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FLY TV – Topwater Mamas (Pike Fly Fishing in the Mountains)

FLY TV – Topwater Mamas (Pike Fly Fishing in the Mountains)

Catching pike on fly is cool. Catching them on topwater
is even cooler. Oh, there is one! I’m going to figure eight
this son of a bitch. It is a big fish! Keep doing that.
A little bit faster. It is a nice metre fish, man. Seeing these fish attack the fly
on the surface, I cannot get enough of it. It went for it,
ït went for it. That is one of the most brutal takes
I have ever seen. Catching pike on fly is cool. Catching them on topwater
is even cooler. I caught my first pike on fly
more than thirty years ago. My whole life has been
all about it ever since. Catching them in cool areas
with great people,- -exploring new types of flies
and tying different patterns. Pushing the limits, how can you catch them,
what kind of materials can you use. It is just an awesome fish. Catching them on topwater,
as we hopefully will do today,- -is the baddest thing you can do. It is my ninth year guiding up here.
Tjuonajokk has a special place in my heart, Being able to fly fish for pike here
is just insane. With this scenery, at this location,
it is just incredible. If you saw our last episode from here,
Mountain Mamas,- -you saw that we had a hard time
catching them on poppers. We are going to a much more
remote area this time. We have to cross a big lake
and through some nasty streams. It is a really shallow water system,
where the water temperature rises faster. We really hope we can get
some popper revenge. Let’s go. It was quite tight
going trough the rapids. Good job! This is where the channel system starts.
We will work our way through this. – Is there a small delta in here?
– Yes. The water temperature is already higher
than in the ice-cold stream out there. It was really cold out there,
about 3-4 °C. – It may be 10-12 °C here.
– Somewhere around 12 °C. It is a beautiful day,
so it will heat up a lot. – How do we do this?
– The goal is to hit them topwater. We will take turn turns fishing. One is in the front and
the other one steers the boat. It looks like you are going to start. Can I? Go ahead,
do not worry about it. Should we go along this side,
where the wind is pushing in? – Go into that small delta?
– Sounds good. Get ready,
I will push you in. Catch a big one now. – I will push you down to the side here.
– Yeah, along that side. It looks a bit deeper here. You can probably see them quite easy
against this light bottom. Stay standing and keep looking for pike. If you see the entire fish,
it could be too late. But you can see shadows. There is one!
Oh shit, we are really close. We are going to scare this one. – Did you spook it?
– Yeah, the nice fish is gone. Move a bit over here. – Sorry?
– Oh, there is another one! We came to close. Try over here.
Oh, we have another one over here. There are two over here.
There are three good-sized fish. Straight ahead of you. If we can catch these on topwater,
it will be really fun. – It seems like we have a lot of fish here.
– Yeah, it looks promising. And they are good-sized too.
Not just small fish. – I spooked it.
– Come on, pikey. Come on, eat it. It is going for it. – It is following!
– Yeah, I see it. Right behind it. It is a big fish. Come on, go fast, go fast. It is a nice fish, man. – There is another one there.
– There are two more. I have never tried that before. I told you it would work
to figure eight, man! Topwater action! That was really cool.
It is nice fish. My knees are shaking. Arctic pike on topwater. Come on! – That is nice!
– Look at this girl, man! I will not give you a high five,
because I need to hold this. That was the first fish. I guess I can hand
the rod over to you now. – That was nice.
– That is how it is done. It was brutal. Look at the size of it,
look at the width. – It is just a beautiful fish.
– Let me hold it. Unhook her and let her back. That is a stunning fish, man. That is a long fish. First fish.
Personal best on popper. I think you will be pushing me
for a while now. Here is your rod,
you can pack it up. I have done my part. Chartreuse? Silver, I think. We have seen a lot of big white fish,
so I think we will start with that. By the way, how do you like the scenery? I give it five out of five. Let’s see what the rest of
the system has to offer. If it continues like this,
it will be a really good day. We are going further into the system.
It might be a pike there or just a shadow. Is this where it opens up
to a big lake? – Yes, it is.
– Is it all really shallow? Everything is shallow. Wow, this is just awesome.
Lots of active fish. I see one over there,
just where the fly landed. I do like…
When the other one was striking… Faster, faster, faster. I do not think that… – It is coming back!
– Pull it slowly. In the leader, in the leader. Figure eight! The bite is on! Figure eight it,
figure eight it! That was a great fish! It was such a nice take. That is why we fish it like that. Here it is. A mean pike.
Really mean. Good job, man! It is so cool when you see them.
We cannot fish them together. I am fishing as much as you over there.
It actually feels like that. There is another pike there.
Do you see it? I am going to figure eight
this son of a bitch. Come here, I will get you. I am going to play this one slow.
Oh man, I know you like this. He does not want to anymore. Make a new cast straight over here.
Right down here. I need it to be on the hunt. Figure eight,
figure eight. I need it on the hunt. I love this,
I love this! I thought it was a musky move,
I have never tried it. Get him close,
so I can figure eight him. – These flies are working so well.
– My flies, yeah, I know. It is brillant with the movement underneath
the water and it is still popping. But it seems like figure eight
works pretty well too. This is really life. – It is on.
– It is on? – It is a big one.
– No. – There is another one! That is the one I saw.
Which did you see? – The one to the left of it.
– That is a big fish! Do you see it?
Cast farther out. – I thought that was the one you saw.
– No, it was the other one. He is looking like…
He is turning, he is turning. Let him….
Ooh, that is a big fish. – What do you think I should do?
– Just keep doing what you are doing. Maybe just a few twitches. A bit faster maybe.
Keep doing that. A bit faster, faster, faster. Keep doing it.
A little bit faster. Damn it. – Hit it again really gentle.
– It is easy to scare him now though. I do not want to go too close. Come on, you know it is there.
Come on. Longer cast. I think they are not so scared
when they have more water under the belly. I think it is good it is out there. That is good. It is good.
Stop it. Slowly.
It is going for it. Faster, faster, faster. First we saw it in 20 cm of water.
We scared it a couple of times. When it got out on deeper water,
it became more open to taking the fly. Man, that is thick! On the popper! On the popper. – That is a solid fish, man.
– It is so cool when it is so shallow. Here it is. Nice! Look at that.
Look at the back of it. We caught it so many times. If we lose it… That was brutal! Look at the width of the fish.
On a popper. Thanks for seeing it.
I was fishing for a small pike. I was so focused on the small one.
Then this one came after. Just standing here trying to get it… It is probably one metre long. That was supercool!
Just straight out there. You were fishing two others
and did not see the big one. – I said that it was a big fish.
– You really helped me there. That is what friends are for. It is. Now you are going to row
for the rest of the day. A nice fish standing here
right in front of us. Let’s see if we can get it to react. It is turning! It is on the tail. I need a stinger again. A solid metre fish, man. I just saw that fish.
It actually… Oh, it is turning. – It is following!
– Yeah, it is coming back. It is a solid metre fish and
I have a popper without a stinger on it. I kind of regret that now,
because they often go for the tail. It is going for it again.
Come on! – I got him!
– Oh man, that was a cool take. It was the second time.
That was a nice fish. I just waited
a little bit longer this time. Look at that one! It is just the best thing ever
when you can see these fish eat. It is a really nice fish.
You think I can jump in the water? It was really muddy. Okay, that was good. It was not the smartest move. But it is so nice to land
these fish in the water. Right on the lip. Can I just borrow you for a minute? Almost. I like that you can see his eyes. Sweet! A nice solid fish.
Probably about a metre long. Look at that fly,
at that hook. It is cool.
I love how they react now. This morning they were so picky
and now they are turning. It must be because of the temperature.
Look at that fish. Just pure gold.
Mountain gold. Man, that was good!
I see you got some scars. They are coming here slowly. I have been fishing
the new Howitzer popper heads. The cool thing is that the popper head
creates the sound to attract the fish. Then the tail attracts them to take it.
Poppers are normally hard to take. This is kind of
the best of two worlds. If you want to know how to tie it,
click on the TIE TV link up here. You can see how to tie it. The gear we are using today is
the Vision Merisuola. It is a 10 weight with
the new Big Mama reel. I am fishing the Big Mama
Floating 10 weights. It has a lot of power
to cast these big flies. Good stuff. What do you say, Robert?
Is it time to… Get up in the boat
and catch another one. Do you need some help?
Let’s catch another one now. Let’s catch another one now. The sun is about to set here
behind the high peaks. In the time of the midnight sun. It is a quarter to twelve.
Should we call it a night, Robert? – It is getting quite cold.
– Yeah, we should. We had some really good action.
Some really nices ones on topwater. If we can top that tomorrow…
Oh god, I am funny. See you tomorrow. The weather can change really fast
up here in the mountains. The big mountains behind me
are like a weather switch. Sometimes these thunderstorms and
heavy rains can be pushed down the valley. It becomes like a wind tunnel. It can go from 25° C as we had yesterday
to really windy and rainy like today. It may be even more rain this afternoon.
The drive here was really windy and crazy. You need to be prepared for this.
It can be really dangerous if you are not. Bring a lot of clothes,
bring waterproof stuff. Have respect for the nature up here,
it is dangerous if you are not prepared. But it is a really beautiful place
if you are though. Driving a boat in this rocky river
is quite tricky. The water level is always changing
and there are a lot of rocks. Some of them are really sharp
and the margins are quite small. That was quite a ride!
It was good. Thanks!
The boat was taken by the wind sometimes. We survived! It feels good to be here
in some pikey weather. Yesterday was beautiful.
Today is more pike weather. There was a lot of rain during the night.
The water level has increased with 10 cm. I think it is much colder today. – Yeah, it is ten degrees colder.
– It is about this much difference. About 20 cm deeper now? It will be interesting to see
what it will do to the fishing. The sky is really dark today
and I want to use something bright. I tied this last night.
We made a TIE TV episode of it. We will leave a link to it
in the description after the film. This is really bright,
a lot of UV in it. It will be my first choice.
Let’s see what happens. I am using the new Vision Big Mama leaders.
They have a fast attach. It is a premade wire with
a shrink tube over it. This Fastach is really good.
It is really simple to use. It never lets you down. Just twist the fly in like that
and we are done. It has like a loop here,
so it can move freely. It is a really simple system
and very easy to use. Ready to go. I must say, Robert,
it feels hot like lava today. I have not made any cast yet,
but it feels really pikey. They seem to be biting here.
We are in an area we fished yesterday. It was the first cast and
this fish followed. It came all the way towards the boat.
I made another cast. It ate right beside Robert’s oar.
Not a big guy, but it took the popper well. I will give away this fly
in the TIE TV episode. If you have a good name for it,
write a comment for that film. It is getting some scars and
hopefully it will be chewed on after today. There are two ways to fish this popper. We are looking for black spots
in this place. I try to keep the rod tip down
and give some good pulls. You can see how it dives down. The tail is hanging in the water
and the head is pushing a lot of water. It is important to watch
the popper the whole time. Many times you just see a fin or
a fish trying to attack it. Then everything is going to happen
on the boat side. I am fishing it in. If I had a fish following,
I could make a figure eight or an L. We had a lot of fish yesterday
that took the fly like that. The second way is to put the rod
under the arm and fish roly-poly. A steady pace. The head is leaving a nice V. The tail is just flapping around
on the surface. Sometimes that works really well. That fish just came up and…
I saw a black spot right out here. A really nice black spot. Probably a fish standing there. This metre fish came up and
hit it hard like crazy. A super-take on the popper. Look at that one!
It is a bigger fish. Do you have a popper, Robert?
I have a very big fish following this one. It is trying to catch it.
It is standing right here. This fish is probably…
It is following this fish. It is right on its tail.
It is about 115 cm long. It might even take this. I cannot see it anymore,
but it came right behind this. This is a metre fish. I am getting in the water,
so I can land it and release it. It is really simple to land them. A nice girl.
Check it out, Robert. Are you focused on the other one? – You can only see the Fastach.
– The spots are gorgeous. A nice fish.
Easily one metre long. Yeah, it is. You can actually see
the popper head inside the lip. She came really hard.
Let’s unhook her. Beautiful girl.
I will let her back now. Nice! A nice metre fish. The take was crazy.
Look how it hammered this. This was brand-new.
I tied it last night. Those metre fish have some big teeth. We are in for some lunch.
Robert is making some food. I will take the opportunity to talk about
different topwater flies I use. I basically use
three different topwater flies. The first one is poppers,
which you probably have heard about. A popper is basically a fly
that has a foam head. It has a flat surface.
It can also have a small gap here. They push a lot of water
and make a good sound. The negative thing about them
is that they lie high up in the water. You can see that it lies on the water. That can be really good sometimes,
but the fish may not take it other times. The second type of flies I use is divers.
I actually use them quite often. They also have a foam head.
You can see that it is flat underneath. They dive down and
go a bit deeper into the water. When you pull them,
they dive down and float back up. This can be good if
the fish is easily spooked. I think they are easier to
catch the fish with sometimes. They go a bit deeper. They are excellent to use on floating,
intermediate and sinking lines. You can use it like a booby fly.
That is a good way to use them. We also have
the cool mouse and lemming patterns. This is one is tied by Kim Mäki,
a good friend of ours. They are really cool to fish. They are a topwater imitation of
everything that swims on the surface. I like to fish them with a tail.
He ties these with a tail for me. Just to create that extra element. We have fished a lot with
the last one in this film. These are the articulated ones.
It has a Howitzer popper head on it. I like that it is a mixture of
a popper and a fly that goes under water. You can see that it is popping,
but the tail is actually pushing down. They have a simple way
to attack these flies. This is by far the most effective popper,
or what you call it, I have used. Tie some up. They are excellent and
really fun to fish with. We have tied all these flies on TIE TV.
We will give you the links at the end. Throw them in shallow bays with warm water,
they are perfect for surface fishing. It is really cool,
you should definitely try it out. I am going to have some lunch
and then catch another big one. Good job!
On the figure eight again? It is a completely different place today. They were just following yesterday. We have not seen a single fish today
that we have not had close to the boat. They have all been executing the flies
and grabbing them straight up. The first day was fantastic for me,
but I was worried about today. It was different today,
but also fun. This is a completely different day.
The first day was cool as it was visual. Now they are just aggressive.
It is a whole other story. This is pretty chewed on now. The cool thing about these waters is
that they are really unspoiled. Boat fishing is actually not allowed here,
but we have a special guide permission. It is cool to hit them topwater in
these shallow and muddy- -I do not know what to call them,
like mountain swamps. Seeing these fish attack the fly
on the surface, I cannot get enough. That is an even bigger fish! – It was so cool because we saw it…
– Here it comes, here it comes! It moves so much water. It is almost at the backing
in the first run. I saw when it came up the first time
how much water it moved. I told you it was a big fish. Really cool. I actually think this is
the biggest we have caught in here. It is a nice fish.
Look at that tail fin. – Look at the colours on it.
– Super cool. It is running again. This is so insane. How can that beast take a popper?
I do not believe it! Not even on the figure eight this time. I am sorry, it is not the biggest one
but it is a damn nice fish. That is so awesome! – I need to hold this.
– Yeah, you should. – It is a long fish.
– It is. It is like a never-ending fight
with this pike. Good, I got it. Look at the colour.
Look at the popper. I saw that mouth open.
I sat there rowing and saw it inhale it. That was one of the most brutal takes
I have ever seen. What popper fishing is all about. The light is really coming down, Robert.
It is way past dinner time. – Way past.
– Who cares if we are hungry? Yeah, who cares?
We are in the best place in the world. What do you say?
Fish for an hour and back to the lodge? I had a very big fish slam it three times.
Missed it all three times. The takes were just crazy.
Came towards the boat and then turned. I made another cast and
this guy was another big fish. Not quite as big as the one we saw.
It just slammed the fly. This fish is smaller,
but it is still a good fish. – It is not half the size of the other.
– No, it is not nearly as big. Okay, time to come up,
so that we can get a bigger one. This girl is small
compared to the other one. It is still a gorgeous fish.
It just ate that popper. It was crazy.
You can see the popper inside here. It just slammed it.
Let’s get the bigger one now. Bye bye. That was intense. Was it the bigger one or
the smaller one? I have the Talons down,
we are still in the same spot. Good.
A good workout, man. My fingers are numb. Just another half an hour. Work faster! Let’s see if we can get
the big one now. Or the really big one. Big fish is following here. – I am holding the boat.
– Good. Go into the eight. But it is standing right out here. – Fast, fast, fast into the eight.
– It is standing right out here. Come on! It is right behind the fly. – Silver again?
– Yeah. It is standing right under the popper. He is really interested because
he is quite high up in the water. He does not really want to execute it. Let’s try a black diver. Come on, eat it. Oh, it is following.
It is coming. Speed, speed. Come eat it. I had him in the turn. It is turning after the fly. Really? – I had him in the turn, Robert.
– They know what it is now. The figure eight? – But I think you need more speed.
– You think so? That has been the thing for me. – It is a big fish, you know.
– Continue speeding it up when it follows. Keep the speed as long as it follows,
until you reach the figure eight. Give it so much speed that
it has a hard time catching up. The last part until the eight. It went for it,
it went for it. I got him! That is a good fish. Three different flies. Fifteen minutes of struggle. I got him! It is a nice fish. That was a struggle. It does not matter if I lose him,
I got him to take it at least. You told me to increase the speed,
so I did and it came right away. Well done! One of those fish we caught together.
We have had quite a few these two days. It is only one hook,
so I think we need to net this one. Give me the net. I got him! It has been so much work!
Thanks, man! I changed flies three times.
I just kept working. That was a crazy fish, man. We just realized that this was a fish
that Robert had yesterday. We know exactly how long this fish is,
we do not have to take the measurements. On the diver, just as I said.
This can be the key to a tricky fish. That was the third fly I tried
on the same fish. – That was crazy.
– So good to get it after all the work. You can see the mark here.
That is how we recognized it. A good proof that
catch and release work so well. A beautiful fish. Time for her to swim back. It is time for us to go home. Thanks, man. – A perfect fish.
– It was. And it was yours. What a perfect ending to
a perfect trip. The first fish and the last fish
was the same fish. What do say about that, guys?
That is a story and we have it on film. Thank you for watching.
We really appreciate it. If you want to check out the flies,
go to TIE TV’s playlist. We have had an awesome time.
Now we will head back to the lodge. – Have a beer maybe.
– Perhaps. Thank you for watching. See you later.
Until then, subscribe. Watch the rest of
the FLY TV episodes. My name is Per Jobs and I am
the founder of Fish Your Dream. It is a great privilege to work here
in Tjuonajokk and develop this place. It has some of
the most wonderful fishing around. I would say we have
the best grayling fishing in Europe. And as you can see,
a marvelous pike fishing. A lot of pike action here as well. There are no roads here,
so you have to go by helicopter. It is a really remote place,
where the nature is pristine and unspoiled. You still get service and attention.
We have a great cuisine and restaurant. Great guides, great accommodation.
You have to see it, live it, experience it. And be it. We have to travel all across a big lake,
the one I have behind me. Through some really nasty rabbits. Rabbits? There are really nasty rabbits. It is a wrap! That was a crazy ending. First and last fish was the same fish.
And it was the biggest one. It is almost midnight.
You can see how light it is still. – It was a good decision to skip dinner.
– But I really need a beer. – Alright, let’s go.
– Just a one-hour drive back. Thorugh rapids and a bit of rain.
But it is going to be good. Lights out from the mountains.
Thanks for watching. English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

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  23. Hey im new to fishing whit fly and I was close to just go back to spinner fishing but after your gues video I vil try to get a pike

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