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Friday Night Paramount: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

Friday Night Paramount: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

– You guys are probably gonna cut this? This (beep) sucks. That is as authentic as it gets. Delicious! – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals, where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of
crazy while giving you guys the most raw and realest
food reviews in the game. – This is “Send Foodz.” – What’s up, you sexy bitches? Welcome back to another episode of “Send Foodz” on Thrillist, I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto–
– And I’m David So! – And guess what! – We in your home town! – We in my home town where I grew up in, where I went to high school, Paramount, California. My family had a Thai food
restaurant out here– – Lost your virginity here–
– I lost my virginity, in a bedroom, five minutes away, it was really fast. Paramount, California, we
at the Friday night market. They do it once a month. You got a homie out here, they got a horchateria place out here, homie– – You got the horchateria, dog– – For all you people out
there, the H is silent. Horchata. – Yeah, for all you little
whorechatas out there, Horchateria! All right, so we’re at
the shrimp and taco stop. What the (beep) is this? – These are Baja-style fish tacos. We use mahi-mahi–
– OK. – And these are the shrimp tacos. – Oh!
– Oh! – Oh, that’s shrimp, this fish. – First of all–
– Yes. – When you’re in California,
you better make sure you get some (beep) fish tacos. – So fire.
– Ooh, and the diarrhea after, cuz? Ooh!
– Aw, dog, I always tell people, “Look, I don’t get diarrhea, I got a really strong stomach.” I know this is a food show, but I could eat diarrhea and poop out solid food. That’s how good my stomach is, all right? – I could eat Cheerios and then (beep) liquid tomorrow. If they don’t got the
(beep) pepper, though? like this–
– Mm-hmm. – It ain’t that real
ensenada-style (beep) Baja taco! I got that shrimp taco . – Oh my God.
– You got that fish taco– – Oh, the mahi-mahi. – Mahi.
– Oh my God. – Mhmm, mm! That’s fresh! – You got that delicious crema, the sharp (beep) red onions, the
acidic (beep) salsa, and that delicious deep-fried
shrimp goodness, homie. – Mm mm! (mumbles) This is good, too.
– Wow. Tortillas are fresh too. – You stupid son of a bitch.
– Oh (beep), that’s hot! – Really? Mine’s great! – Try mine. – Oh! (mumbles) Yours
is hotter than mine– – Bitch! – Yours is way hotter than mine– – Ah!–
– Oh my God, yeah, yeah. Here, take this back. – Oh my God! My parents are here! – Oh, they’re trouble with the law! – Hey! (mumbles)
– Hey, David– – Hey, look at that guy! Get the hell outta here, man! – See that? Tim’s famous, but I got new parents. They always wanted a taller son. – My fan, a fan. – So here we are at LA Street Chefs. All right, so what’s going here, dog? – We have our fusion rolls over here. The top one is a chicken tinga, and then on the bottom it’s the vieja steaks. – You all over the place! You got Cuban flavors, you got (beep) Filipino stuff, you got everything here! This guy! – Allright, well we gon’
eat this (beep) now. – All right man, (mumbles)
– Thanks dog. – Thank you so much. – We got one more item coming up for you. – Oh my God, you wild.
– Oh, man. – You crazy. You crazy. – He’s tryna make me throw up! We said a couple of dishes,
this pall brought out his whole menu! Imma try these yuca fries. Not like a typical potato at all, a lot more dense. – Hmm! Chicken tinga is tingling.
– What! – The chicken tinga is tingling. – The sauce is a little
spicy, but very good! – Cheers. – Hmm. Everything’s a “hmm” here
because the guys like mixing a lot of flavors together. – I’m tryna figure out my tongue is tryna figure out what to do right now. – Like definitely– – Kinda like the first time I– uh… hmm. – Hmm! – It’s just a, it’s “hmm!” – You can’t really put your finger on it, like we’re tryna put a
ethnicity to these foods– – You can’t really put your finger on it, kinda like the first time I… hmm. And I can always appreciate some Latin (mumbles) (beep) I can always appreciate
some Latin and Asian (mumbles) (beep) I can always appreciate
some Latin and Asian fusion coming together,
because that’s how I felt going to Paramount, you
know what I’m sayin’? I was like one of the only Asian kids in a like a 75% Mexican school, so, this is representative of my experience of Paramount– – Yeah, this is a Tim concoction. – Yeah, yeah. All right, so well we’re
here at Sausage Master. David’s… master of the sausage. – All I do is eat sausage every night! – Excuse me. – All right, they’re ready.
– Oh, we’re ready? Cool. – Whoo!
– Whoo! – Thank you. Which one is this? – That’s the kielbasa. – Whoo! These mother (beep) are huge! Lemme tell you what I already appreciate about these people. Number one–
– What you mean, these people? – What I mean by these people, I’m talking bout these people behind me. – Oh, OK.
– Yeah. Mexicans. Number one, they steam
the buns ahead of time, so it’s nice and warm. Then they finish it off on the grill. Number two, they got the charcoals. – All right.
– Yes. Serrano chili– – We gotta do it. Well, I gotta do it. (mumbles) Cheers, cheers, cheers. Boom. – Hot link, kielbasa. – Uh-huh. Oh my god, so hot. – Mm, mm! – Right off the bat–
– Mm! – The heat from that hot link, and when you grill it,
it gets nice and crusty and snappy. That skin gets nice and snappy– – That casing has good,
good, good, snap to it!. – You crazy son of a bitch. – Spicy, huh?
– Mhmm. – Yeah, not for me! – My (beep) hole
immediately said “Why you do that to me! No!” – Delicious. – Aight, so we’re here
at the Horchateria Boots and my homegirl, Ashley, founded the horchateria. I went to high school with this chick, and she was always like “Yo, I need to start a spot in this area.” and then she did, and this (beep) poppin’! Imma try this iced chata maica, which is horchata and Jamaica… Oh, wassup bro, who are you? – I’m Raul, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – And I’ll get the regular. – All right so, a regular chata. and a chata Jamaica?
– Chata Jamaica, yes. – All right, it will be right up. – I’m not sure it is chata maica, which sounds crazy, or chata and Jamaica
at the same damn time. Try the classic horchata, though. Oh, OK, OK David So, tryna seduce the ladies. – (beep)delicious man, what can I say? We’re talking about rice.
– Cinnamon, milk, I’m not mad at that–
– So good! – It just tastes like a fruity horchata. – Jamaica is the hibiscus flower, they make a drink out of it. – Hibiscus flower? – Yes, some people actually use it as for medicinal premises. – Medicinal? So we’re here at Taste of the Pacific. This man right here is
the one that DMed me, told me about the Friday
night market at Paramount. What’s up bro, who are you? – I’m Jeff man, Taste of Pacific. – So whacha got for us man? – I got you the combo plate man, I got you chicken
skewers, the pork skewers, the beef short ribs, lil bit of Lumpia, you know, I’m coming at you man. – OK.
– Let’s get it, let’s get it. Let’s get it, its like I’m at a Filipino homie’s house, – Family BBQ, yeah!
– Family BBQ, yeah! You already know what’s up man, if the animal was walking
they (beep) killed it. I’ve never seen a Filipino
vegan, I’ll tell you that. – All right, you can’t go wrong with just some meat on a stick. – I know. Cheers. – Mm. – Oh, wow. – It’s really good. – Yeah, don’t forget to eat it with the rice, because it takes down the saltiness from the meat. – Got that chicken, you
ready for that chicken? – I guess, bro. – He’s trying to… (beep) kill us. – They are here, lemme hit
ya with that short rib. – Bro, you’re crazy! – You know how Filipinos do homie– – You crazy! You keep doing this Imma end up like you dog. – He called him fat!
– No! – He’s crazy – Oh my God, I’m so
full, but that’s so bomb. There’s a little like, vinegary stick to it. – That sauce is fire bro. – Mm. – (mumbles) hey, that’s fire dog. – Appreciate you, dog
– Thanks, but I.. – Hey, here man, one more thing. – Oh my God the Lumpia! – Man, lemme tell you
something about Lumpia son, it’s a meat filled egg roll, but egg roll got a lot of
cabbage and (beep) in it, Lumpia no got no cabbage– – Yeah I didn’t say (beep) the veggies. – I am so full I’m gonna
throw up right now. – But, in a good way. – This is hot as a
mother(beep) son of a bitch. – Is hot, if you a biii… – Come on Tim. Crispy, crunchy, meaty, the sweet– – Tangy sauce, they don’t
skip on the portions man, they don’t give you like, three Lumpias, they hook it up. – Yeah. Yeah, OK so, at Mom’s Products. – Have you guys had flavored Greek yogurt? (beep) delicious. Way
better than cream cheese on anything. – What do you guys want to start off with? – The mango!
– The mango, OK. – This right here, dude? – Oh, flavored Greek yogurt–
– Wow. – Let’s set it on fruits, so (beep) good. – That’s really good. – I would check out the fig. – Fig! – Cheers. – Wow. – Like regular yogurt, cause a lot more liquidy Greek yogurt has a lot less moisture, so, it’s super creamy.
– Guava. – This is guava. – For you.
– Cheers. – Oh yeah.
– Oh yeah. – Oh yeah.
– You guys have a card, right? – You gonna like, take it home? Damn! David likes this. – You guys wanna try some hummus? – Nah.
– No? – Too full, I won’t be able to taste it. – Yeah. – Well if you guys need a little bit– – No! Jeez! – We out here, how you feeling, dog? – Don’t do that, I’m gonna throw up. Today, I gotta say, Paramount, I have fallen in love with you. – Shout out to the 5-6-2. Pirate for life, that’s the high school mascot. – Ah… Pirate for life? – Pirates for– Rrr you
satisfied with your meal? – I’m very satisfied with that joke, I’ll tell you that. – So, what was your favorite
thing you ate today? – Surprisingly, the Greek yogurt! – Really?
– And also the Filipino BBQ. – Dude, the Filipino BBQ was my, a “muah.” Whatever you had on there man, was like, so just tangy and salty and mhmm. – That guy was super nice, man, and don’t be fooled by
the way people look, with his extra long shorts. So, whatcha thinking
about that earthquake huh? – Hey man, look, we’re form California, you know what I’m saying? Earthquakes are just whatever to me, I feel like, that’s just God being like– – I’m here!
– How you doin’? It’s and earthquake mother(beep)! Welcome to California, mother(beep)! As always, thanks for
watching another episode of “Send Foodz,” let us know in the comments bellow where should we go to next, what city, what food festival, and we might just turn up in your city. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto, – And I’m David So Paramount homie! – Thanks for watching, bitch!

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