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Friday Fish Fry

Friday Fish Fry

and Friday is fish day we had some fresh
fish that we just cleaned and filleted this is all fresh fish not bought at the
store fish from the leeks and so I’m gonna fry up some of this fish make a
little spaghetti and we’ll have that for dinner real quick right Lake perch we
have different kinds of fish here so I’m gonna put some in storage bags put it in
the freezer the rest of it Thomas and we’re gonna put it in our stomach what
we’re going to put it in there what you know you know that’s right okay guys so
yeah that’s all we’re doing right now we just let the low farmers market in town
and came home you know we haven’t explained the fishing along with you and
one thing that you notice here you see there’s no slips here and in the
difference here I like that idea I hadn’t seen that before but I like the
idea the purpose of that is the thick part of the fish would get done mm-hmm
just as quick as the thin part and you can put your your seasoning in here and
you can put your seasoning here and all this will be crisp right when you eat
yourself and I’d like to put it on that side too
I didn’t I didn’t clean these fish car babies we have someone like that I like
I like eating the fence and it yeah I like trying on that to give a good sound
bite now some people use comeö some people use cornmeal and cornmeal and
flour you know different strokes for different folks I mean if you want to
use that vest which you like this what you like you got a choice either way
some people use both of the Gala’s yeah it just depends on how we’re gonna
describe this today we got our skillet coming guys I want to uh cast on a
skillet skillet it’s cast iron how you gonna fry it are you gonna mix
flour and meal together and make your own batter or he’s just gonna use flour
some people a lot of people don’t use flour on fish but it tastes great well we got going over there a pot that
we’re gonna put in our spaghetti a just a quick meal fried fish some spaghetti I
have some juice juice oh yeah seeds runs hot still doing this green
drinks guys we just love from up on the farmers market affair so can you show
that I’ll show you Mario’s tamales yes
is a Friday night fish brunch and Thomas is making the fried fish we just put it
in a bag that you can put it in a ziploc bag or a storage bag or whatever or gold
or whatever we put the flour in the back we have our skillet here and Thomas
responses he just put some water over there to check to see if this is hottest
look like his hot donut put the fish in there Thomas is the best cook around
guys good look at that fish there look at that how beautiful that and that beautiful you see the stove is coming up real high
still goes on high beautiful this will be so pretty look at that or red cabbage that’s going to be our yeah oh hello my karma babies yes I spent the
day out at the farmers market okay came home and we decided we wanted some
fish we have spaghetti I have a little
spaghetti and a little garlic bread that I made on the side here but here’s me
shake my fish I can’t wait to dig in I’m hungry
I was at the farmers market all day with Thomas and we have we have a couple of
different types of fish here but it’s all fresh we have friends like I said
that go fishing they bring us fish back and look at this this is just beautiful that’s fish we have bass and we have I’m
gonna do pin guys can’t wait I’m hungry I have we have bass and we have whiting
and I don’t know one from the other all I know is that is good look at that
fish look at the white delicate meat there look at that
I’m gonna get some hot sauce here then I’m gonna dip it in mmm yummy YUM
it’s very good I made a little spaghetti really quick spaghetti actually you know
I love using linguine but I made that real quick it just came home fried fish
do some spaghetti in there used store-bought spaghetti
sauce mmm put a little garlic in there oh it’s very good season it up I always
add a tad bit of butter to my spaghetti very good um we have a lady who may I
tell you some little bones down there this young lady helps us while we were
up there working she was here cleaning the fish for me and making the tamales
so we have a lady that helps us I don’t know what I would do without her she’s
amazing she helps me a lot
mmm that’s my broccoli slaw they sell that at the Walmart here and all I did
was add a little balsamic vinegar in there a little agave sugar and
mayonnaise and my daughter said it was very delicious just
carrots cut up fresh broccoli red cabbage so you know this is a quick meal
you come home you’ve worked all day you can still make a good dinner and I only
just have to well do it right sorry I’m taking bones you know fish has
bones right so we had a really good day today very good
had a good day so a lot of tamales mm-hmm I made myself a little garlic
bread mmm fish starts looking crazy when you
start tearing it apart right guys uh-huh I see that bone right there in the
middle with all the I’m just gonna go around that mm-hmm I’m chewing on this
is a fin I love it here pointer so good you have to be careful if you’re not
used to eating fish you don’t want a bone to get stuck in your throat mm-hmm
I always have some bread handy when you’re eating fish with bones because
you couldn’t swallow the bread and hopefully it’ll dislodge if you get a
bone stuck I didn’t do an elaborate setup or anything guys I just came home
say it do this together that’s it I’m gonna film it from a car my babies and
this is my Friday I don’t know when I’m gonna get it up it might be Friday no I
doubt that because I’m gonna after I eat I’m gonna clean up my kitchen I’m know I’m gonna hit the cuz tomorrow is
another day that okay this has too many bones look at bad see look at those
phones I’m not gonna be able to eat that I could if I took my time but I’m not
I’m not about that life right now I’m not about that life right now right
now I am about eating really good meal home cooked home cook nothing like a
home-cooked meal guys nothing wrong with eating out but you know when you know
what you’re putting in your own food you’re seasoning mm-hmm yummy hope guys remember in the last video I
told you that I had a couple of surprises for you guys one of them has mmm happened I had
someone called me today and let me know that it did happen and I haven’t seen
the final touch of it yet but as soon as I see it and have it available I’m gonna
let you guys know about it but it’s it’s exciting but I can’t wait to share it
with you guys so I’m gonna be showing it very soon
guys mm-hmm it’s not like it’s going to be down the line because this happened
very quickly very quickly mmm-hmm then I’ll just kill my fish off
of here okay there’s a wonderful thing about living here in the South it’s just
so many foods that are fresh you go fishing say you don’t have any money to pay for
a meal right there’s fishing ponds everywhere now they belong to somebody
of course oh there is on their land but people are so often some of it may be
out in the woods go fishing touch yourself some fish and you have your
dinner go honey shoot a deer and you have food to last
you for months earlier tummy when he went he made us hmm some deer sausage
made dirt sausage with eggs and on a toast and that deer sausage is excellent that’s fun to do it eh guys
mhm like my fish fried heart so just wanted to share that with you guys I got
to clean up I’m gonna relax a little bit I’ll be ready to go back out there
tomorrow sweat is all about I love it
I meet people from all over I met a guy today
that’s from Washington DC and he has been traveling and a beautiful RV since
June of last year he said him and his wife and they look like they might have
been in they’re in their forties he said they sold their home they bought the RV
and decided that they were gonna travel and enjoy their life and that’s what
they’re doing from Washington DC there all the way down here he said last
night he had crawfish for the first time and today he was going to have tamales
Mississippi Delta tamales for the first time oh man I kind of envy people that
have the nerve and courage to just say you know what I’m out of this rat race
here I am going to travel enjoy myself hold on guys
yes I’ll bring you one there’s not one by the back I’ll bring
you one in a minute okay guys my Karma’s calling you needs me so I’m out of here
okay guys just want to share this quick meal oh I have a mess going on gonna
come look like I enjoyed this Donei yes I’m a munch a little bit but guys fish
cold swap spaghetti garlic bread and I’m gonna drink water I love you guys bye
bye now

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  2. I was just thinking, I know y'all ain't gonna eat all of that pretty fish all by yourself. It looks delicious! And you get to freeze some for later. Yummers! ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ 
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  5. I grew up on fish cooked in plain seasoned flour ,no corn meal,,, i have also tasted fish with no flour just fried plain, no flour or cornmeal just seasoned well from an african friend,,, it is delicious. My favorite fish is whiting. In new york where im from, whiting and porgys were peoples favorite back in the 70s and 80s

  6. When i was a child i didnt like porgys because it has too many bones, but as i grew older ,i loved them.i also had porgys made the jamaican way its called escovitch it is delicious๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Hey granny and grandpa you make me hungry as usual now I have to get me some fish to fry I donโ€™t eat fried a lot but Iโ€™m gonna cheat itโ€™s yalls fault lol.

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  10. I love fish! Here in Ohio we go fishing every Summer every chance we get. We clean and freeze the fish to eat through the winter. We fillet it with no fins or bones. We catch blugill, bass, cat fish, whities, bull head and a crappie here and there.

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  22. Grannykarma, it is so good to see you and especially Thomas up and doing what you do best. Those fish remind of when we use to go fishing and on a Saturday cleaning and getting them ready for that hot grease along with fried potatoes, coleslaw, bread, hot sauce and mustard, pickles, chow chow, and some old fashion lemonade along with some homemade ice cream and cake. Those were what my summers were about. picking strawberries and peaches blackberries making preserves, and jam. I enjoy this video. Enjoy your day

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