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FLY TV – Fly Fishing for Big Perch

Hi! I am Daniel Bergman.
– And I am Steffan Jensen. You are watching Fly TV,
and today we are doing this. Hi and welcome back to Fly TV.
I am Daniel from Fly-Dressing and Vision. This is my good friend Steffan Jensen,
who is also on the team. We are back in Denmark to try to
do some perch fishing with a fly rod. This location is pretty well-known
for really big perch. It is also possible to
catch them with a fly. They come from the sea in the fall,
in here to this little pond. They continue up the stream.
They spawn in here. Sometimes you can even
get a big sea trout. It looks pretty shallow here. It must be pretty good with a fly
compared to a lot of other places. At least it is a very
good place for the fly. It is a spot where you can
really hit them under the fly. You can get the fly down and you got the
possibilities to fish properly with it. It is not very deep,
I do not know how deep it is. With a normal set-up for sea trouts,
intermediate line and a weighted fly. That is enough? If you wait long enough,
you will hit the bottom. It is not so deep. We have got to try different things,
high up in the water and all the way down. Like with all fishing,
vary your fishing. If you are not succeeding,
just do something different. It can be the small things,
how you retrieve your flies,- -small jumps or long slow takes.
You have to try everything. Let’s do this! It is not a monster,
but it is an okay fish. A fish is a fish is a fish… The fly is loose.
– The fly is loose? A beautiful fish,
but not a big one. Let’s release him.
Bye bye. The first one.
Let’s get a bigger one. Did you get it on that STF fly? The craft fur.
– The craft fur shrimp? Okay, cool. I will pick up mine then.
– Great. Here comes the dedicated net man.
That seems to my job today. I net your fish. It is a good fish. I took a little bait fish this time.
– I actually switched to bait fish as well. Come on, fatty! Beautiful fish.
– Check out that one. Congrats to an awesome fish, dude!
– Thanks. How do you do it?
What are you doing differently? You switched to the bait fish, right? I switched to the bait fish
and it was the first cast after the shrimp. Normally, my favourite pattern
is the shrimp pattern. On the other side,
they are fishing with jigs. They are catching
the fish extremely far out. This time I took a bait fish approximately
the same size as their jig. I just let it sink. As we spoke
about so many times you and I- -we have to adjust. We have to find
the trick for the day. That worked once.
– We will see if it works again. Looks more like a little roach thing.
– Something like that. It was a great fish.
1175 grams. It was a real beauty and very high. That is the small bait fish. I will switch to a similar one
and cast to the other bank. You got one
or do you want one? I think I have a similar one. I do not know if I got a green one,
but let’s try this one if you want to. I can always try.
– Give it a go. Looks like a little herring thing.
I think I will try the herring spray too. Awesome, let’s get another one. I actually only told him that to be polite.
I do not believe in this one. I got another one that I tied
specially for this occasion. Since I heard there
was a lot of roach here. I am using one of these big ass bait fish.
I think I have bait fish spray as well. Give it a little shower with that one
and see what happens. We have been fishing for a few hours and
you, mostly, have caught some nice perch. I thought we should go through what
gear and flies we use for this fishing. For perch fly fishing. The equipment for perch fishing
does not have to be that advanced. You can take what you got for sea trout
fly fishing, for coastal fishing. A normal 6-weight with
an intermediate line. And a fluorocarbon leader
will do the trick. Today, with the wind, I do not want to fish
the 6-weight. It is too much hard work. We are casting really large flies,
so I use an 8-weight. Intermediate lines, you said?
– It has to be here anyway. Very often, we are using weighted flies.
If you use a sinking line,- -you will just draw it in the bottom and
you will not get that jigging effect. You want the line to be
up here somewhere, not on the top. Then you can control it by weighting.
Jig it up, let it down again and jig it up. Like typical perch fishing with a jig?
– Yes, but a lot slower though. It is the same idea. And flies? We have been using
shrimps and bait fish flies. That is more or less what I use.
I do not use anything else. That is what they eat in here?
– There is a lot of small roaches here. And probably a lot of other fish as well.
They know shrimps from the sea. I use some bait fish imitations,
it depends on the day what colour I use. Tan shrimps, normal shrimps. It could be something like spey shrimps.
Well, just simple shrimps. Plain dubbing shrimps. Craft fur shrimps, really nice.
– It is fantastic in the water. A bigger bait fish.
– It is like a small pike fly. Beautiful red fins. Glowing red.
– A fantastic fish. That is so beautiful.
– Let’s put it back. Nice!
– Fantastic. It is a pity that so few have learned how
fun it is to fish for perch with a fly rod. It is a shame.
– A rewarding fish to catch. The most common perch fishing in Sweden is
probably to cast some jigs from your boat. You can actually do that…
– Lighter rods and all that. You can do it as good with a fly rod.
Like a 5-weight and a streamer. Yes, you could.
– Colourful streamers on a summer night. Normally you would use lighter rods,
not an 8-weight, but a 5- or 6-weight. A floating line.
It is extremely good fun to popper fish. Yes, popper fishing for perch
during the summer is really fun actually. A lot of people that like
pike fishing could use that. Yes, during the pike low season.
– They would probably find it fun. It is a typical “nice weather fish”
for Mr and Mrs Jones. Except for this winter fishing.
– The hard core guys. Let’s get some fish.
– Let’s get some fish. This is really fun, man.
– It is fantastic. It feels… We have not seen it yet, but it feels
like a very very good fish. It is a beautiful fish. Got it?
– Yes. That is probably 1 kilo at least. It is a beauty.
– Fantastic. Awesome.
– Fantastic. So much fun.
– We need to see how much it weighs. I got a bag for this,
a home made plastic thing. Like a weigh sling?
– Yes, just a lot smaller. It is important not to hurt
the geel and the fish with the scale. Just wet it, put the head in there. Where? Oh, that way. Perfect. Water out. It is pretty exactly 1 kilo.
– Exactly 1 kilo. 1.25 with the bag. Yes, a 1 kilo fish! Cool, man! I was fishing this
intermediate Shooting Head- -with this upside down shrimp fly,
really slow. Really careful retrieve. Well, this bad boy inhaled it. Is it a big fish?
– Probably not 1 kilo, but not so far off. Come on, buddy.
Here we go. I think I got his baby brother,
it feels like it. Awesome! The first double.
– Fantastic. Should they swim out together?
Maybe they will spawn and make baby perch. You are going the wrong direction.
What are you doing with my rod? Stop that. Awesome!
– It is fantastic. One more. Come on, let me get one too.
– Look at the red fins on this one. Some of them are orange,
and some of them are like red. Beautiful. Here we go. Daniel, you have got to get
better at striking the fish. You are losing it. You are missing it.
– I see your mouth move, but…- -nothing comes out of it. Come on. That did not count.
That is not fair. I was lifting to cast. It feels like a very good…
Not in there. Extremely strong fish. It is a good fish. Look at that. It is not extremely long,
but it is extremely fat. Let’s see how much.
It took a shrimp fly again. Could you hold the bag? 1.3 kilo. 1175.
– Cool, dude. Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark

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