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11 comments on “Fort Lauderdale fisherman’s leg infected after fishing in sewage-contaminated river

  1. You never know America could be shocked to fine out that there's a biochemical released into our canals disguised in our sewerage. so we start seeing these Channel 10 media people start dropping dead from Airborne exposure. then we know we got something bad going on . This drainage pipe I called this domestic terrorism you have the same pipe break four times and everybody just stares at each other. 👀👁️💀💀what do we do. We are waiting for parts and the parts happen to be coming through the Persian Gulf. where there's a war right now so there's a problem. you got to be kidding me. The mayor needs to be called in to find out what is going on with our city.

  2. Make America stink like Europe when Columbus accidentally bumped into the Americas. Now the Americas are just as polluted. Good ol western culture 😂

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