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100 comments on “For Isla Fisher, Niall Horan Will Always Be Neil

  1. Niall and Neil are technically the same name. In Irish, a name after Mac (son of) or Ó (descendant of) goes into the genitive case, and Neil is the genitive case of Niall, so that's where the name comes from.

  2. Original Avengers getting tatoos together at this point probably means they are all dying in the next movie or something.

  3. I'm in the middle of three cousins and I was the kwin of terrorism! the older one was my minion and the youngest was the one who suffered the most, what a childhood!

  4. I’ll be honest (don’t kill me), I thought his name was pronounced that way to until 3 years ago. Like people told me it was like the river but I kept forgetting.

  5. How does she still look exactly the same from when she was in the first scooby-doo movie??? Thats scary o.O

  6. I see Niall. I click… and btw, loved their segment of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts….. cant believe its been more than a year already.

  7. I don’t feel bad for the guy. He’s probably bragging that the FREAKING AVENGERS TATTOOED HIS LEG, FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE… so, no. I don’t feel bad at all

  8. Isla fisher’s like one of those extra beautiful women whose exotica relies almost entirely on nature.

  9. It would be funny if Isla Fisher had to hold a skunk in her arms and it suddenly sprayed her with a
    Jet of liquid making her smell rotten.

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