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Forsøksfiske etter ål

Forsøksfiske etter ål

Hordaland, Norway:
Marine researcher Caroline Durif visits fisherman Ole Magnus Leknes, who is engaged in experimental eel fishing. Quite a lot of eel for one trap? No? Caroline will measure and tag some of the eel, before releasing them. Oil of clove is added to the water. This sedates the eel. Caroline uses the Durif index, named after her, to check if the eel is ready to mate. 48 centimeters 4,5 millimeters 4,5 again 20, 8 millimeters She implants a radio tag. Ole Magnus will now be able to scan the eel. If he catches it again, he will know that is the second time. Catch statistics and measurements give us important data on the eel stock. Video by Erlend A. Lorentzen
Institute of Marine Research

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  1. Viktigt arbete. Om resten av Europa varit lika kloka som Norge och haft totalt fiskestopp under en längre tid, så hade ålen haft bättre chanser än vad den nu har. EU:s och Sveriges ålförvaltning är pinsam, framför allt då ICES under 10 år har rekommenderat fiskestopp.

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