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FROZEN TUNA CUBE DOG TREATS DIY | Snacks with the Snow Dogs 19

[Huskies howling]
“Aroooooo!” So it’s kind of warm today and you guys keep asking me
to do another treat video since Memphis hasn’t got to be
in a treat video yet. So today we are gonna make some
frozen doggy treats for the girls. We’re gonna make some tuna cubes! How’s that sound?
What you think Memphis? Memphis says: “I have no idea what you’re talking about!
I’ve never done this before!” “I’m gonna eat Shelby! It’ll be fun!” Alright, we’re going to make some tuna cubes. This treat is very easy, very simple to make. It is the perfect summertime treat
to cool down your dogs. Alright! This is all you’re gonna need for these treats. Some all-natural plain non-fat yogurt. Doesn’t really matter if it’s non-fat.
You can use regular or non-fat if you want. Some chunk light tuna.
Some parsley flakes. A little mixing container and ice cube trays. I’m actually using silicone mini muffin pans
because they work pretty good. But I also have silicone ice cube trays
or you can use regular plastic ice cube trays. What you think? Let’s show how to make some treats! Sound like fun? I know you girls are hot! You’re like: “Let’s do this!” Hey! Okay! First thing we’re gonna need to do is
get Memphis off the table! Memphis! Can’t be on the table! Hey, stop! You can hurt yourself! Alright, you check that out and I’ll do this. Alright! You want to open up your can of tuna
and you’re gonna need all the juice that’s in it. But you kind of want to smash it up with the fork
a little bit, so I’m gonna put it in another bowl. If Memphis gets out of my way…
NO! GET OFF THE TABLE! Alright, so I’ve transferred the tuna into this bowl and basically you just need to like smash it
a little bit with your fork. Stir it up a little bit.
See how there’s some of these bigger chunks? Just kind of break them apart. Whoa! You smell that? Do you smell that? You are like: “Hey, I smell that!” So just kind of smash it up. Now as you saw, I bought the great
big thing of yogurt. It was on sale! It was cheaper than buying the little ones,
but you only need two (2) cups. I have a big 4 cup measure which
I’m actually going to use to mix everything in and I put two (2) cups of the yogurt into the measure. What you think Memphis? Memphis wants to… Memphis gets to lick the spoon! Are you in the shot? Memphis gets to lick the spoon! “Mmm! First time I’m licking a spoon!” Are you going to learn what
making treats is all about now? You really shouldn’t be on the table. I’m gonna have to like super watch you…
NOPE! Don’t even think about it! “I could put my whole face in here!”
Okay, get down! Whoa! Sit right there! Stop! Get down! Stay, right there! Now we’re gonna take the tuna and
mix it in, with the yogurt. I know, I know, right? You are like: “Hey!”
Here Shelby, you want to lick? Mmm! Clean the bowls! Hold on!
We got to give Oakley some! HEY! Get out of there! You’ll get some too! You got some on your nose. So we’re just gonna whip this together. You’re not helping! Then I showed you… Would you stop? As I showed you in the beginning,
add a little bit of parsley flakes. Parsley is actually really good for dog’s breath.
You just sprinkle some in. About that much… Would you be making
this very difficult today Memphis? What? You can’t!
No you can’t! No! This is gonna be the funniest treat making
video ever, with you on the table! Everybody’s gotta go like:
“You’re letting the dogs on the table?” I would never let my dogs on a table! Right? Stop it! Stop it! You have to wait till it’s frozen!
Wait till is frozen! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Without Memphis trying to lick it,
this is about what your mixture will look like. We’re going to try and pour it into these trays…
Without Memphis licking it all up! (kiss) I love you! I love you Memphis!
You are adorable Get off the table! NO! Get off! There are two (2) ways you can do this.
You can either spoon it in, if you’re using a bowl. Just use a regular spoon or you can pour it in.
I’m gonna attempt to pour it in… (puppy cries) What? You want some more? For the trays? About half way. It should make, if you’re using regular ice cubes…
Would you stop? If using regular ice cube trays you should
be able to fill one and a half to two trays. Shelby, are you ever going to come up
and show your face in this video? So now what you need to do is, you need to just
stick these in the freezer until they’re frozen solid. Pretty much like regular ice cubes and
once they’re done, we’ll get to give them to the dogs. So of course that won’t be for a little bit Whoa!
You’ll fling… NO! Flinging it everywhere! Here! You can stick the head in there! Oh! You’re gonna get it all the way!
We’re not really gonna let you do that! Here, hold on! Want some? Want some? (Oakley barks) What was that?
Want some? Want some? Want some? Alright…
Eww! Don’t lick me! Now we gotta put them in the freezer!
We got to put them in the freezer! I don’t have any more on my hands! Let’s put these in the freezer
so that you can eat them. Okay! Alright… Whoa! Oakley! Are you excited?
I think they’re excited! We got a couple of them that I froze,
in this little container here. We’re gonna give them each one
and see what they think. Memphis’es first real homemade treat!
Alright, hold on! Whoa! You’re jumping!
Look out how jumpy you are! Here Memphis! Here!
You can have one! It’s hard to do one-handed! HEY! You got your own! It’s over here!
It’s right… You just took it from me! Memphis look, right here! See? You have your own! What you think Shelby? Catch! Good catch!
Memphis, you have your own! Memphis can’t figure out why she can’t
chew it because it’s frozen. Here Oakley!
Have another one! Eat yours Memphis! You are such a riot! I’ll guess you better eat it fast!
Otherwise, Oakley’s gonna get it. What you think?
Is it a winner? I’ll bet, that makes your gums feel
real good while you’re teething. Apparently these girls like them.
Shelby’s over there mowing down. Oakley as usual finishes it in one bite. Still eating it Memphis? She’s like: “I’m not really sure this is pretty good.”
Yay! Want another one? You should get another one! Memphis here! Nice!
Good girl! Take it very nice! What do you think?
Is it good stuff? I think she likes it! Very simple treat! For those of you that are going to ask?
They last about six months in the freezer. I take them out of the ice cubes and
put them into another little container. Hi nose! Put a lid on it. Makes it a little bit easier
to store them and give them to the girls. We hope you enjoyed this video!
There will be a playlist of all of our other treat videos. I’ll put a link on the video here and
down in the video description below so you can go and check out some
of our other homemade treat videos. Let us know, if you try making these for your dogs. This is a very easy, very simple recipe
that you can do with very few ingredients and I think just about anybody should
be able to make these pretty easily. Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Bye! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪
♪ Roll over Snow Dog ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ Good Girl! Good Girl! ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪
♪ Come and join the adventure ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
♪ Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
♪ Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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