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FLY TV – Fly Fishing Big Salmon in Norway (German Subtitles)

FLY TV – Fly Fishing Big Salmon in Norway (German Subtitles)

My name is Antti Guttorm.
Today we are doing this: I just arrived here by the river
in Finnmark in northern Norway. I have been fishing the biggest river
in the region, the Tana river. It is the border between
Finland and Norway. My father’s family is from that region,
so I have been fishing there all my life. Later on, I have been fishing more on
the Norwegian side, the rivers of Finnmark. In this episode we will fish with
single and two-handed rods for salmon. Let’s go down there
and try to catch some fish. This is a really nice pool. It has a lot of rocks in it, which is good. It creates different currents
that salmon like. They can go upstreams of the rocks,
and sometimes behind the rocks. We are going to give it a try. I want to make sure that I start
to fish this pool enough upstreams- -so that I am not casting the line and fly
on top of the fish right on the first cast. I will start with a hitch fly. This is basically the only time I will be
using a short leader for salmon fishing. Iit is really important that hitch tubes
stay and wake on top of the surface. It can be hard, especially when there
are many different currents. You should always control the line,
stripping it or giving it. You should see the fly on the surface. When using a hitch fly,
it should not go under the surface. I have gone through the pool twice now.
First with the hitch fly and got nothing. I also tried a bigger tube fly
and stripped it fast across the pool. Nothing on that one either. I think I will try once more.
We will move on if nothing happens. I will just swing the tube fly,
the classic way of fishing for salmon. Make sure you know the regulations for
using sinking lines etc. in these rivers. This box contains a lot of flies
with weight on them. I cannot use all of them here,
I have asked what kind I can use. You can use conehead flies here,
but just light ones like this one. I am going to try this one.
Swing it across and see what happens. Do not lose it.
Do not lose it. I like to land them by backing up a bit.
They usually follow you pretty good. You do not need to reel them in,
they do not like the vibrations. If you just back up,
they follow you. The tail is quite small,
so it is hard to get. You really have to press it hard.
A bigger fish is actually easier. Let’s get it back to where it belongs. We let that one go.
It is important to take care of the stock. The stocks in these rivers
are quite healthy. But it is still important
to let them back into the river. You should especially let
the big females back. This fish would have been okay to keep.
It was a small male. If we had kept that fish,
it would do the river least harm. It is good to have a good pair of pliers
if you plan to release your fish. I like to keep them handy,
right there so I can get them easily. I like to use this clear floating line.
In my opinion, it gives me an advantage. After the first run, the fish may not be as
spooked as it can be with a coloured line. I saw the advantage with a clear line
on my first saltwater trip ten years ago. I decided to try it on salmon fishing. My brother and I noticed that it worked.
We have no scientific proof. We have fished more efficiently.
I think a clear line helps in these waters. This is one of the most difficult places
to wade in the whole river. The current is fast
and the water is quite high. The stones are also quite slippery. I would like to fish the current
on the other side. When you cross a hard current,
always wade a bit downstreams. Do not try to go against the current. Let’s see if I can do it without falling.
Here we go. I am almost jumping with the current,
on top of the rocks. You can see that we made it. I would not recommend it, but if you do:
go with the current, do not fight it. We have a fish on. I have no idea what it is,
it may be a sea trout coming towards me. Let’s wade a bit closer to the shore. Usually a sea trout comes towards you,
and then they just run. I think it is a dark grilse actually. Just do not let it go between your legs. Well, we just do that. I used a Skagit line and a T14 tip. We went deep and it paid off. It is a nice male fish that has
definitely been in the river for some time. It is ready for the spawn soon.
Let’s get it back. I went through the pool
a couple of times before. Nothing happened.
I did not even see a fish. I decided to go with a sink tip.
A Skagit line with a T14 tip. I actually had a bite and a fish on before.
I think it was a big fish. Many times the take is very gentle
with this technique, you just feel: And then you feel the weight and they turn.
That is when you should lift the rod. I have to admit I might have lifted
the rod a bit too early with that fish. I felt a good weight on the first fish.
I think it was a big one. I lost it, but I hooked that one
a couple of casts later. We got that one,
so it turned out well. Fish on!
It is a big fish. I think I have a big fish on. I have not seen it,
bit it is definitely a good-sized fish. Let’s see.
Let’s see. Oh, it is exciting. It is going upstreams. I just hope I do not get it
around a rock or anything. It is not doing much,
so it is not wasting a lot of energy. I try to get it from below,
maybe go a bit upstreams to the pool. It also has to fight the current. Okay, it is going.
It is going. I just have to be careful,
so I do not fall. It does not matter other than
I will probably get a slack line. And I do not want to lose the fish. I feel it in my biceps. There are really big fish
caught in this river. I heard that four fish over 45 lbs
were caught this year. There are really big fish in this river. I do not have any idea about this one,
but I can tell you that it is big. I think I saw that it is a dark male.
A big dark male… and now it is going. I hope that it does not go down,
because than it is a real running match. It is not looking good. I tried to back it up again,
and I am not using too much of the reel. I am just walking it up. A big fish does not feel comfortable in
shallow water, but it is enough for it. It is going again
and I am going to follow it. It might be a running match now. This is definitely sport fishing. We are close, but not yet.
Not yet. Alright, we got it. I was actually wrong,
it is not a male but a female. That is a big fish. It is a really nice fish.
I am really happy. It was hooked well,
but not too well. There was definitely a chance to lose it,
but fortunately we did not. We will let it go now. We measured it, it is 3 feet 5 inches.
We were accurate, it is a big fish. It is a female with a lot of weight on it,
but we will leave it at that. It is 3 feet 5 inches, it is a big fish.
We will let it go. There it goes. Back to its element,
to go spawning soon. We are in August and it was a dark fish.
We are not too far off from the spawn. You cannot beat this feeling. Skagit seems to be
the name of the game today. I have fished this pool with floating line
and many different flies. I tried a really small fly and a big fly.
I tried a fast and a slow. It did not seem to react any fish.
We did not even see any fish. I switched to Skagit,
a floating belly with a T14 tip. We got a bit deeper and it helped.
We have had good contact with fish. I have hooked several fish here today. I lost a couple of fish, landed a grilse,
a small fish and now this. I can tell you that
that was it for me for today. That is enough.
I am going back to the cabin. It is a bit eaten up,
but it is a variation of a francis. An olive one with a bit of orange.
I like that combination in these rivers. It is just a colour combination
that seems to work really well. That is it!
I am going home. It is a new day. I like fishing salmon in August as
the nights are dark, almost pitch black. For a couple of hours at least. I do not like to fish during the night,
but I do like to fish during the day. Especially if you try to catch them on
a floating line and a dry fly. You can have a good night’s sleep,
be relaxed and go fishing. We are in the area
where the fish enter from the sea. Grilse is a one year old salmon,
so it has been in the sea for one year. Usually they weigh 2-6 lbs.
Than there is the two year old salmon. They have been in the sea for two years.
They usually weigh 6-15 lbs. We call them salmon when they have been
in the sea for at least three years. When the fish enter the river
they actually do not eat. So why do they take the fly?
That is an intriguing question for us. Maybe that is a turn off for
those who do not like salmon fishing. For me it is a really mystic fish. It is fun to find ways
for the fish to take the fly. I usually have two rods with me
when fishing these rivers. Two 7 weights.
A two-handed 7 weight. And a single-handed 7 weight. I change between them based on which
technique I use and the conditions. If I am fishing actively,
stripping the fly or fishing a dry fly- -I would definitely go with
the single-handed rod. If there is not enough room for
an overhead cast- -I would definitely use
the two-handed rod. About 90% of my fishing this time of year
is with a floating line, like this one. But if the rules allow it
and the conditions demand it- -I might go down with
a Skagit line and a heavy sink tip. I also use a Skagit line on
these light two-handed rods. I use it when the conditions are tough,
when it is windy I use a floating tip. It will help me to cast these lights rods
in really tough conditions. That is the normal setup for me
when I fish these rivers. Let’s see.
It looks like a fresh one. I was fishing on the swing.
It is not big, but it is fresh. When you get its head up,
just try to pull it. We should have it. It is a nice-sized grilse.
Sea lice, so it is fresh from the sea. You can see the sea lice on it. Let’s get this female back.
It is very important for the river. It is not a big one,
but it still is a nice fish. Bye bye! I think this is a dark salmon,
it looks like a grilse. Yeah, it is a dark grilse. This is a…
You see the colour of the fish? It has been in the river for some time. You can see it is a male on the jaw.
We will let this one go. A good release.
It went back as it should. We are a bit from the sea now,
maybe about 4 miles away. It is a deeper spot,
one of my favorite pools in the river. Or actually almost anywhere.
The water is really clear. It is quite deep over there. I was fishing a normal swing technique,
45 degrees angle, just let it swing. When you feel the fish, wait.
No need to pull it right away. Just wait a little bit,
and it will hook like it did. That is it. This is a tube fly. I like tube flies because first of all
you can change the hook. A tube fly can last for a long time.
Just replace the hook if it goes. I do not have any extension tube.
It is just a thin tube and a loop knot. I actually pull the loop inside the tube.
It will stay there, just hanging. I just saw some fish rolling
at the end of the pool. It is probably fresh fish
entering the pool. It is easier to catch a fresh fish
that is entering the pool, than a dark one. It might activate the dark ones as well.
It is a bigger chance to catch something. I am fishing a single-handed rod,
because I can cover this pool with it. I really enjoy fishing
a single-handed rod every chance I get. Many times it is a more accurate tool
and you have a better feeling with it. Nice!
Jump, jump, jump! A dark fish. Maybe 6-7 lbs. It just had a bite on the previous cast. It was very subtle as if I hit
a rock on the surface with the fly. There are not any rocks it should hit,
so I decided to make another cast. And then it took. A single-handed rod is many times
a more accurate tool than a two-handed. A two-handed rod gives you
the advantage of casting though. Especially in tight spaces. It is a male. When a salmon wants to run,
just let it run as it is tiring itself. You do not have to work hard. I think that many people often…
If they have not caught a lot of salmon… They might panic a little bit. When the fish is running,
they often do too much. If there is no risk of the fish
leaving the pool, just let it run. We will definitely get this one,
if we could just reach it. We are going to have some fun with it. Or he is having fun with us.
And now he is ready. Yeah, that is it. It is a nice fish. Dark, been in the river for awhile.
But it is still beautiful. Ake, it is a variation of a classic
Finnish salmon fly, Sarvijaakko. One of my favourite flies. Okay, swim back. A purple fish in purple light.
A really nice evening. That is something you have
to do sometimes when salmon fishing. I am not that surprised,
I was waiting for it to happen. That is life.
That is fishing. It was not the first time,
and definitely not the last time. I have a good fish on,
but it is going around a rock. Let’s see if we can get it out.
It is still on, but it does not feel good. Let’s see, it is coming downstreams
and that might help. Good girl.
It looked like a girl. It has a bit of colour,
so it is not totally fresh. It looks like a female. This is a good time to find
a good landing spot. If the fish cooperates, that is.
I have a good spot over here. I will try to go there with the fish. This is the best feeling you can have:
a big fish on. I do not think it is ready yet,
but we can try. Use a little bit of power. No, not quite yet. Okay, we had it close
but we spooked it by the shore. It is more difficult getting it now.
Let’s see if it can follow again. Many times a salmon just follows
if you keep walking, do not reel it in. They will follow you.
This one is doing exactly that. Let’s see.
Back on safe ground. I am taking the line back in some more
and I am going to pull to get the head up. I am trying to get behind it. Nice! A big female! A big female.
Look at that fish. It feels good.
It feels really really good. It is a female fish. This is really the most important fish
for the river, so we are letting it back. This is the best feeling. I actually like to fish from
this side of the river in this pool. But it was not easy with the water level,
so I switched to a two-handed rod. The single-handed rod did not cut it. As you saw, I could not
really wade in this hard rapid. It was worth the while.
We caught this one. We will let it go.
It is time to go back to the right element. We kept in the water all the time,
so it is ready. Go girl! Yeah! Perfect. Pikku Musta, a small black fly.
It saved me again. It is a great fly for me.
This is what salmon fishing is about. This river has a good stock of fish.
A really good stock of big fish. Like the one we saw.
It was great to end the trip here. It cannot be any better than this. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

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