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Found New GoPro 7, and Two Working iPhones Underwater in Tubing River (Returned)

Found New GoPro 7, and Two Working iPhones Underwater in Tubing River (Returned)

[Music] last time I got an email from somebody who said they lost their GoPro I’m gonna go ahead and give him a call right now [Music] Hey Ya horsemen that you lost your GoPro and your sunglasses right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys we got a lot of finds this morning I went only to find the GoPro I found the GoPro and I found a bunch other stuff so we got some work to do let’s check it out here’s the super nice GoPro 7 let’s see it says seven black but ironically it’s white in color boom that is you can get like a freaking high school graduation picture with all of your pals on this stick yeah I pulled out a good number of cans out today aviators this is actually kind of a nicer looking pair though it’s just made in China but they look pretty cool I got a few liners and see if they I got a 25 cent 10 cent together these are 35 pennies let me get a little video got this nice little torch lighter maybe if this thing dries out it made work whoa did you see that you got this Bluetooth speaker guarantee that thing is like wet inside got this little East cigarette type of thing err majiggy I got an umbrella and see if this thing is still good that’ll be going in the trash and last but definitely not least I got an iPhone 10 which I’m pretty sure is not going to work I will try it and I got an iPhone I believe this is an iPhone XR cuz it looks like glass and then it’s got the big lens but it doesn’t look bad this thing might actually work one of the first things that I look at is the lens and if the lens has moisture inside that’s a sure sign that there is moisture on the inside of the phone I don’t see any moisture I don’t see any swelling of the battery sometimes the battery will start to swell and you’ll see the screen start to like bow out oh my gosh this thing is bone-dry zero moisture that’s a super good sign like I was actually not expecting that at all just to be safe I’m going to throw it in my tub of silica gel beads so let’s go ahead and wait come back at 8 p.m. try to power it on see what happens guys alright now we have the iPhone 10 I don’t have as much hope for this one cuz like I said you can actually see the moisture inside yeah it’s wet I give this one like maybe a 5 percent chance of turning back on it’s none of our little friends home let’s lift this thing that’s for a full seven days and I’ll try to turn it back on as promised it is exactly 8 o’clock and it’s time to pull out our iPhone XR and see if it turns on alright here goes nothing oh that didn’t feel very good it was a it’s it’s got a dirty port so I mean oh my gosh yes I thought I was going to turn on but it works oh I’m excited look at that alright it’s powering up let’s see if it gets past the booting phase I felt it vibrate oh yes it works I think she lost this a week ago let me know in the comments how long you think this phone’s been down there my guess is seven days Sheridan’s guess is 15 days let’s see who’s closest ok we got a lock on it I’ll put this person’s SIM card in this old phone go to the settings and trying to find the phone number see if I can find that number so now I go to the Settings awesome I got a phone number there’s no way this has been down therefore since April 27th it says April 27th but today is June 8th that’s so weird and there’s no way that this thing still works after being down there since April 27th with no case right alright so guys we actually waited two full weeks to turn this thing on quite honestly I just got busy and forgot about this phone until I started editing the video and then I was like oh yeah there’s a second phone this is the iPhone 10 I don’t have much hope in this but it has been sitting for over two weeks and these silica gel beads I’m gonna truth oh my gosh are you kidding me this is the okay remember this is the one shared and this is the one that was like dripping water out of this hole right here remember that yeah it takes like 15-20 minutes sometimes for these old phones to power up and er sitting here eating my wife’s cookies you guys if I could share these through the camera probably wouldn’t because this is the last one but if you guys could taste this right now mm-hmm good away mine alright it’s coming on a hole my gosh it booted up there is a passcode so I’m gonna do my normal stuff go to settings oh my gosh the phone numbers show that delivered alright it is 10 p.m. that didn’t respond so I’m gonna go ahead and call it a day and we’ll check back in once they do call me back John said that his friends named lost the GoPro is Cassidy so he gave me Cassidy’s number I’m gonna go ahead and call him right now hello is this Cassidy hey this is Dallas how are you doing doing pretty good just want to give you a call kind of update you on the dive there did today so I actually just spent the full tank out there and I was looking around for it unfortunately I was not able to find the sunglasses but I did find your GoPro yeah dude I’m looking at it right now yeah dude I yeah it works I was I turned it on and reported myself as I continued looking for your sunglasses so you get a little extra bonus footage of me yeah dude you’re welcome yeah I would love to get it back to you I will text you and we’ll go from there okay all right man have a good night okay bye he was genuinely happy to get this thing back like he was you shocked that was really that was really cool if you guys are having a good time please make sure to leave a thumbs up down below all right we are turning into the park to go and meet Cassidy to return his working and GoPro 7 Daphne that’s right nice to meet you dude Hugo playing uh thank you stone yeah man I was like sure it was gone forever hyah though like it’s probably water damage yeah was a blanket trip so I felt super guilty about that yeah and I still work yes I was so devastated because we got this the lake get a bunch of memories this summer that we couldn’t usually get look at their other cameras we’ve been getting a bunch of them and then they fell out of my lap into the abyss and I was just like all the wind out of my sickle dang way I have a little gift for you awesome so there’s a little something to remember this by awesome thank you so much Oh shout out to Matthew boy from corner to the shadows and mr. Garcia I would have never emailed her in the first place ha ha friends all right we’re here in Austin Texas to return the phone app hey Zeus it’s all charged up later to go let’s go ahead and meet hey Zeus and get his phone back to him so it’s your phone thank you oh it doesn’t work let’s find out how’d you find it that’s crazy dude I thought I lost this one forever there was no way it works in a way works what so I was in the to and I decided to jump off together swimmin but he jumped up stir like strong like a lot of like spring that everything flipped over I kept trying to find it yeah so tell me how long ago was it that I think it was like me listen to me is there a way to pull up like a Tex or something so I’d love to get like a day April 27 April 27 it was a month and a half it’s crazy that with with no case that’s insane what if for longest phone down with no cases though words tell everybody what kind of phone is it it’s an iPhone XR guys go get yourself some iPhone XR look at there’s still mud on those two yeah do that alright got a little gift for you if you want to open it up make sure it fits and everything you got some stickers on your ear coffee cups hey it’s great to meet you all right guys I see you later that was awesome hey Zeus takes the cake for the longest period of time that any phone that I’ve ever found in the river was down there without a case and still works I’ll put the exact amount of time up on the screen how many days that was but that is by far the record the previous record was about a week and if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe and please help me out by hitting that like button and we will see you in the next video guys thank you [Music]

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  1. Thanks for watching the video, it was an adventure! Make sure to hit the like button above if you enjoyed, and let's do this again this weekend 🙂

  2. I'm sure plenty have asked this before, but I couldn't find any info regarding your equipment anywhere. What brand of metaldetector are you using? And would you recommend diving without oxygen tanks if you go up and down a lot? This hobby seems so amazingly cool that I'd want to try it, but preferably without having to buy too much gear at first.

  3. Bro , you are so brave to search inside the deep sea weeds but bro better use gloves while dive. Keep rocking bro

  4. Ficaria tão feliz se ele me enviasse uma gopro melhor que a minha hero3+ hehehe
    Vendo esses vídeos, da uma vontade de mergulhar e sair caçando objetos perdidos.

  5. A could way to find money (I do this) is to go to the most popular swimming hole after a super hot summer day and go river diving , I always find money it normally equals up to less then a dollar but hey money is money 🤷‍♀️

  6. ”Guys go get yourself an IPhone XR, it survives 1 month underwater” Uhhmm i didn’t plan to drop my phone in the sea either expect someone to deliver it back to me after 1 month

  7. What do you do with the stuff that people don't want/unable to find owner/misc finds like sunglasses, knives, etc ? Do you sell it, donate it, throw it out? It's something I've always wondered.

  8. this is so funny it was my birthday when you made this and my name is chasidy and the person that lost something his name was cassidy 😂😂

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