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Fresh Salmon Salad | Keto Style Middle Eastern flavor

a new day a new salad and today with the
salmon salad that is rich with herbes and a ton of nuts, hello guys in another
new video with fresh salads full of flavor and tasty, we’re gonna start by
poaching the Salman and we gonna make a salmon confit, so add a little bit of
olive oil which I’ll add to it some lemon peel it will give it the nice
lemony taste then I’m gonna add the salmon and cover it with sunflower oil
bring it to heat for about 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius and
cook it for about 20 minutes till 25 minutes, for this salad I’m going to use
a lot of nuts it will make it richer and it will give it a lot of texture
for the big nuts like the almond, I’m gonna chop them roughly they’ll have
different pieces small and big which will be nice inside the Salad, you can put
any kind of nuts that you like open your kitchen drawers and put all the nuts and
seeds that you have I used almond walnuts sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds
pistachios pine nuts and all this mix together will give us a nice color and
not only texture but also very amazing flavors, not to mention the healthy
benefits that each of these nuts and seeds have, so look what a nice mix we
have what nice colors we’re gonna toast them for a couple of
minutes and get this rusty nutty flavor out of them, remember it’s always better
to buy all the seeds and nuts unroasted even the salty ones and roast them and
salt them at home if you want, it will give you a better texture a much more
flavor so we’re gonna roast him as we said just a couple of minutes then put
them aside to cool down and continue with the salad. you can always make this
mix in advance and sprinkle it over your salads Rice’s and many other foods it
will always enrich it I give it more texture, we’re gonna use a ton of herbs
and freshly ones like this mint that smells amazing
I also want the salad to be rich in herbes so use your imagination check
what there is in the market and bring it I’ll put parsley coriander mint some
onion and other other things that you can buy even basil will go in it will
add just more flavor make it healthier and much tastier I’m gonna separate the
leaves from the stems and the stems I don’t throw away, I use it to make
vegetable stock or any other stock! that I do, so just put them inside the freezer
until you need them all the herbs we’re gonna chop roughly exactly as we did
with the nuts, we don’t want it too thin or too thick
Big leaves we just wanted to have a little bit of texture that when you bite
to it you feel what you eat look what a nice mix and how it’s roughly chopped,
bear in mind and use a sharp knife when you do and cut your veggies and herbs so
they’ll keep all their juices inside and not get too much soggy and release their
juices. I’ll add some green onion to it which I’ll chop finely because I don’t
like big chunks of onion in my salads the Salmon has a firm touch to it after
25 minutes and this is how you know it’s ready, then you gotta pull it off from
the oil remove the skin and all these brown meat that it has, separate
the Salmon, piece of another so to have different sizes also. I like my food
spicy and therefore I’m gonna add some red chilies that will also add a
wonderful color to our salad you can use as many chilies as you like the
depends how spicy you like your food but let’s agree to keep it on medium, our
ingredients are coming together with the roasted nuts the poached salmon confit
the herbs with the chilies we can start adding and finishing the salad
I’m gonna use the SUMAC it’s one of my best favorite spices that I use found in
the Middle East it has this lemony taste, I’m gonna add
some salt some lemon juice some olive oil and some SUMAC and mix everything together now most of the salads you make you
finish and you eat fresh but one thing about this salad that I’ve learned that if
you leave it to stand for about 10 minutes it will have a much better taste as eating
it straight away so we’re gonna season it mix everything together and leave it
sit for about 10 minutes. I’m gonna add some nuts inside the salad and I’m gonna
leave some to add on top also with the salmon we put something inside the salad
and we put something on top of the salad and remember to keep the salad rustic
and chunky with different textures fresh and nice looking and keep it always
simple when you’re making a salad it’s always about the freshness of the
product, not the complicity of cooking it and timing is also important. and like I
said before after mixing all these ingredients and let it sit for about 10
minutes and there you go our rich Salman salad is ready
don’t forget the SUMAC the Aleppo pepper that we added had a really nice lemony
touch to hold this dish and together with the salmon nuts and ton of herbs
this salad is ultra healthy and amazingly tasty I hope you enjoyed this
video like and subscribe for more Middle Eastern and interesting salads until
the next video I’m chef Jack and thank you for watching

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