlights.. focus… points of today. One. Fishing for grayling. Fall time fishing. All though it’s not looking very promising but it doesn’t matter. It’s lovely outside. Two. It’s almost same as the first one. It’s that Based on a research Japanese research I hope I haven’t made it up myself no, it’s a real one, I’m sure. Even staying 5 minutes outdoors in a forest reduces your stress levels and is in every way very good for you. Three. Yes, the third point. New wind thingies. These ones. And these ones. Hopefully the sound will be better after this. And my lovely brother, the camera man is there as well. So. Those are the three things of today. Ok. Let’s go fishing. I think this fly It’s gone. Small ones. Black ones. That’s the fly recipe Of course I’m not following it. I have totally different fly. But that’s the theory and then we see what happens. I changed the fly pattern into something super small and black. So, few more tries and then I think I’m heading to have some lunch So, you see, sometimes you have to admit that
catching fish is just not happening today. You can blame the conditions if you like. Like water levels. For some reason the water is really high here. So I don’t know. Or the weather. Ok, It’s raining little bit. It’s quite cold. Or then you just keep coming back to get a
glimpse of fish for your fly fishing videos. Syväjoki
Lietejoki Keep coming back. And keep coming back. But luckily, that’s a good problem. Because it means, you get to spend more time outdoors. And you get to do more fly fishing. And finally you are catching fish for your camera. And you go home happy you have something for
your fly fishing videos. Kajana Club flyfishing fishing videos from Kainuu Finland.

18 comments on “Fly Fishing Videos – Catching Fish for Youtube Fishing Videos

  1. I just love your truthfulness and honesty about fishing! You just encouraged me to go to the forest this week. It is such a beautiful experience being in nature. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. This is beautifully done! I'm loving your channel. Fly fishing is a popular sport in my family. It's so neat to see what you are doing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are adorable! Your videos are beautiful!!! I fell in love with fly fishing in Steamboat CO. Catching fish is a total bonus. The best part for me is standing in the water in waders and the peacefulness of being in nature's beauty. Oh yeah, and no cell phone. lol

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