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Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

61 comments on “Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

  1. D,
    You and Josh are Da'MEN! Thanks for working with me. The plants are good, and I saw a bigger cherry shrimp this morning in the tank. Let me know when the amano's are back in town and I will look to get them. Again, THANK YOU!

  2. yall are out of jungle val and yall called to see if i wanted to replace it with aponogeton biovinaus and now i kinda wish i did!!

  3. Yo man- get some solar panels cranking to offset your power consumption. Im sure ur bill is outrageous!!

  4. Nice video bro. Love the plants. This hobby is so much fun! But very costly! I just picked up 2 new tanks today. So I got way more work to do now, but loving it so far!

  5. Dude, that was the least enthusiastic intro I've heard you do. Was it food coma? You ok brother? Next intro, please give me a big and loud "what's up fish tank people!" It really gets my day going.

  6. I had to take my Aponogeton ulvaceous out of my high tech 46 bowfront. Within 3 weeks it had about 25-30 leaves, almost all of them nearly 3 inches wide and over 4 feet long, and several 6 foot long flower stalks. It was taking up a lot of room and was shading out my other stuff! Amazing and fast-growing plant but I wouldn't recommend in a smaller high tech setup.

  7. Wisteria is the go-to plant for my aquariums. Grows and propagates quickly. Often I have to throw away large pieces when I trim it. I can't use it all. It's a beast!

  8. How would you cut them back? How much do you sell the horn wort for and the java moss? What kind of potassium? Can I use over the counter?

  9. What's up fish tank gooroo. Hey Dustin I ordered a bunch of hornwort and wisteria from you a few months ago for my small 300 gal patio pond. The hornwort is doing awesome but the wisteria all died within a month. I was wondering if it made that big of a difference with it being outside?

  10. hi guys, may i ask the spelling for the first 2 plants?

    btw i have a tank that used to grow a lot of hornwort, than it just started to shrink and dies and from a full tank of hornwort now i left with nothing. not sure why is it died by itself, but in the same tank other plant like java moss do grow well and thrive

  11. here is a pretty Legit unboxing video I just put out 🙂

  12. I put 4 2inch pieces of hornwort into my kiddie pool with my sword tails last year. Put them in in may and when I emptied the pool in October i had 2 5 gal buckets full

  13. I have the brownest thumb this side of the Mississippi. The platys ate my val, but the anubias tied to the driftwood died. If you sent me the best apongeton in your greeenhouse, I can probably kill it!


  15. NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA: I Called The Cops Back

  16. Bulbs usually= Their native dry season. Sometimes,they can skip not having one..but they grow and rest in spurts. I pass on bulbs unless I want a water lilly in the tank.

  17. Stan's fastest growers? 1.Giant Hygro. 2.Jungle Val. 3. Rotala's. 4.Ludwigia. 5 Java Moss. Buy any of those for your new tank..or old big tank where you need something to fill asap.
    I'm thinking of adding that Liverwort sold that's really a fern that looks like Seaweed to my list. Wait awhile.

  18. Dustin the first plant you showed, you said the name to fast for me to catch. Could I please have the spelling for it. Really something I would like in my threadfin tank.

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