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Food Challenge – 20 Tacos House Record Eating Challenge at La Perla | FreakEating in Salem, OR

Food Challenge – 20 Tacos House Record Eating Challenge at La Perla | FreakEating in Salem, OR

long ago and far away in the summer of 2012 I took two trips up to or again to tackle some epic
eating challenges well maybe not epic but this is my
favorite because it was the first time I ever went to Oregon and I had a blast on a second trip we tried to start things off by going to
a burger place you know that serves you know those giant burgers unfortunately
their bonds are out of stock so we have to go to a plan B and when
you’re taken down eating challenge in the role you always have a plan B supplant the was head over to the parlor
Petia a small Mexican restaurant that didn’t
advertise it but they offered a pretty cool twenty
tacos in 20 minutes challenge as shown sounds pretty easy but when I showed up on July 27 2012 the
only had two previous winners the house record the server told me
stood at about 16 minutes and 45 seconds I thought they gave me a little the way
to work with and for the challenge you get the pic
any mix up twenty talk shows that you want you get to pick a team needs of
their menu so I decided to go was so I favorites I 65 linguine with your tongue tacos but
Kobe is that what you’re basically Cal head me five fish tacos which I
found that were fried and five chicken tacos all in all I have
to say it was a very delicious challenge glad I caught it and if you’ve watched
my videos you know the 20 minutes is an awfully long time to give me t20 talkers so I decided to push myself a little bit unfortunately
you know chocolate have a messy food and even
though it’s a challenge and you know there’s a little bit of pride on the
line hitting a record I tried not to be messy way I don’t need
to be but as you can see from the video I did you know the messier the lingo was incredibly tender and soft that’s one reason why I
love you ringtone the cabeza was also quite soft and tender and to be honest with you I have rarely
ever have the opportunity to take down to rest are even challenge that offered
either lingo or cabeza or shrimp for that matter so if I get
the opportunity I’m gonna jump for the fish tacos are
probably the hardest either all because the fish was kinda
crunchy you know it’s deep fried said got the batter on the outside not very easy to eat or you swallow quickly but it wasn’t that bad sup right hander up up and for comparison sake be sure to check
out Aaron Walker Matsuzaka tempt at this challenge Aaron maybe the spice
a kiss but every so often who attempt to take down a quantity or speed base
restaurant challenge and i’m looking at down on the link
below this was actually the second time that Aaron and I had met up he was kinda like Mike my tour guide in
Oregon for lack of a better term and these the trip that was really got
to know each other and hang out in we formed a solid food friendship that
has lasted throughout the years and we’re hoping to get together and use
a collaborations the summer during that time you know when you got the goal in sight
sometimes it’s easy to slow down economies up and I think that’s when the hardest
things that I always have to remind myself in the middle of a restaurant
challenge you know don’t slow down just keep the
fire lines keep parted on up you go in and just in case you’re
wondering your prize for finishing these 20 tacos
in 20 minutes is first of a free meal which is roughly
like a twenty dollar value you also get your picture on their wall
of fame you take that as some retro so it’s kind
of a neat little king you know it’s on every day that I get to
wear some rope up up and you get bragging rights especially
my kids seem to the head the house record eventually and I guess I’m spoiling it
here but I finish it in a new time record of 12 minutes and 55 seconds
ready record the server was thrilled you know that
you got to witness new record being you know hailed in her presence because you know
very few people at every even finished it you know and honestly most people to
finish than 20 minute to be a great accomplishment you know II try to push myself a little more and
the house record was a great way to start the second 7 Oregon opposed twenty tacos is not a ton of
food and I’m sure those view at home watching
this or pricing yourselves come on man twenty goes I can do that well we didn’t leave well
enough alone to 320 titles we headed a few miles outside at this
place to another restaurant in Salem Oregon headed over to the San Diego title
company to tackle a five-pound habanero burrito that today it is one of the most
excruciating spicy challenges I’ve ever taken and that is coming up in the next video
to be sure to stick around 2:30 if you wanna see me suffer and I mean suffer through a five pound
happen there a breeder and if you enjoy this twenty taco shells
be sure to click thumbs up subscribe to free giving and stay tuned
for more of my crazy even challenge shenanigans and i’m looking down below a play list
that includes all of my restaurant new challenges I have taken down well over 200
restaurant challenges unfortunately most to those happened before my youtube
days who knows maybe I’m gonna go back in
tackle 200 more I don’t know but its it’s been a big deal portion of my life outside of teaching outsider you
know everyday living that is weird thing that I do for fun
that I’ve got a kick outta for years now and I like to share with you guys at home so
I appreciate every last few every like every comment all up the love and support you’ve shown
me here freaky up and if you’re interested in keeping up
with me on social media basically all of my social media
accounts are free keating I would say probably the most
interesting ones like Instagram because I just post deleted pictures of its a poll
charges have done maybe some weird food creations and i
also do preview some things that are coming up on you just so you know so-and-so it again stay
in school don’t do drugs and you like a freak

32 comments on “Food Challenge – 20 Tacos House Record Eating Challenge at La Perla | FreakEating in Salem, OR

  1. do you ever follow up with your records to make sure they are still unbeaten at certain restaurants?

  2. +FreakEating Hey Naader! It's me Shae, I'm my dad's iPad. I love tacos! Lol and I have a Taco story.. Me and my dad were walking during winter and there was a new Taco Shop, and I ordered a taco salad with extra dip.. And my dad ordered 10 tacos (soft shell) and we walked home, and opened our food and turns out that my dad got NOTHING in his tacos, just the taco shells. And he ran back and didn't have to pay but the tacos were 15$ and it was really good 🙂 Your friend and yours truly Shae… Bye 🙂 #EatLiKeAFreak #FoodPorn #Tacos #TacoShop #FunnyStory #APotatoFlewAroundMyRoom #TwentyOne #GotEm (btw it's me Shae)

  3. Glad I was there to watch this. I remember trying this (and failing miserably) a few months before.

  4. This is one challenge I could handle since I love authentic tacos!  Nice job taking the record!

  5. Great job!  Those tacos looked really good.  Wish we had one of these challenges around here.  Cheers!

  6. Wow man awesome job! I struggled to do 10 in 15 minutes never mind 20 in just under 13 minutes! You da man 😀

  7. theres a line..  i think u have go back to those 200 res challenges ,, it wasent recoed but its up tu you

  8. and we enjoy watching you Naader, you're very much a beast, not the fastest swallow in the west, but still one of the best in many ppl's eyes.

    we hope you do go out and tackle another 200 restaurant challenges, as that would be awesome to watch.

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