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Funny Fishing Video

Funny Fishing Video

funny fishing video0:00:15.039,0:00:22.039
can you see the fish two people
he’s a good size0:00:29.099,0:00:33.030
get him onto this part here just come onto the onto its a problem
getting him up here0:00:39.090,0:00:40.210
bigger then others
we caught0:00:40.210,0:00:44.910
put him there0:00:44.910,0:00:47.210
grab the line and pull him straight up one hand after another for sure there he comes I did snag him0:00:59.300,0:01:05.800
that was by accident relaxant ok ok I can do this again0:01:08.730,0:01:14.260
stay still for a minute0:01:14.260,0:01:16.740
yes there you caught him0:01:16.740,0:01:23.740
throw him back0:01:25.729,0:01:30.290
I know I can do this0:01:30.290,0:01:32.640
you got him let’s see you throw him in0:01:32.640,0:01:33.120
ok throw him in all right Tracy yea I did it in the water he went0:01:37.729,0:01:44.590
I caught him on his side good for you Tracy 0:01:48.630,0:01:49.180
that happens0:01:49.180,0:01:53.220
nobody really going to care 0:01:55.520,0:01:55.890
funny fishing video

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