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Fresh Poached Cod with Buttered Veg | Bart’s Fish Tales

Fresh Poached Cod with Buttered Veg | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi guys welcome to another episode of
Fish Tales so today I’m in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik Where they catch the most beautiful cod and haddock, red fish, saithe, but today I’m going to make you a
delicious and so easy cod recipe its poached cod with steamed carrots and
steamed potatoes melted butter and that’s all. First we
need cod, fresh fresh cod, this is so important
because this dish will only work if your cod is really really fresh the eyes are bright, the skin is shiny and the gills are red. This one I got this morning straight from the
boat in the port of Grindavík what’s so special about the fish
arriving here is you see it’s one fisherman and one small boat catching cod so how more sustainable could it be MSC
certified It comes from a healthy fish stock, it’s caught in a good manner which says that no damaging of the the surface of
the of the ocean, no bycatch, or limited bycatch a good management. It will be on times square tomorrow night. So now we go back to my outdoor kitchen where I filleted this beautiful cod we use a bigger piece, the loin So we start poaching the cod and this is so simple you have your piece of cod, you have cold
water and a really full hand of sea salt, maybe
a bit more even make the water really salt, you put in
the piece of cod We put in on a fire and we bring it to boil as soon as it boils you take the pan off, cover the pan So we go to peel potatoes we just had some small ones here and now we’re going to peel some
beautiful carrots So now almost the cod is going to boil
yeah Now it is so what we do now we take off the pan look how beautiful the flesh of the fish
it’s really white white and we leave it here we leave
it 10 – 15 minutes. It will slowly cook so the texture will be great, it will still be juicy the flavors will be delicate delicate. So in the meantime we’re going to cook potatoes, carrots, just mix them together. This is outdoor cooking So now we go for the salted butter, 30
to 50 grams we going to melt the butter on a low, low heat a simple au bain marie. Check the potatoes. perfect. So we take in the first place the fish if you press on
it you feel that lamella of the fish is separating and look look at this look how beautiful
this is. This piece of Atlantic cod Let’s place it on the plate and orange carrots, with some beautiful yellow potatoes and then delicious melted smjör we’ll throw a bit over potatoes a bit over the cod and a bit over your carrots bit of sea salt and some fresh pepper is just boiling fish, boiling potatoes, boiling carrots melting butter and you have this dish full of flavour. Leave your comments and
questions in the box below and don’t forget to subscribe for more fish tales this is definitely the true true taste of delicious fresh cod fish Amazing.

53 comments on “Fresh Poached Cod with Buttered Veg | Bart’s Fish Tales

  1. I sooo want to make this … but fresh cod is a pipe dream for me where I live. What other fish might you suggest in its place?

  2. Oh, first dish on food tube that I know how to make! I usualy make it straight after I have cought the fish, but I use sea water. Can use the same recipe with Pollock, just ad a few bay leaf to the water and you are rocking 🙂 But it is best served outdoors, late at night while the midnight sun is shining bright. 

  3. I just love the simplicity of this. I had this last night with lots of organic green veg & even though my cod is not as fresh as Barts, it was still delicious. Thanks for putting this up.

  4. If ingredients are fresh, SIMPLE is the best way to cook the dish, you can taste the ingredients original aroma, its amazing~ can't get over it :p thank you, love this recipe

  5. Listen,this dinner is just not complete,where the heck is the Cod roe and the Cod liver.The cod roe you boil in salty
    water with skin on.The liver you take off the skin maul it between your fingers and put small pieces of onion in,then salt ,pepper and a teaspoon of vinegar.Boil that 3-4 minutes.And now you have the perfect meal.

  6. I personally hate this dish. Doesn't taste like anything and hard to get down, poaching fish is the worst way to cook it. They used to serve this to me and my class every monday for 10 years.

  7. Why anyone would give a thumbs down to this recipe escapes me. Water, Fish, 2 Vegetables, Butter,Salt and Pepper. Healthy, nutritious and satisfying. Thanks Bart.

  8. This is unbelievably stupid method to cook a fish. By putting it right into the water without protection all the nutrients and flavors are wasted into the water. I can't believe I watched it on Jamie Oliver's channel.

  9. I did the same, but with extra-virgin olive oil, and a few beans tossed with garlic and regular olive oil. Because I guess I just love to complicate things.
    I love the idea of keeping it simple though: a few veg treated well. I don't think I'll ever go back to fish and chips from a store after how I felt after eating this.

  10. Jamie, here's a slightly simpler recipe as taught to me when I was living in Norway: Bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil, turn OFF the heat and immediately drop in your fresh cod steak or thick fillet. Let it remain in the hot water for exactly 10 minutes and then remove… it's done! If it was a steak the skin will easily slip off and the single spine bone will pull right out, leaving you with the most delicious, succulent fish you have ever eaten. Dip it in salted butter. It certainly is not bland.
    This technique works equally well with Halibut and a few other fish, but NOT all types. I've tried and failed with salmon and Pacific "cod" for instance, but it was no go.
    Thanks, Jamie for showing this way to make perfect fish! Most everybody else seems to only know to fry or bake fish.

  11. Add a boiled egg and steamed cabbage, use salted dried cod instead of fresh and drizzle it with olive oil instead of butter and you'll have made the traditional Portuguese Christmas main course. Sprinkle it with freshly chopped garlic if you're a grown man, because o bacalhau quer alho

  12. He is right about the cod. Supermarket cod and even many fishmonger poached is tasteless. Looks like I'll have to hang out at the harbour in Whitby to get my fresh cod.

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