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Fort Peck PlaceNames – Bonus Joe McGeshick Fishing

Well fishing, this is supposed to be a tailwater fishery from the dam, and there is to a certain extent. You have a new species of rainbow and brown trout that they planted. The native fish, mainly the sagar, which is a kind of hybrid walleye, a Pikes, sandpike sometimes they call it. And then sturgeon and paddlefish. But, you know, the Indians, there was such vast buffalo reserves that fish was really not that important to them. Not that they didn’t use it as a resource, of course they did. But with sixty million buffalo on the plains, you know why? You know why, I mean, yeah, if the resource was there and you had, you know, access to it and it was easily accessible then fine, you would use it. But yeah, the buffalo were just too extensive to bother with fishing. But the Indians did fish, you know. They used little traps and weirs and when the back waters dried up, you know, of course all types of subsistence, they have. Today there’s sport fishing, some people do some subsistence fishing, but it’s just very few and far between.

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