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FROG FISHING TIPS – AFL 1 – Goed gereedschap is het halve werk!

FROG FISHING TIPS – AFL 1 – Goed gereedschap is het halve werk!

This video is powered by Hello everyone, thanks for watching the very first episode of Pike Strikers Frog fishing tips. And because it’s the first episode, i’ll give you 4 tips. So let’s get started. If you’re considering this challenging way of fishing, you must ensure that your materials are of good quality and in good condition. That’s why I want to talk about the right choice of materials. TIP 1: USE A SHORT FISHING ROD Let’s start with your fishing rod. Make sure the tip is stiff,
not too much flexibility in the top will be perfect. The more it can bend, the slower your strike will be. Besides, you can give your frog lure the right techniques way more easy. I think i see a giant questionmark appear above your head. That’s right!, there like a billion ways and techniques to retrieve these frogs! pick a fight with those pike Of course, those techniques will be covered in other episodes, so don’t worry. Make sure you use a short fishing rod, The shorter the rod, the more Isaac Newton will become your friend. And believe me.. you want Isaac Newton to be your friend when fishing with hollow belly frogs. I’ll try to explain as simple as i can.. When you strike with a short rod, your strike diameter is also shorter. So, The tip of your rod takes less time to complete the strike. Relatively speaking, you can set the hooks much faster without using more force. When you use a longer fishingrod, your time to strike is relatively longer. The tip of the rod takes longer to complete the strike. Of course you can use a longer rod, but it costs a lot more force to match the strike speed of a shorter fishing rod. For the physicists among you, I think the second law of Isaac Newton is going on here. Not important, who cares? So.. Make sure you use a shorter rod. I personally use fishing rods up to 1.90 meter which can cast higher weighted fishing lures. For example, this rod can cast up to 20, to 50 grams of weight and for me it works just fine. TIP 2: CASTING TOOLS Now for your “Casting tools” You might want to use a baitcaster. You will notice that it isn’t only much easier to cast in your frog but it is also much easier to apply techniques when retrieving it. Retrieving your frog will run smoothly, as smooth as a baby’s butt… If you don’t have a baitcaster or you simply can’t handle these well enough.. make sure you have a quality fishing reel, but remember one thing: It doesn’t matter how high its quality or no matter how expensive that thing is, applying techniques will be a lot more difficult with standard fishing reels. For me, a “drop shaped” baitcaster works best. It holds fine, and it handles very well. In some cases, i’ll use a “Drum shaped” baitcaster, it depends what weight of frog lure i use. TIP 3: KEEP THE SPOOL SHUT! There’s one mistake, that a lot of people make, in the world of frog fishing, nothing is as it should be.. Normally, when using normal fishing lures, your spool should be open a little. When using topwater hollow belly frogs, it would be the dumbest thing ever.. Normal fishing lures have treblehooks, In most cases the pike hooks itself a bit when it strikes. You don’t have to use too much force to hook the fish. And it’s a good thing to have the spool a bit open when reeling the pike in. Topwater frog lures don’t have treblehooks, the pike won’t hook itself easy on these lures. Hooking the pike properly is going a lot different than usual. Screw the spool shut, it’ll prevent losing the fish. TIP 4: HOOKING THE PIKE PROPERLY! Hooking a pike that just attacked your frog, goes a lot different than usual. For a matter of a second, something’s happening in your mind.
without any doubt, you’ll immediately trying to hit it.. Let me guarantee you one thing: you’ll launch that frog out of its mouth for sure. So don’t hit it right away. Wait until the pike makes traction, and most of the times, it’s going really fast. When you feel traction, you know the frog is positioned the right way. If you’re not sure, make sure you pay your tribute to mr Lee Towers.. (dutch singing artist) Just perform a single thrust move, a short thrust towards yourself, and then you hit the pike with a lot of force. When you’re sure the frog is positioned the right way, you don’t have to perform the thrust move. Remember that you have to make the right decisions in just a matter of a second to be succesful. So keep your focus at all time. Then, drilling the fish.. Keep it short as possible and keep the line tight! Don’t let the pike jump!, all your efforts will be lost in no time.. Give the pike some room to swim, but certainly not too much. This is it for now, next week we will bring some modifications to hollow belly frogs. If you want to hook pike more easy, you’re able to make some modifications to your frogs to make them more attractive and really catch those pike more easy. Thanks for watching, see you next week!

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  1. Toffe video en handige tips! Nog tips voor wat betreft reel? Welke gebruik je in de film? 😉 good luck!

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