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FLY TV – Magic Mayfly Brown Trout Fishing

FLY TV – Magic Mayfly Brown Trout Fishing

I am Daniel Bergman.
– And I am Johan Klingberg. You are watching FLY TV.
Today, we are doing mayfly fishing. We are in the south of Sweden today.
We will fish dry flies in small streams. We will hopefully find
some big mayflies hatching. And some nice trout rising through them. I have got my dear friend
Johan Klingberg with me. Johan is not new to movie making.
You have been doing film earlier, right? Fly fishing is my life, I would say.
I really like to fish small rivers. It is great for me to bring you here. To show you some of the best experiences
you can have in the south of Sweden. This is the first stream
that we are going to try. The mayfly hatch is apparently on. Mayfly fishing in the south of Scandinavia
is very much travelling around. Looking, searching and searching. The mayfly hatch can go on
for a day or up to seven days sometimes. What really happens is that you will always
hear you should have been here yesterday. What I use to say about mayfly fishing is,
it is a very common word:- – the word is luck. Pure luck.
That is really what it is. You need to be very lucky
to spot the right river at the right time. A good thing with the mayfly hatch is… The average size of the wild brown trout
in these rivers is 25-30 cm, I would say. But during the mayfly period…
– This short little period. You will have the chance to see
some of biggest fish rise. The fish that do not bother to eat
from the surface the rest of the year. I think we should have a look in that pool
and see if we are lucky today. See if we can find any risings.
– We have the whole day, don’t we? This is what mayfly fishing is about.
Watching, waiting, watching and waiting. To find a rising fish.
We do not go for blind fishing now. That is the desperate way.
– We need to find the fish. A lot of scouting. Looking, standing, sitting.
– Watching, waiting. And then wait again. I am going to give the Dun version
of the Danica imitation a go. I am not sure that is what they eat,
but it is a good start. It is visible, so they usually take it.
They are not so picky this time of year. It is worse in the evening,
then it can be tricky. I caught a beautiful trout.
The first trout of the day. On a Danica imitation. We spotted it out here,
it rose a couple of times. Then Johan spotted it a bit further up
than I was fishing. I saw another rise in the same place.
It only took one cast and then… It is a really nice brown.
A beautiful little brown. A great fish. Johan went downstream to see
if he could find any risers further down. We spotted a fish close to the other bank. It seems as if he got spooked
when we released the other fish. I will just sit down, take it easy
and pour myself a cup of java. We will see if it starts again. It is a lot of waiting. I have a nice trout feeding by that stone. It took that fly as well.
It is on, it is really on. I will see if I can target it
with an upstream cast. That is a good fish.
Beautiful. Beautiful. This is what mayfly fishing is about.
Look at that fish. Isn’t that fantastic? A beautiful wild brown trout
caught on a Mayfly Emerger. I love it. Let’s put him back again. We were having coffee and philosophing
as you do when you are a fly fisherman. Then a seemingly nice fish
started rising just outside of here. I am going to give it a go.
See how it works out. I thought I dropped him down the ledge. When I changed my mind and went up,
it came back and started rising. It took a couple of casts,
but then it was done. A beautiful fish. It unhooked itself.
Good boy! South of Sweden rocks! Awesome! On the Spent spinner,
they just love it. That is it for today.
– A great day. Nice fish and nice rises.
And solid takes. We are going to my favourite stream,
where I have been fishing my whole life. It is a lot smaller than this one,
but everything can happen there. You never know. Should we continue fishing or
should we say it is enough? I think we should go home, get some shuteye
and be ready for tomorrow. Sounds like a good plan.
Goodnight then! We just came down to the river.
– This is my home water. This is my home river,
where I have been fishing since a child. You know it like the back of your hand?
– I have been here quite often. I heard that. This is a fantastic river,
where we have caught big fish as well. We will start by checking out this pool
and see if we can find any rising fish. We will fish the pockets later on
and ask my dog Håkan for some guidance. Because he has huge experience
from this river. Let’s go.
– He is our guide. Cool! We have a couple of trouts
rising steadily out here. I am going to give it a go. I will try to target the one that we think
is the bigger one of the two. So I do not spook the bigger one
with the smaller one. We will see. I am trying to sneak up on it
as closely as possible. I will try not to spook it. No biggie, but a beauty. I will try to keep it in the water
for as long as possible. Let’s see if I can unhook it
in the water as well. It is a small fish and a big fly,
so we will see how this goes. It is awesome that we hooked
the first fish that we actually saw. I will let this little fellow go back. Keep them wet. Good start, chap!
– Good start!This type of water, the fast water,
is my favourite for fly fishing. The trouts stay up in the pots.
I will try to catch them with a short line. Just get the dry fly to float on the top,
no leader, no fly line on the water. It is a bit tricky,
but it is a great technique. There can be a few really big trouts
up in these holes, every now and then. We will go and give it a try. The trouts in this river are very shy,
so I need to keep a constant low profile. I will try to fish each of these pockets,
one after another. Hopefully, we can catch
a big trout today. Oh, that was a small one. There are normally not any
of these in this pocket. That looks like a better fish. A nice little trout,
a beautiful and fat one. This little brown is a wild brown trout. This is the average size, I would say,
what you can expect in a river like this. Occasionally, you will get a larger one
and that is like Christmas of course. But this is what you can expect,
a fish up to 30 cm. This little fellow will go back and grow.
See you next time, friend. I need a dry fly in this fast current,
a really proper dry fly. It needs to sit high on the surface,
otherwise the fish will not notice it. For that reason, I need to
change to a dry version. A fresh Danica imitation. This one is actually small,
compared to the real one. It is not necessary to have
a full-size Danica, this will do. Let’s give it a another try
in these pockets upstream. We will see if can get a grandie up there. I am fishing a really technical stretch
with a lot of rocks. I will try to give every little current,
every rock, a couple of casts. But it is kind of tricky,
I do not have much space to cast on. I need to be very accurate. It is good to have a short rod, like 8 ft.
I am using an 8 ft 4 in. I got an aggressive leader to
turn over this big mayfly imitation. It is great fun,
technical and fun. We will see if we can find
some bigger ones up here. Well, that was a pity.
– This is typical mayfly fishing. All the pieces have to be there.
My suggestion is to go back home. We will prepare ourselves
for tomorrow and dry up a bit. Let’s tie some Danicas
and hope for better weather tomorrow. Sounds like a plan.
– I think we will do that. This is probably it for the day. We have found what seems to be
a nice trout rising very steadily. It is just about here. As soon as there is a…
Look at that! As soon as a mayfly drifts over it,
the fish takes it. It seems as quite an easy target,
but you never know. I am going to try. One shot was all that it took. It is damn strong! That is a beautiful fish!
Quite nice size. For a tiny little river like this.
Let’s get this baby back where it belongs. Go back and feed on the big mayflies. This is awesome. I just held the net down in the water,
and I caught these two guys. You could say they are drifting. I released a trout
and now I will release its food. Behave, find food…
Find trout. No, the other way.
Downstream you go. I am a happy camper. Johan, I love your streams! We just saw another fish rising
a bit further upstream. This is a decent trout as well,
like the first one that Daniel caught. I will sneak out and try that fish
with either a Dun mayfly or an Emerger. We will see what it prefers.
I start with the Emerger. Gosh, that is a good fish!
– It is a good fish.That is a beauty. I need to beware of the stones up here. There are a lot of stones.
Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! We will see where we are…Beautiful!
That is a big fish!
That is a queen.
That is a beauty. That is awesome, Johan.
That is a beautiful fish. This is a dream fish, for sure,
in this sort of water. This is an awesome fish
in this small stream. It is actually one of the largest
that have been caught in this river. A fish that is well over 50 cm.
A good fighter. It took the Mayfly Emerger
that I tied this morning. Life could not be better. So Daniel, this was it. How did you like fishing in the streams
in the south of Sweden? Pure mayfly madness. A lot of mayflies all over. Why not come down to me next year
and give it another couple of days? Definitely, I will. I will go downstream to see
if I can see another trout. Have a good day!
– You too. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

44 comments on “FLY TV – Magic Mayfly Brown Trout Fishing

  1. Your videos just keep getting better and better, Outstanding video. I love fishing small rivers and streams.

  2. Härlig film
    Gud vad lik den första ån är den å jag var o fiskade med lillpojken i under söndagen.

  3. I love mayfly fishing excellent video thanks, can you tie the fly you were using thanks. Its that time of year.

  4. I absolutely enjoy watching your videos. You all do such a great job showing beautiful places with fantastic fish. Your videos are so well balanced with information, scenic views, and of course the fishing. Keep doing what you do. I can't wait to see more.

  5. grym video boys! va själv ut idag och streamerfiskade efter öring. vad heter låten vid 8:50? tight lines!

  6. This little stream holds the most dense population of Ephemera Danica I have ever seen in my life..
    If I am right my little boy caught a brownie 20 meter below from were you guys caught one at 18:30 in to the film.
    Lovely spot that note anyone more than my boy knows about and I would never tell…
    I cant understand that this stream is not crowded with fishermen.

  7. The mayfly hatch is a magical time when it comes to trout fishing. The Limestone Loughs over here in Ireland produce some huge trout each year to the mayfly, but yet it is something I have never tried. This year will be the year 👍

  8. Nicely done as always Daniel. What reel is Johan using? Would you also mind sharing what brand of sling pack that is you are using? I have been looking for one that goes over the left shoulder, everything here in NA is built for the right shoulder or now ambidextrous which is good for neither.

  9. Those are beautiful small rivers! Reminds me some of our small streams here in Finland. Now where did I but that 7'4" #3/4 Glassic rod of mine.

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