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FLY TV – Springtime Silver – Sea Trout Fly Fishing in Denmark

FLY TV – Springtime Silver – Sea Trout Fly Fishing in Denmark

I am Steffan Jensen.
– And I am Claus Eriksen. You are watching FLY TV.
Today we are chasing springtime silver. Welcome back to a new episode of FLY TV. We are back in Denmark
together with Claus from Go Fishing. We will try some serious
sea trout fishing. Can you tell us more
about yourself, Claus? I am 43 years old and I have been
fishing sea trout for 25 of them. We are in Funen, which is the sea trout
capital of the world in my opinion. I have fished here for 25 years
and I love coming here every day. We are staying at an amazing place
called Broholm Slot. We will fish for sea trout
for two whole days. Claus is actually one of the guys
I read about in the magazines growing up. He is one of the guys I stole
a lot of tips and tricks from. I am afraid to say it, but he is my idol
in sea trout fishing in Denmark. Am I actually that old?
– You have been a pioneer in many things. With “Pattegrisen” and the double rig
set up with two flies on the leader. I stole them from you, now you will
have to teach me some more tricks. We are in the beginning of April now. What can we expect? The water temperature is still low,
but we are in a bay area. The shallow water is a bit warmer
and the fish will come in very close. We will have to fish in knee deep water
and we will see the fish very closely. There are some small whales out here,
which is a good sign. They eat the same food as sea trout.
They eat herring and tobis. Should we give it a try?
– Yeah, show me how it is done. Let’s see.
– It looks good. It looks really good. That is crazy. What is the plan?
– The whales were a bit aggressive. There were some fish,
but the whales were hunting them. Yes, we saw them splashing. We will leave the whales with the fish
and go to another spot down here. Hopefully the whales have not been there. The coastline is beautiful.
– Yes, it is very nice. We are fishing this small cove. The water is actually very shallow. They have probably been in here feeding
on cray worms and other small things. Let’s see what it can bring. Good, Claus!
Is it a good fish? It is a fat fish, a silver. I changed to a worm fly as I thought
there could be worms this time of year. That is a nice little fish. It just hit that worm fly very hard.
Bye bye! It is a very small worm-looking fly. I think the worm has been here
and the fish still remember. They also like them afterwards,
just as we like strawberries as dessert. Let’s go to another place.
This was good, but we have fished it now. It is always about chasing.
You use the car more than your legs. Fishing sea trout is like hunting.
We need to find the fish. Different spots all the time. When you have not got a fish,
get to the next spot and keep moving. If you are new here on Funen,
this is a good book for you. It is called 117 sea trout places on Funen.
It has great maps in it. There are aerial photographs,
short descriptions and wind directions. It is a very good book.
– Let’s go. This is a funny little spot with
a natural bay, a natural harbour. The fish come in in this bay and
often end up in this corner by the harbour. They stand and hang around here. It is very good here in the springtime.
The bottom is pretty boring and muddy. The fish are here though.
Let’s see. The water can often be warmer in here.
We will give it a go by that edge. It will not be that far out.
It will be shallow fishing. You got a big fish, Claus.
That is a big fish. We just got a double hook-up here.
I will try to get mine in very quickly. I have a very nice fish on.
– I will just take mine in here. It is a smaller fish. I just need to get out of this weed.
– There we go. I will focus on that big fish instead.
Ooh, that is a big fish. That is a very big fish. Take the shrimp.
Yes, take the shrimp. You have a small net there.
– It is better than nothing. What a fish, Claus!
What a fish! That is good!
– That is a beauty! It is very well hooked.
– I could have fought that fish for ever. There would not have been a problem.
It is an orange alive shrimp with UV. My net is actually too small.
– That is what we came for. An amazing fish. Let me see that fly one more time. An alive shrimp with
bright colours and a lot of UV. Much more simple than Pattegrisen.
– Much more. You can use this one as well
as Pattegrisen. This one works very well.
I might steal one from you later. It was in shallow water again.
This fish took in water this deep. Just on the outside of the weeds here. There is another one! That is a smaller and crazier fish. Oops! Try again. Look at how fat this is.
It is in super condition. It just moves around in here eating
shrimps and worms the whole winter. Nice! Beautiful! The last place for today is
a deep hole in a very low area. The wind is very bad. But we only have half an hour of fishing
left before the sun goes down. This is our last chance.
I think we will get a few fish here. Big fish. It feels good,
but I have not seen it yet. You never know. It is definitely not a little fellow. That is a good fish.
– It is a big fish. I changed the fly again to
a “kutling”, a goby fly. A lot of them are out here in the sand. Come on.
– Okay, there we go. Thank you!
– You are welcome. A long fish. It is long, but thin.
It has been working hard this winter. Let’s put this one back. Bye bye, baby.
– So long! It is beginning to look like a day.
– It is looking good. It is the end of the first day.
– That is it. It is hard work fishing sea trout,
but we found them in the end. Let’s go home and get something to eat.
– Back to the castle. After a fantastic dinner at the castle,
we have moved over to the fireplace. We will tie some of the alive shrimp flies
that worked so well around here. It will be a good time to explain a bit
about the UV colours that this fly has. We have two different yellow shrimp flies. They look more or less the same.
It is hard to see the difference. I have done hundreds of tests with these. I fish the two flies on the same leader
with half a metre between them. If I put this fly in the bottom
and this one in the dropper- -I will get 80 or 90% on the top fly.
This one. If I change them,
I will get 80-90% on this fly. It is the same fly, it does not matter
if it is in the front or the back. It has nothing to do with that.
You could ask me why it is like that. It is difficult to see, but you may
see a difference with a UV light. I put the light on the standard shrimp.
It is the same colour, nothing happens. Then I put the light on the other one.
– Oh shit! It just glows up. That is the secret. If I take the light away,
they almost look the same. I have another example with a box. There are the same type of flies
on both sides of the box. But if I light up one side,
the colour is more or less the same. If I put the light over here,
they are burning up. That fluorescent effect is very important
in a good sea trout fly. Visibility is important. There is a lot of UV light
in the air during the day. The fish sees the flies
like this one over here. If they see the fly, they can take it.
They can find and eat it. Do not think they swim around looking
for fluorescent stuff they can eat. But they see this fly
on a farther distance. The only time it does not work
is during the night. As there is not any UV light.
– It is dark, Sherlock. But from morning to evening…
– They work. Let’s call it a day.
– We need to get up early tomorrow. Let’s hit the sack.
– Good plan. It is early morning.
We are on the open coast. This is where the big ones live.
– Hopefully. There will not be many fish here.
But there is a chance to get a nice one. That is why we took a morning trip here.
Should we give it a try? The water here is very low.
It is a low tide. The tide is still going out,
which is very good. In the very shallow water here,
the water temperature is a bit higher. When going for a swim in the summer,
out here the water is nice. But when you go back to land,
the last metres are always a bit warmer. It is the same this time of year. When the water goes out
and the tide is getting down- -the warmer water comes out here
where the sea trout are. Therefore I like to fish in a dropping tide
and in low water during the winter. And in the spring, when the water
actually is a bit on the cold side. They like to move around this weed
and look for shrimps and stuff like that. They like to move to the edge between
the sand and the weed. That is where the fish like to be. I just have to wait here on the sand. And I fish my fly over the line between
the weed and sand all the way down here. The wind is perfect for that. Strong!
A very strong fish. Look at this nice fish.
A beautiful silver fish. It just hit that yellow shrimp fly
like a hammer. It is a very strong fish. That is the silver colour we want to see
when we get up early in the morning. It is very close to 2 feet. Let’s put it back in. Go up early to go to this place,
it is very good with low water. Steffan had a fish,
I had a small one. Then an almost 2 feet long silver fish
took this yellow shrimp fly. It is an alive shrimp fly.
There is not much food in the cold water. The colourful flies with a lot of movement
that moves easily in the water. That is the stuff.
That fish was why we got up so early. That was perfect.
I am happy. Could you should show me your four
favourite flies for sea trout fishing? It depends a bit on the time of year,
but shrimp is my first choice for spring. With the UV colours,
they can be yellow or more pink. Pink and yellow are my favourite colours.
White can be a good choice too. There are a lot of worms in the water
some days during the spring. The fish love the big bluish worms. I use this worm fly with a tail
that really moves in the water. The last one I would recommend,
especially later in the spring,- -is the baitfish fly. There is a lot of tobis and small herrings
that time of year. A baitfish like this
really works wonders. That is the main setup?
– The main setup for the whole spring. I almost always use a dropper fly
in front of one of these flies. So you fish two flies?
– The dropper fly should be the small one. Tie a small one, a simple fly,
to not tangle the leader. Just a hook and some dubbing,
not much else. Put in front of the other one.
That works very well. They then have a choice between
two different colours and sizes. I make the two-fly rig at home,
and I spool them on this gadget. I have three or four on it.
It is very simple. First I have a fluorcarbon leader
and then an extra tip. I use 1X or 0X for that.
– For the main fly? Then you have the small dropper
on a short piece of nylon. It has to be thicker
than the normal leader. I go up to 38 or 40 actually. The fish do not care. The dropper hangs naturally away from
the leader when using the heavy stuff. If you get a little tangle,
it is easy to untangle it. Let’s go get them. Come on. I have to move a bit,
there is so much weed here. Let’s see what it is going to do. It is perfect. Look at that fish!
It is so silvery. This is just pure springtime silver. It is just amazing.
An amazing looking fish. For me, this is just fantastic.
This is life. I just love this. Just great. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

55 comments on “FLY TV – Springtime Silver – Sea Trout Fly Fishing in Denmark

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  8. Awesome post as always. You need to get Claus on more often. I have a quick question, would I be foolish to try this with a 6wt or should I stick to my 7/8wt.
    Many thanks Lewis.

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