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Friends part12:STUNG BY AN EEL!

Friends part12:STUNG BY AN EEL!

ahhhh [happy noises] good morning shawn Heyyyy you seemed bumbed out [mumbling] Its going down for real dadadad you seem tired eyyyy lets go follow me oh guess what shawn what? tomorrow there seting up an archery range where? no tomorrow there doing it tommorow where i said tomorrow oh idk where there doing it like some where over there im going swimming maybe you should’nt cause were going to the movies okay come on wait we need tickets no were watching the new show wakings oh yeah wait no were watching something about camping survival are whole class is going there im pretty sure yeah causeits about camping yeah idk where there im just going through this here im gonna get some snacks im gonna get some bread and soda im gonna get some ummm im gonna get some camping survival k your gonna have to way 1 ton well i dont way one ton so…. im gonna OOWWW THIS WAY follow mw lets sit in the back its better lets sit in the front row i told you okay okay kids you were have to toast toast and kill cows to get metal to get metal you get a boomerang this is so a boomerang it ways one ton the movie is about dog pushing a plate to explode a chicken the chicken will explode candy congrats kids you are now campers that was a stupidist thing ever chickens do not explode candy im drinking some soda shawn! shawn! lets go to the museum i meant art the arts and crafts place? shawn! the soda has making me jump really high what do i do?! get me down catch me get me down from here!!!!11!!!!!!!!krngiu2r3hgiuuqhl get me down oh thx you caught me SUBTITLES NOW ENDING COMMENT IF YOU WANT MORE THERE VERY HARD TO DO AND TAKE TIME

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