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Fried Shrimp Tacos

Fried Shrimp Tacos

BBQ today is gonna be my same Po Boy
sandwich is going to be a little bit different but not limited to sales of
iraq this topic so give me a little bit different who has very do this change and hands
over a woman claims most every Tuesday called Taco Tuesday so did you get a
chance for you to call forty books you think you wrote that his little I’m in
here and take this right way works to increase our ingredient is GPA
cage in Louisiana Cajun recipes with a girl I am gonna be using the wrong way
I’m gonna be rollin with eggs to go help me batter up the shrink pickles tomatoes
red onion now instead of using letters like you typically would in a boy I’m
going with cabbage and we’re gonna be go towards he is gonna go ahead and use
blackened seasoning any probably shrimp po’boy jamie’s riots
and kangaroo make it public through this year now kind of get this for a while
and I’m gonna get to work on some disagreements will pick it back up rescue more dialed in here I didn’t
mention it but that’s gonna be one of our ingredients already happened this
bowl so opposed with sandwiches pickles onions tomatoes and lettuce like a scene
where the average for the latest anyway we’re gonna do with a small step one
complete so I have my managers here we go in and had some kind of wing this you know I’m there see kind of looks
just as I need and we’ll be adding some seasoning and she kind of church in your
room but just a little bit lacking until you get a little more onions in there
and they’re they’re all in there around here that is going to be far greater for
about 45 minutes it should have all come together should just a little bit and
next so I got here through here and just doing a little bit of a faster method
just throwing everything in there should Fried Shrimp Po Boy Po Boy Sandwich ingredients oil

48 comments on “Fried Shrimp Tacos

  1. Do you know what Corona is made out of? Sauce plus seafood looks good to eat alone…be careful with hit oil…so glad you cooked the tortillas….The taste face is classic!!!! Killer video bro!!!! Heck with tradition!!! Just keep it real!!!

  2. A Po Boy taco, now that I definitely have to add that to my Taco Tuesday series! Thanks for the mention, maybe it'll help me catch up to you with subscribers.

  3. Love it! The Louisiana PoBoy "Saucalsa" looked great. This Louisiana girl approves, going to have to try this one. And avocado is great on everything. My Paw Paw never made guacamole but he did put avocado in many of his personal serving bowl size salads. Great video and taco Lyle!

  4. Another good video bro, looked delicious. It's killing me not being able to make any of my own right now. Enjoy your weekend, S/F.

  5. Lyle, I did oyster po boy sandwiches once by wrapping them in low-carb tortillas and it worked! So now I have to try your luscious shrimp po boy! If anything, I think yours are more traditional than mine. I love shrimp!! I thought adding creamy avocado was a great idea. I also liked how you combined the sauce with lettuce, cabbage, tomato, etc. instead of adding the ingredients separately! Awesome!

  6. YUMMY! I love me some shrimp and this looks so good. I want some please. I wish you could ship food, that would be awesome. Tfs!

  7. Lyle, nice take on this Cajun classic for a shrimp Po Boy Sandwich. You switch to the what was a white corn tortilla, interesting concept, and I bet it tasted quite delicious. The back of the matter is the best part was the avocado, I think putting in this lasts quintessential ingredient would make this quasi-sandwich a TKO!

  8. That looked good Lyle. Around here when they put avocado on something they call it "California Style". I'm not sure if that's a good thing! LOL

  9. Really like this mix except the shrimps. I'm not a big fan of fish at all. πŸ˜‰ Looks great nevertheless. =)
    Also very cool military t-shirt. πŸ™‚

  10. My hubby drinks that brand of beer with the lime it in too. I don't eat fish or sea food, but my husband and son does, but I might be trying me some shrimp. This looked so good and your sauce! OMG!!!

  11. That looked delicious, Lyle! putting it on a tortilla lightens it up a bit. I'm always slapping stuff on a whole wheat tortilla.

  12. Hi Lyle! Looks so delicious, great recipe! I am sure the subtle changes you made, takes it over the top!! Adding avocado, what a fantastic idea! Have a great weekend. Liza πŸ™‚

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