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FROG FISHING TIPS Afl 2 – Missers en Lossers? Met deze tricks een stuk minder!! (English Subs)

FROG FISHING TIPS Afl 2 – Missers en Lossers? Met deze tricks een stuk minder!! (English Subs)

This video is powered by Hello everyone, here we are again! Thanks for watching Pike Strikers Frog Fishing tips. In this episode, we’ll modify hollow belly frogs for pike fishing. When you buy a frog lure, you can basically fish with it right away. They will do their thing. But their hooking ratio is, to say the least, absolutely horrible. So let’s get started with the first tip! TIP 1: IMPROVE THE HOOKING RATIO! The hooks are close to the sides of the frog, almost like if they’re in the frog itself. you’ve guessed it, these frogs are completely weedless. But they’re basically never designed to catch pike. This insane way of fishing originates from the United States where they use these frogs for bass fishing. So, let’s reposition the hooks in a different angle shall we? Before we actually go on to it, i have to warn you… If you reposition the hooks, you might have a chance that your frog is no longer weedless. It might have some disabilities when you go through lillypads. So don’t do this to all your frogs! It’s on your own risk. First, twist the hooks to the opposite angle, just by turning them up side down. grab a pair of bigass combi pliers. Place the pliers on the curved part of the hook. Give it a squeeze and you’ll notice that the hook is a bit more outside the frog, and a bit more up. Do this to both sides, and your chances to hook a pike properly are a lot higher than usual. When you get your frog out of its package, and you squeeze it a little, you can actually feel its softness. Sometimes, for some reason, the frog feels tense and stiff.. What do you do when you feel tense and stiff? that’s right!, just take a warm bath, that’ll do the trick. TIP 2: SOFTEN THE FROG This frog needs to relax.. So, toss the frog with a small weight on the eyelet in a small pan with boiling water. and let it boil for like 10 minutes on a lower heat level. Let the frog cool down and dry.. Don’t cool it down like you do with boiled eggs, So, don’t use cold water, just let it cool on its own. The difference will be like night and day. TIP 3: BUILD IN A RATTLE! Pike are attracted by vibrations. The light weight of the frog, and the plopping noises they make, are sometimes not noisy enough. When you put the hooks in upwards position again, you’ll notice the draininghole. It might sound like a secret project or something but it isn’t.. When you push the hooks little higher, you make the draininghole slightly bigger. It allows you to push tungsten or steel balls inside the frog’s belly. Be careful, don’t put to many of them in there! 2 or maybe 3 should be more than enough. Turn the hooks back in their normal position, and guess what?, you’ve build in a rattle.. TIP 4: TRIM THE FRINGES! Most standard sized frog lures have those long fringes. These fringes so irritating when they’re twisted between the hooks. Besides, these fringes prevent you to apply certain techniques when you retrieve the frog. they normally function as some sort of balance kind of thing.. Sounds nice, but these fringes need to be shorter. Arrange the fringes along the length of the frog and cut the part from the snout. Shorter fringes work so much better and applying techniques to the frog will become so much easier. That’s it for this episode, your frog is ready for the job, I hope you are ready too. Do you want more tips?, that’s cool.. I’ll be back next week and then i’ll discuss the most basic retrieving method.. and i’ll explain why suspending the frog is an important thing to do. So, thanks for watching! See you next week

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  1. Mooie video weer!

    Mooie tips de meeste kende ik al maar die kogeltjes los erin niet ik doe het met een metalratel buisje…jou idee vind ik beter!
    Wat Amerikanen ook vaak doen is de ene poot korter knippen dan de andere.

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