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100 comments on “Food Wishes Recipes – Salmon Baked on Salt Recipe – Salmon Baked on Aromatic Salt

  1. throw it in a hot pan with oil, salt, and pepper, and you have a perfect piece of fish. why waste all these expensive spices………..

  2. hello chef, this is a fantastic recipe…although i've tried Titli's recipe, check it out its cool too, type in Titlinihaan in search.

  3. I am 15. Turning 16 in June. No lie, I have been watching cooking programs since I was about 3. I know a lot about cooking by now. But what I am curious is should I attend college, or just go to a culinary art school instead? And how long?

  4. Nice adaptation. I always felt uncomfortable with baking one fish in what seems to be 40lbs of salt. This recipe is less wasteful and most likely flavors the fish much more efficiently.

  5. sadly, i've never gotten a "woo-hoo" from any dish i've ever prepared, and i consider myself a fairly talented cook. (now, a "woo-hoo" in the bedroom once in a while…)

  6. I cannot wait to try this! I am pretty terrible at cooking fish but this looks very straight-forward. Can't wait to have a fish recipe I can brag about.

  7. @RadhaGirl

    I couldn't find parchment so i just used a piece of aluminum foil to cover the fish. came out great! Also i couldn't find those star thingys so i just used tome chai was a good dish with a nice presentation. just remember to season the actual fish lol. I crushed a piece of salt from the pan and sprinkled it on the finished fish. then some cayenne pepper.

  8. @happybunny501
    obviously no , itz not his hand
    notice that he has a ring and the other one is probably from a woman

  9. Yeah, the Chinese have a dish with chicken baked with spiced salt. And in Algeria, they even have a bbq dish with the meat grilled over "spiced" sand!

  10. i just made this and i was surprised by how simple it was to make! and yummy too when i added some lemon and spices! thanks so much. i also made your ciabatta bread! i put some gruyere cheese sprinkled on the top with sundried tomatos! mm delicious!

  11. @HaarigeSache86 Kosher products are products made with equipment blessed by a rabbi. Jewish heritage. Just means during Jewish holidays they are able to use the product without breaking their laws. That's how I've always known it. I worked in a deli and we denied slicing a product for a customer because it was Kosher and our equipment was not blessed by a Rabbi to do so.

  12. @HaarigeSache86 No ignore what iCaramel says, kosher salt is called that because it is used in making meat kosher by drawing out blood from it. It is actually called koshering salt. Certain salts can be certified AS kosher, I'm not sure how, but that is not the salt used here.

  13. Dear Chef John,
    I have a proposal for you – Adopt me and I will be your food taster. That sounds like a good deal.

  14. My, my, Chef John… getting manicures are you..
    Lol, took me a minute to realize it wasn't his hands….heh.

  15. Chef John.. you shouldn't use "I" and "my" in this video, especially with those hands and manicures, you could fool people (like me) XD

  16. This was very nice! I got outta control and tried to cedar plank salmon at the same time. This turned out perfect. Cedar planked salmon.. not so much! Instead of a hint of cedar, it was more like eating cedar with a hint of salmon.

    Maybe you could do a cedar planked salmon recipe?

  17. where do you find the smooth jazz in your intros?! it brilliant ( not as brilliant as the cooking, but close)

  18. ''I will at one point demo how to do a whole fish in salt''
    Still waiting John, it's been 4 years!
    I'm old now, I have a wife and 3 kids.

  19. What worries me most about salt cooking is not the sodium that gets into the food, which is very little, as it is more of a heat sink/transference mechanism, but what to do RESPONSIBLY with the salt afterwards. Chef, John, do you have a way of addressing this? The heat kills any pathogens (if the salt doesn't) but haw can it be repurposed? Salting saltwater fish for preserving is one idea, but what else?

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