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FLY TV – Mountain Mamas – Big Pike Fly Fishing in Tjuonajokk (Lapland, Sweden)

FLY TV – Mountain Mamas – Big Pike Fly Fishing in Tjuonajokk (Lapland, Sweden)

I am Niklaus Bauer.
– And I am Robert Hansson. You are watching FLY TV.
Today we are doing this: I am Niklaus Bauer.
Welcome back to FLY TV. Today we are doing some pike fishing
up here in Tjuonajokk. It is a fishing camp located
far up in the Swedish mountains. This is my good friend Robert.
He works here as a fishing guide. We met each other a long time ago and have
always talked about the big pike up here. You said that I have to
come up and fish here. You told me to bring 10 weights,
because 9 weights are not enough. You have to pull them up
straight out of grass and stuff like that. We have a bunch of 10 weights
and we will see what happens. We have some goals for this trip.
One is to catch a pike on lemming. As you can see,
we have beautiful weather today. It is almost dead calm
and just a few clouds there. It is not the best condition for pike. We will at least see the fish today.
The tricky part will be to catch them. To see them is half the fun. We are walking around in this shallow cove. We are fishing the lemming.
Robert is still going for the lemming. They are following it,
but do not want to crash it. It might be the sunlight,
but we do not know what happens. We have had a lot of pike
following it, but not taking it. I put on a chartreuse diver
that we tied in an episode of TIE TV. It is not really a big fish,
but still… You can see the diver
on the side of the mouth. It is easy to remove. Bye bye. A diver slowly floats up to the surface. When you make a good pull,
it dives down. Then it floats back up again. This is sometimes
a very effective way to fish pike. You have…
There is one following there, you see? It is actually swimming towards you.
Slowly, slowly. It is about 7 feet from the grass here,
the flower over here. In this angle.
Go the right. Go to the right of it. Here?
– Drop it. It is perfect. It is right behind the flower. I will feed it with some lemming. Feed it good, man. Oh, I see it. Look!
– Is it following? It is right here. It is 10 feet away from me and if I move
in this very clear water I will scare it. But it is a nice fish, is it not?
– Yeah, it is still too close though. It is standing completely still,
but if I make a cast now it will be gone. How are you going to solve that problem?
– I do not know. Can you catch it? Where is it?
– Just aim for the lemming. That is perfect.
– Is it close enough? Yeah, it is right in front of it.
It is turning. Distract it so I can make a new cast. I want it. That is perfect. Distract it. It is coming here.
It is going for it. That was life or death, man! It swam away
and then it came back. That was just an awesome take, man. It is so much fun when you put some speed
on the fly and they instantly go for it. This guy is getting me all wet. Bye bye. That was just awesome. It is nice to have a shower. Let’s go a bit farther out
and catch some from the boat. Oh, there is a pike!
– Where? That is a big one. We are fishing a bit deeper out here. To fish this fly really deep,
with an intermediate line- -to get it down about 7 feet,
I put the rod tip down. Straight down from me. I am using a burbot imitation,
which has worked well here before. Come on now!
Not a single foot, man. Was it not what you told me? Shit! It is so hard in this grass. You gave it line, I saw that. They do not like the vegetables. Fish on! Look at that!
It is a big one coming there. I caught this small pike. There were two 22 lbs fish
coming after it, trying to get it. They are standing on the bottom now.
This guy does not even want to go down. He is going up. Oh Jesus!
That is a very big fish. That fish…
– It is going for it again. It is coming, it is coming. It is going for it. It is just passing through. It is going for it. It is coming, it is coming. It wants it moved, you know. That fish is really big.
– It is right down there. It is right under the small pike
and under the fly. It is more interested in mine now.
– That is good. This is the small pike
that these big ones have been chasing. It looks as if they bit it there. But this might be a 4 lbs fish
and they were at it a couple of times. It is just a… I mean…
I need to put on a bigger fly. This is the biggest fly I have in my box. It is probably close to 20 inches.
It is supposed to look like a baby pike. We will give it a go and see.
What do you think, Robert? It looks nice.
– It matches the hatch. Mountain style. We have been fishing this grass bank. We have had a lot of smaller fish. Do not give it any line. We are fishing them with 10 weights. Just to be able to fight them hard. This is the first bigger fish we landed. We have seen some very nice fish following,
probably 20 inches longer than this one. It is just awesome.
The water is cristal clear. Show them the back
and all the muscles it got. They are fighting so hard.
We are fishing 10 weights. They just…
It is just awesome. We just saw a nice pike here.
It is standing behind the weed bank. There are actually two big fish. Look, they are facing each other.
This one is coming. Look! They are both standing there. It is going for it.
No… Yeah, it is. Come on. He went for it. We have three fish of
the same size standing here. I have a huge fish here too. Look at that one.
It is even bigger. Yes, it is even bigger.
That is the problem. That is a very big fish. This one is going for it. As you can see, we have
the biggest light in the world on here. The water is completely flat.
It is really hard to get them to take. We can get them to follow the fly
and react a little bit. We have been putting on
both big and small flies. Tails, whatever.
But they do not really care. Look! The good one and the small one.
The big one is more interested in- -the 7 lbs fish that followed. I have a baby pike here.
I am going to throw that at your fish. It is more interested now
than it ever was in mine. It looks really focused. There is another one coming. Look!
– Yes, that is the 7 lbs one. And one more. I see three now. That fish is very big for a 7 lbs fish.
If that is the one you mean. The other one is the 7 lbs one.
No, these are new fish. Robert, this is crazy.
We have like five or six big pike here. Come on, have a little taste.
You must be curious to see what it is. It is opening its mouth. Look! Maybe it told the small guy to go away.
“This is mine!” I have never fished pike in
an environment that is so awesome. I cannot believe it, man. It is the coolest place I have
ever fished for pike in, so far. Well, I am glad to have you here. I am glad to be invited.
We have talked about this for a long time. It is in the middle of the day
and the fishing has been really slow. We went down to the grayling streams. Show them what you have got. I got a 10 weight,
so I can probably… Here you go.
– Thank you, man. On the articulated pike!
A pike on the pike! That was awesome. They are so strong. Catching this 4 feet fish must be crazy. Nice, nice, nice.
– It is a good fish, this one. Should we back you up? Can you take it from that side?
– I can take it from this side. No, do not go in there.
No, no, no! It is quite a good fish. That is a good fish.
– Yeah, it is. Solid. You do not want to fight it anymore? No, I think this is enough.
I am pretty tired. One more run or what? Good job, man! We have been fighting so hard,
I am getting thirsty. This is the good part of
being in the north of Sweden. Just have a sip wherever you are. Watch out for hatching mayflies though. They could be in the water.
Cheers, man. It is nice that you are taking
such good care of the fish here. You are really appreciating the pike. There are a lot of places
where they have a nice amount of trout- -and grayling, they just think
that pike is a problem. But they live in excellent cooperation
with each other. That is probably why
the grayling is so big here too. I believe so. I am fishing a…
Oh, there it went away. I think that was a heavy fish. The fish is following.
They are extremely nice fish. But they do not really
want to take the flies. They follow the flies,
they make an awesome wake- -but they are coming like
16 feet behind the fly. I thought the evening would be awesome.
Really be hammering them. We will see.
It is not over yet. It is four o’clock in the morning. We have been covering these spots
with lemmings really early. We have had a few fish coming up.
Some awesome with the fins like that. We could not get them to
take the lemming fully. We will go at them with
slow mo and intermediate lines. We will use big brownish,
olive and black flies. We are fishing really fast,
roly-poly style. Over this grass. No, I missed it. No, it is not interested.
I will try again. I can see in which direction it went. I can tell you that my pike heart
has not pounded this hard for a long time. The hair on my arms are standing.
It actually is. I have got the chills
because this is so damn cool. I wonder which fly it is looking at.
– It is mine. Is it looking at yours?
-Yes, it has been chewing on it twice. It was a great take,
it was just boom boom. It is still following.
– I see it behind it. I see it.
No, it stopped. That was a small fish.
– Go again. There is a big one.
– Look down on my fly! Be very still now.
Very still. No arms in the air. It is looking at my fly again. It is coming back for it.
Look, look. Look, you see?
– It is standing sideways. I have been working on some fish
for ten minutes and then they just take. That was a nice fish.
Or it IS a nice fish. Nice fish? Pretty decent. You told me not to give them any line.
– I am trying not to. I think you are giving it line, man. So, the first fish since the sun came out. A very powerful fish. I am using a conehead
in front of the fly. I have attached a bead in front of it
to make it click a bit extra. You can really hear the loud click. It also extends the life of the fly
as the cone otherwise hits the eyes. It is good in that way too. I had some slack line there. I started stripping quickly,
but I realized it… That is just crazy. Nice! I put on a wide jumbo tail,
a really big one. It is a quick way to get
a completely different appearance. Bigger fly, bigger fish. This fish looks old. Good job, man.
– Thanks. We will let it swim down
into this forest, this jungle. A jungle up in the mountains. Good job, man.
– Thanks. We have a nice double hook-up here. I am fishing my double wiggle tail. Our photographer told us to put on
two wiggle tails in two different colours. Why not? Go swim and get even bigger. Now we are on. This is a tube fly. It has a lot of copper and black in it. We have a Bauer pike rig. It has a connection for the wiggle tail. I actually have two wiggle tails. It is pretty awesome in the water actually. I have a fish here
that is very decisive. I saw it in the grass
and placed it quite far from me. It was very decisive
when it came towards it. But it did not take. Come on, take the fly! It would be nice if I could
get it to take the fly. It is so close to the surface now.
Get it to rise a little bit more. Come on.
You know you want it. See how the tail is moving.
I am not doing anything. It is like a musky pike.
See if I can get it to turn. Niklaus!
You got a sight fishing pike here. I will go for the big one again. You gave me the small one? How cool was that? That was so cool, man.
– Hold it up, hold it up! I think I lost it. No, it is still there.
– It is not easy to fight it in this lake. I thought that this fish was much smaller. There it is.
A vegetable pike. I thought that fish was about 4 lbs
when I saw it first. Look at that.
Sight fished. Mountain sight fishing for pike. I thought that this fish was about 4 lbs
when I saw it in that pocket. Just imagine how big
some of these fish are. The gear we use up here is a bit
different compared to what I normally use. When I fish in the archipelago,
I use a 9 weight 90 % of the time. But up here,
we basically only use a 10 weight. That is because the fish is so strong- -and there is a lot of grass
that we want to keep them out of. We lost some big fish in that grass
and we do not want that. So we are fishing 10 weights. We have been using three lines up here. The intermediate line that is working well
when you are fishing in deeper water. We fish with two articulated flies
and a big conehead. Sometomes we even use two coneheads. Just to be able to drop the fly
in front of the fish when we see them. We have mostly used
the slow mo line over this grass. Here it is with a big tube fly. We have a lot of rattles,
so they can find it in the grass. We are trying to fish them
as fast as possible. The rattle and the big tail are
really moving in the water. For the really shallow water,
we have been fishing a floating line. I very seldom use that line,
where I normally fish. But it is also good to have
in your gear range. This a Big Daddy 10 weight. When you are fishing
these divers or top water gear- -I prefer not to have a lock here. I just heat up the wire
to make a nice welding. This makes it very nice.
No tangles and no extra weight here. It makes the fly stay on the surface
and really have a natural movement. I also use these stripping guards,
as you fish a lot of water,- -you are casting and casting
and just stripping. When you are trying to break the fish
and not to go into the grass- -you really want to hold
the line as hard as possible. The line has actually burnt through them,
when I had the big fish on. That is a good thing to use here. Otherwise, we got a simple boat.
These are awesome river boats. Just a good friend in the stern,
that is all you need. What do you say? It is pretty simple fishing.
– But awesome. You do not need too much. I have shifted the rod
to one with a floating line. We are trying to get it on
another imitation. It will be a lemming this time.
We have had a lot of them this season. When they are out of food,
they get desperate and swim into the water. They are searching for islands
or another side of the river. Just to find new areas. Let’s see if they are
interested in eating some lemmings. Lemming pike, man!
It just crashed it. These are made by Andreas Andersson,
an awesome deer hair tier. I asked him to tie some lemming for me
before I went on this trip. I wanted some big ones. When you have had some fish on it
and it becomes really wet- -I like to spray them with
some dry fly spray. It makes it float really well again. Good to go again! It was a perch, man.
It is a nice one too. My first perch on lemming. Nice fish. Have you used lemming patterns
for perch before? They are not so common
where I am from, you know. That was fun.
That was my first. It is not everyday…
Look at that reindeer watching me. It is not actually watching me,
just showing me its ass. It is not everyday you see a reindeer
when you are pike fishing. Maybe that is common for you, Robert. They are not a common species in Stockholm. Just for educational purposes…
– We will show you how to remove a hook. You got it in your thumb. We had two fish.
One was hooked by me. You were fishing for the other one.
You were in a rush for the big one. I caught myself on the stinger,
which was hanging outside of the fish. This is why you always should
have a really good power cutter. Should we remove the tail?
– No, leave it. We will just…
Are you okay? One, two, three.
There you go. Just push it through like that.
A little bit more. Are you okay?
– I am okay. Somebody has to drive us home, you know.
One, two, three. There we go.
– Nice work. You got the tail back.
– Yes, that is my favourite. I better change my rig,
because this will not catch any pike. Here is a new one.
– Thank you. There is one over here.
Right here. It is standing right down here. I will cast a bit farther away.
Try to get it down. It is far down now. This is mountain style. Pump it up to the surface.
Come on! No, did not get it there. They are so strong. Look at the back of this one. It is on the stinger, right?
– Yes, it is on the stinger. You like the stinger, right?
– No. That is a fat one.
– That is a fat one. Look at the back of this guy.
It is just… So fat. Nice girl.
Awesome light. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

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