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FRESHWATER Aquarium Setup – NEW (2018) – Adding PLANTS

FRESHWATER Aquarium Setup – NEW (2018) – Adding PLANTS

what’s up fishtank people all Dustin’s
fishtanks bring it to you setting up 125 gallon aquarium if you missed it last
week we did the hardscaped hardscapes the hard part yeah it’s fun part now
it’s time for the super fun part now it’s time for the plants and I actually
have a strategy that I’m gonna use with this here is a detailed plant listing of
everything that we’re bringing with this sucker well bite as Lancelot off as le
small boost gigantea you name it I’m bringing it it’s all right here in a
pile I’ve actually got this pre-drawn out
ahead of time had a little bit of a vision and it’s actually coming we’re
gonna go dark to light dark on the outside light in the middle and we’re
gonna work all kinds of crazy plants into this hard scape here I’m super
jacked about it because I have a lot of awesome hardy plants this tank is not
dirted so we’re gonna have to feed it which I’m going to show you guys
throughout this video so if you like this type of video hit the subscribe
button and you’ll be seeing more of it let’s get after it so bulb itis right
here the tips got a little dried out it’s okay I’ll completely be fine once
it gets back in the water will bite us who talati i’m gonna go each side so
I’ve got one side for mellitus another side right here so I’ve got brightest
all day long super Hardy comes from Africa and we’re gonna start with the
darkest plants work our way into gradually less dark plants in the middle
what we’re gonna get light and I always like to leave a bag or in this case a
bag or six things of gravel to kind of like tie stuff down so right here I’ve
got a little loose spot beau Biden’s can have its rhizome down and gravel no
problem I’m gonna go ahead and utilize some of this travel here as like my
patchwork gravel so I’ll just kind of pour it down on there and then pull the
plant out of it kind of worked it in so I’ve got the bull itis over there now I
want to work in the Lancelot Lance a lot coming in pretty fire obviously all of
these are available on
do not leave this video the roots not the rhizome this is all
being done without water everything that’s kind of laid over a little bit
it’ll all perk up when there’s water around it well brightest does not care
favorite plants right I found that the rhizome above itis doesn’t care to be
buried so that’s how I roll now I’m going the philosophy of this
tank is dark green dark green into the center rainbow so dark green lighter
green light green yellow orange the whole deal and while I love this piece
right here I love anubias gigantea more so it needs
to come in the front this is actually a cooler plant in my book than the one I
just put it’s got this trident looking leaf on it that’s just killer I’m
stuffing that down in there gigantea it’s not the easiest anubius still in
anubius so it’s still pretty easy but definitely my favorite and I love the
dis the spearhead look – it looks yeah that’s got the leave like that with this
Arrowhead leaves love it we’re gonna work some down in here – and I have
tested the anubius gigantea in thus the way I’m planning it right now so I know
that it’s okay with having its rhizome stuck down I really want a centerpiece in the
gigantea in this tank it’s just one of my favorites go what do you think for
tank people I don’t have any opposition this side but I kind of like it there’s
no off facility on that side because I kind of like that darker and that’s
different over there so I’m gonna leave that originally the plan was to have the
widest gigantea Lancelot this is the gigantea side there’s no gigantea on
that side there you go see if anybody notices so we’re gonna work it in now
you’re gonna close out the anubius africa chapter we’re gonna move into the
bacopa level we’re gonna get all these plants
somewhat sorted out of here I want to go from the dark greens to the
lighter green look at how this is bacopa yellow flame at its finest you will not
buy a better plant from anybody online than me with this pickle yellow flame I
guarantee it it’s a bold statement but that’s pretty fire so check that out now
the bacopa Maneri super duper easy plant it’s gonna give us some contrast with
all the other stuff we’re gonna take it out of the rubber band and they say the
Japanese say that the you know the process of like playing with the plants
is to the tank so it’s how you get to the tank per the customer’s request I
would be planting these significantly deeper than I am it’s not dirt it
doesn’t matter supercopa Maneri so it’s okay that it falls over because it’s not
supported by water and I like the contrast with the Maneri in the anubius
right next to it I’m gonna make this Maneri come up the cliff just like that
just like that and like this and extra gravel
got money war we got pennywort Josh hates this plant I hated this plant got
brownie love it because it just grows like a weed does not care and it’s
actually perfect for back here and you won’t be able to see it initially but
it’ll come on strong because it’s going to be underneath standard double but
it’s it’s gonna look real cool back behind he’s barely gonna be able to see
that but in time she will come on strong hydro cotta Lucia Walla also known as
penny war smoke OPA yellow flame but I mentioned I
like this plan I just got the red flames now honestly this plant is not gonna
stay as red in here just because of lack of nutrients
I mean he’s not doing the water change as we are but it will certainly still
look cool Wow Wow I’m doing a little halftime hard scape
adjustment because I want to make sure that this log stays exactly where it is
so I’m actually wiring this down which socks it is ugly but I’ll be able to
cover it up with plants it doesn’t matter but I want to make sure this log
is affixed to this log without any problems so I’m gonna tighten this up
and that will just make sure that this piece stays because it’s such a it’s a
vulnerable piece being up like that so I want to make sure it stays on so I’ll
take this ugliness for what I’m gonna get an exchange I’m gonna plan all the
way through there so this all I’ll be covering in just a second all right now
it’s time to fill er up I told him it’s gonna be ugly
the first fill is gonna be ugly because just all the dust and everything is
gonna settle I’m using this stuff this is the accr I buy it in a huge box so
that’s why I have it in this Cup but this is the deke lure time for your
moment is then my friend we’ve got a couple of more spots I want to work some
stuff in but I want to see what’s happening what do you think my friend
it’s exceeded your expectations huh that’s cool man my broth was stripped up sanitary supply
that’s cause inside terrorists love it what do you think fish tank people I
think it’s looking pretty killer the mr. customer said it exceeded his
expectations do want to point out a quick thing here you better hit the
subscribe button like button share button if you care I had to leave some
rocks up here because the driftwood is not fully waterlogged it will be soon so
it’s messing up my scape there but overall I’m pretty pumped about hit the
like button subscribe button share button and drop me a comment on what you
think about this world 25 tank on everybody
light boom boom

82 comments on “FRESHWATER Aquarium Setup – NEW (2018) – Adding PLANTS

  1. Best part of a Sunday morning! Let's all tank on!— Hope Greenhouse 2.0 is coming along nicely 🙂 Your creativity continues to expand and evolve… Sweet!

  2. So if the sand, gravel, etc, is called the "substrate", the "hardscape" is the way you organize the rocks/wood/decor, and the whole thing combined is called the "aquascape", what is organizing the plants or corals called?

  3. Nothing less than what I've come to expect from you Dustin! Aces for sure!
    Now, if only Mr. Customer let you dirt the tank…🤔😂

  4. Does the pennywort survive when fully submerged?
    Edit: Nevermind, I've got a different species of pennywort (along the edges of my pond)

  5. I was considering purchasing this exact tank from Petsmart. Is this video to be continued? What approximately did this client spend on that pile of plants you had piled on the floor. Are you going to show us the remaining planting? Thanks Dustin

  6. WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I just ordered some bolbitus and gigantia from you, and I have the same 125 g tank, so how about you come decorate mine? 😍 LOL 🌿💚🌾

  7. thanks, dusty for the explanation of making your setup. as an artist, i feel the center is too much of a void. check it out.

  8. Would have been nice if you had shown the final product for a longer period of time. A 1-2 min talk about the tank all done.

  9. Looks great, but not as great as getting to see you and get an awesome hug hello yesterday at AE ! And I had a great time chatting with you and Josh.
    Cool getting g to see the GREENHOUSE2.0 plans and get a great run through of them!
    All the best as always. Lots of love and much success ! ❤️

  10. Probably better places to ask but if I send you pictures of a scape could you pick out some plants for me to order from you?

  11. A couple of firemouth cichlids a big school of coreys, tiger barbs , cpds, neon tetras, dwarf gourami ,gold nugget pleco and some other stuff in this tank would be 🔥 🔥 🔥

  12. “this plant isn’t gonna stay as red in here, because of the lack of nutrients” You sure that’s true? To my knowledge – plants only get the red-tinge under high light.

  13. Good looking scape! Browns almost. Was moving some plants that are 1 Year or so planted. Roots on Crypts huge and so long other plants not nearly as much.

  14. Is it normal to tear down and start over when a planted tank gets too overgrown? Plants are starting to overhang across the top, Amazon Sword is about 30" in a 75 gal., Cypress is 36" in same tank.

  15. Hi Dustin I want a dirted tank but I'm concerned when it comes to vacuuming the gravel or the substrate, can you vacuum a dirted tank? Thanks in advance.

  16. Looks awesome! I was just thinking that since I just have a 10 and 20 I have less options, and also that each scape is more important because I can't go off with another idea in another tank. Man, space restrictions!!

  17. Hey Dustin! It's been awhile since I checked in since our heated back-and-forth a couple of years ago. Glad to see you're doing well. I liked your video on the Tiger Lotus. Plan to add some to my tank. I've been traveling a lot so I didn't replace my fish as they went through their natural life cycle. Now, I have an aquarium with just plants, and the last of the snails that came with my plant purchase from you a few years ago. Primarily dwarf sagittarius that is now growing wildly and definitely "not" dwarf. Other than the Eco Complete substrate, I add nothing but light and now I have a mini-underwater jungle in my 29-gallon.

  18. Great job on the scape, very inspirational, I have never had much luck scaping but I have a empty 40 breeder and I love seeing videos like this to get ideals and helpful tips

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