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Flying Drones under bridges and Pike fishing in Fermanagh N. Ireland

Flying Drones under bridges and Pike fishing in Fermanagh N. Ireland

Ok so we have arrived here, and this is really
nice, look at the evening, look at the evening we have, there are fish jumping there is a
young lad fishing over there, perfect time to get the drone out perfect time to look
underneath the bridge, this is what I am trying to do this evening, because its clam enough
for it, we are going to try and go under that, and turn off the Atti mode, so that we can
actually get a look and see how things turn out. Should be alright, I might even stick the
go pro into the water afterwards and see is there anything about. you’d never know…. Folks are young fisherman has caught something….lets
go and check it out…. What’s your name? Oisin! Oisin well done. caught one for us, its a small one but its
good, you know, the fishing is good around here anyways… ah all in a days work…. that was pretty cool getting all that… Ahh….well that is one wonderful evening
I must say, and wasnt that footage just great, you know we got the bridge, we got the fly
around, we got lots of different angles, yeah really pleased…..after the last few videos
which have been, well there have been a couple that have been more or less, yeah it was nice
to get to see the local area and to see that its yeah, its a wonderful place to live, and
you know, “la vida sencilla” as they say…..just what else would you want. You know it was really nice to see the young
lad out fishing, enjoying himself, and I was there with the drone, chatting away, yeah
it was wonderful I am really glad I go out, really glad that I had the chance to be able
to film it when I did, so that that…. hello Sir…. Daddy, yes, do you have my books….eh do
I have your books, yes….look into the camera, and say hello to everybody…. Hello everybody….hello….ill put yah…and
I got this from the book shelf too, did you….I have your books inside yes, why and i looking this way and not that way….because
thats the camera that I am filming on… Can I please look at that… anyway, I think its time to go, because everyone
has arrived home. Wave to that camera and say bye bye everyone
who watches Daddys videos, say bye bye, bye bye everyone, thank you for watching daddys
videos…and….im a gummy bear….(singing) Lauren come on over here…. say bye bye to the camera, bye bye camera, say bye bye…..bye bye camera,…there you
go ok…. Daddy can you give me my books? yes I can….lets go. I’ll catch you’s all again…do forget to
subscribe, like share, do all those things you are supposed to do, and we will catch
you again… bye bye come on you rascal. what are you doing? looking at that…yeah….

51 comments on “Flying Drones under bridges and Pike fishing in Fermanagh N. Ireland

  1. well done mate its like watching a movie when i watch you because its not just drone its you talking. keep up the good work i get tips from you

  2. wow man love the videos nice family I'm from Ireland aswell if you could check out out my drone videos I have the dji phantom 3 advanced I'm loving great to see another Irish person with a drone love the channel notification squad ๐Ÿ˜€ and yes it's lovely to see the weather like this I'm currently uploading a new one now if you have any tips it would be appreciated thanks

  3. I love your videos keep it up! I just subscribed to your channel! Could you help me out and subscribe to my channel:)

  4. I love the action shots – when your focused on the bridge and the cars or the motorcycle drive by. Always a positive use of YouTube time watching your videos. Keep up the nice work

  5. awesome video Patrick! ๐Ÿ‘ when you get a chance, check out the new trailer I made for my business/channel. I think you'll like it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the good work!๐Ÿ‘

  6. Nice video Patrick. It was funny to see the stubborn pike not wanting to let go even though he wasn't hooked.
    Your children are lovely, very nice to see them. Like from me.

  7. You are brave man , we can't risk it yet. had two cameras break , we are only two months in and already down a bomb

  8. thanks for the fowey video comment you left me, this is the first I've watched of yours Patrick and I enjoyed it. enjoyed the content and you come across as a very likable guy. great channel ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. What a beautiful and thoughtful place. We have nothing like this here. Great video well done. Great Kids.

  10. Cool video! Although you make me nervous driving on the wrong side of the road brother ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. jesus the dji phantom 4 footage looks so smoooooth, i hope they are going to bring a mavic pro 2 out with a even better camera !! But great video once again ๐Ÿ˜€ ! Your video is even cooler than mine. When im in ireland, i know where to head :p

  12. Beautiful video! I just subbed. I also have a youtube channel if you would like to check it out and be youtube friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks again Patrick, a really nice shot! and great to see you letting your kids get involved. Continue with the videos please!

  14. not fished that spot for ten years, used to be good for bream,whats the coarse fishing like these days, can i park by the fishing stands, not very mobile these says

  15. The large โ€œfood potโ€ opposite Johnsonโ€™s bridge,Enniskillen is the best spot in the whole of enniskillen

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