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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

(Colleen) On the southern edge of Catskill
Park lies the town of Roscoe.
lt’s nickname–Trout Town, USA, home to the Beaverkill River.
According to expert anglers across the state, there is no better place in the world to fly
fish. (Ed Van Put) Like what Cooperstown is to baseball,
the Beaverkill is to fly fishermen. lt’s historic,it’s legendary.
All the great fly fishermen of America have fished here
at one time or another. (Colleen) We didn’t want to just take their
word for it, so we ventured into town to get our own waders
and our mandatory fishing license and took on the Beaverkill River to fly fish
first hand. (Colleen) We quickly learned that while not
crucial, it certainly is helpful to get a lesson from
an expert before fishing for the first time.
Our very patient instructor, Floyd Franke, started with the fundamentals,including how
to hold the rod. (Tim) Cue the classical music.
(Colleen) And the essence of the power snap. (Floyd Franke) Yes!
(Colleen) Hey!(Floyd) Piece of cake! (Colleen ) Next it was onto casting without
snagging. (Floyd) Good! …Yes!(Colleen) Aha. Okay.
(Colleen) and then, actually aiming toward a target.
(Tim) l’m trying to force the feel rather than feel the force.
(Colleen) Once we mastered our technique, it was time to actually go fishing.
[ Skipped item nr. 70 ] (Colleen) l got one! Do l have one?
(Floyd) Ah, no. (Colleen) l have a twig.(Floyd) A Twig fish.
(Colleen ) false alarm. (Tim) Floyd, you’re leaving me all alone,
what happens if l catch one? (Floyd) l’ll be there beside you in a flash.
(Colleen) Well, Tim and l have been getting reeled in to the sport of fly fishing,
there’s thousands of other anglers out there who are already hooked.
And for them, it’s more than an education, it’s a passion.
But with fly fishing, you’re constantly in motion.
Your eyes are working the water, always–looking for rising fish,
looking for flies on the surface. Your arm is inconstant motion.
You’re always false casting, drying off the fly.
You really are fishing. You’re constantly busy,’s anything but
boring. (Janet) When l’m here l think of nothing else
but how to fool a trout and enjoy the nature of
just being out. And not just fishing.
Looking at birds, and just being out– out here, renews my soul.
(Colleen ) This fisherwoman found more than a renewed
spirit on the river– she also found herself a husband!
(Janet) We were fishing up at the- actually it was in the Adirondacks.
And that’s when l asked him. And he said yes. And he said–
(Jack) –l said it very quickly. (Janet) Yes you did, he didn’t hesitate. [laughs]
(Colleen) The river was loaded with lots of these goodstories,
but today it didn’t seem to be loaded with biting fish.
(Floyd) You see, you don’t learn anything when you’re catching fish.
You learn more when you’re not catching fish, because you’re trying harder to figure out
what the magic key is. And to say if you didn’t catch X number of
fish or the biggest fish,you’re a loser,
is really kind of hard to bear. (Tim ) Absolutely. No losers.(Floyd) There
are no losers when you have a good day on the river.

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  1.  'According to expert anglers across New York State, there is no better place in the world to do fly fishing.'  <<THIS COULDN'T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH !!

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