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GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.2 | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition North of Sweden

GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.2 | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition North of Sweden

When we sportfishermen enjoy the resources that exists in the wild. The fish and the waters they live in, and affect the environment and the fish as much as we do. Than it’s only right that we give back. And the easiest way to do that is to become a member of “Sportfiskarna”. They restore wetlands for the Pikes to spawn in. They tear down obstacles in waterways so that the fish have clear way to their original spawning grounds and add to the stocks of fish. To put it simply, they do a lot for us who sportfish. Of course mainly for the fish, but we are the ones to enjoy the results in the long run. Visit and become a member today. Bye… …stop it! Pike Five 2019 is brought to you by: Welcome back to Pike 5, 2019! It was hard fishing the first half of the day for our beloved tackle shops and the afternoon starts with team Böjda spön as front runners, followed by Sporting who also have the biggest fish at the moment. Team and Giganten lack one fish to their bag limit. Therefore can team Böjda spön start episode 2 with a good feeling, or what do you say Martin? I Feel like a winner. Of course we are winners. In first half of day 1 We hope that the other teams won’t find out where we are located. There’s only one team that knows where we have been and that’s team They have not fished that good. They had two 80+, so they only need one more fish. Yes, and then they are past us in the score. The whole thing i very open at this point. But we can’t affect the other teams results. We have to step up over here and… Work harder. Work harder, there are more fish here. More “Pannben” / headstrong! Nice to see that we are in second place and have the largest fish on 92 cm. It shows that the fishing has not been easy. It’s really windy and ruff fishing, but it’s fun. We just have to keep fighting. There’s been a few 80cm fish, and the 92 cm top fish. We have moved a bit. Back to the spot where we caught the 92 cm. Unfortunately we have got some company by Sportfiske Giganten who’s right around the corner. But we’ll just have to keep fishing and keep targeting the fish that we need. We need to find a few. I don’t think this will be enough, we could really use a bigger fish. Or upgrade a few. I think the 92 cm will take us a long way but we would need a few that are a bit larger as well. So let’s do it! We are psyched and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. It’s really fun to be in Norrland. Incredibly beautiful… And I think it’s really nice. The waters we are going to fish are really interesting and wide open for a lot of different type of fishing styles. Some areas will fit the style of some of the anglers and teams and other places will work better for other teams. So I think it will be more exciting and a more even playing field than last years season. I have the feeling that some these different types of waters is a really good fit for us, and as I said for example the shallow fishing will guaranteed work better for team Sportfiske Giganten. So I think it can be more even, and more fun competition than last year. It looks good, and the weather looks pretty ok to, so im confident. Another cool thing about this place: Back home in Örebro and places around, we are used to pre-summer fishing at this time. now we have to go back and dig in the knowledge bank and basically go back one month in time. Yeah at least. And rethink totally on how we fish. We’ve had good spring fishing back home, so we feel hot. Yeah, we’ve caught several 10kg and many 8-9kg. We’ve certainly had good spring fishing and hope we can bring it up here Last year we fished poorly in our home waters, but this year has great, we want that good Mojo up here with us. We’re gonna get it done this year. This year should belong to us. Let’s go for it! We’re gonna take this back home to Örebro. It’s our turn this year, we are hot like irons. Follow us! We have arrived to a new place where it’s pretty deep outside this bay here. With two points on each side. And some stubble reeds (short reeds) So we are going to drift along the edge and around the bend. And finally fish a shallow part, or a reef behind the point. And I’m gonna try the new Gator Jerk. Swims really nice! It’s a lure you are able to just reel in. Which gives it a bit of a S-curve/motion. And you can jerk it which gives it a irregular motion. A bit like “The Pig” if you have fished that before. Feels hot! Haven’t caught anything on it yet, but it will probably happen soon. We can’t do anything else than grind these spots and hope to catch a better fish, to put it simply. That’s the only thing we can do. I hope they’ll have a strike-period (feeding window) soon. Yes we had them in motion at the last spot and caught a few. But… We’re grinding on. We’ll see… We’ve had it ruff. Really ruff..! But you can tell that the other teams are struggling to. This wind… it is not fun. I never thought I’d say it after these calm days we had before. But it’s a light storm out there. So we have found some shelter, got something to eat… but now it’s time again! Now it’s time to catch that top fish (kicker) that we need. Otherwise we don’t stand a chance. Big congrats to team Böjda that are in the lead. I know where they are. There up in the north part, pretty sheltered. We need to sharpen us… Yeah we need to step up. We need to step up, we need to do better. From a result point of view, we have 2 ok fish. But if I get to chose than at least one of them has to be upgraded. So that’s two better fish… We have a clear game plan for the day. If the wether continues like this. Than we will stay here. That means we bacically fish the same spot during the whole day. There are big fish out here. It’s just a matter of when they are ready to strike. The 2 we’ve caught here so far are the smallest ones we’ve ever caught here even during practice. So they are here, and they WILL strike! The teams seem really amped for the afternoons fishing. What are your plans now Carl ? We want to get on the inside of these reeds. On the spot we fished before there was a lot of… …a lot of reeds. And on the other side of the reeds were a lot of fish. But it looks very shallow in there. But not over there…. Nobody remembers a coward. No, and nobody remembers those that come in second place as well. Put in the drag/anchor, and we’ll see where we end up. Perfect… I think it’s a bit to shallow here. But it’s a really nice spawning bay. If nothing, than at least we can cast into the reeds. There! No… That one was a follower right? Yeah, it followed. Cool Let’s get some more out of the reeds. Did you see him right outside here? I can’t see any surface disturbance from him following but… He took the lure right here! You mean there? There? They’re insane… I don’t know it they’re easyer to attack from the outside? I think so And we’ll don’t have to have this underwater reeds under us. That’s what we’ll do Enoumous amounts… Spättekaka, spättekaka (local dessert) What the hell is he saying? I can’t here shit, the wind is blowing to much. That’s not on the account of the wind. You can’t blame the wind for not understanding them? No probably… Potato King. That’s usually me, but now it’s Mr.Spättekaka. The plan was to follow the edge and around here. We’ll do that anyway… We’ll just move trough Spättekakorna. Have you ever heard the sound of a Gator Jerk falling into 800kg aluminum in 140km/h. Soon you will, if they get any closer. Shit! You had a strike? No, I almost fell in the water. Im trying out the brand new, it’s first ever… New Gator Jerk, from Gator. Completly new jerkbait that is relesed on the markets probably this fall. We’ve got the big honor to testfish them during this competition and here we have it in a fantastic “Zombie Perch” color. We’re gonna catch a fish on this one now. I like this color. And when you fish it pelagic… It will present a good outline. And black/dark back. Let’s try! Pig Shad is always a safe card. Yes the “Spättekakorna” (name of local dessert) in the boat accross.. that “Pölsemannen” (Danish saussage company) is refering to seem to have totaly lost it. Rikard, how does the other teams sound? “Damn good buddy” “Great, buddy” It’s “Good, buddy” Says Björn to Jakob, and he says “Take care”. Oh yeah, this is how Björn stands when he’s jerkbait fishing. Havn’t you seen him? When he’s jerking? And this is Hanc (Jakob), because he’s got… He’s got his own “Hanc style”. “You know Björn.. Björn? Hello? Am I Björn? Yeah “It’s really good. Or what do you say Robin? Robin?” “Robin?” “Robin, you can’t stand in the front..” “For f*ck sake, Robin haven’t you organized everything up there yet? ” “I came with the god damn airplane. Six o’clock. God damn you had to..” “It’s good… ” “It’s real good. It’s really fun.” “We fish like demons… I’m hot like an iron” “For f*ck sake” Hey cameraman, get lost! Cuz Im coming over.. I’m getting sick of having you in the boat… with your damn bad mojo…! Bull Teez, from Westin. Darts multiscissors. Always get’s the job done. Very nice product. A little tooth/shank in the front, that makes it easy to open split rings with. And I’d like to give shoutout to Darts new everlasting stingers. Made by swivels, holds up forever. And they don’t get kinked when you catch fish that trashes it around. And you’ll also get a bit more weight to stabilize the softlure especially when you want to fish it shallow. Good tackle tips there Rikard. But as you can tell things are slow for the Scanians and they start to move to a different spot. Todeloo! -Big-snask and small-snask, are out on expedition in Norrland. I wonder who’s small-snask, is that you? No… -So that’s me? – Yes it’s you… Need to buy Pite Palt (local food… terribly wrong location awareness though.) You need to be hot Jonas! I got a follower, I can feel it. I had one, I had one… Get em’ then! There!! No! Shit! No.. – God damn it! No, you had it on? Yes! Damn… Was it a big or small one? No it wasn’t big. Then why did you get so god damn excited if it just was a small one? I didn’t know.. Look he tore up.. look! You’re supposed to shout “no”, if it’s a 50cm… Look Look, look, look… Yeah that looks good… could very well be a meter fish. Why do they only nibble on the tail? I don’t know… There! He jumped and “snaskade” (munched/gulped) the lure. A small one. Oh no… – It’s not an upgrade right? No… Well… another strike on the Wolfcreek Shad. And… It was a small pike. Took the lure precisely when I was about to lift up the lure. He came with he’s wide open mouth. But as you can see it’s not an upgrade. It’s a smaller fish. But, he’s getting back. Bye bye Norrlandic Pike. Bye bye! Welcome back in 30 years. Yes, when you put on a lot of weight. We haven’t really broke the code here, and we have to do that. We have to… Like this: We can’t improve on the scoreboard with the results we’ve got. We deserve to be in second last position, that’s just how it is. Absolutely… – So we really need to step up and start catching some better fish now. We will do that. Of course we will. Come on. Lets get this done! Lets go! Yes! No… Came off… It came off… I came off I said… It was a small one anyhow. They’re in the reeds for sure. Yeah the small ones are. I say this: We catch one in here… A bit quickly… Then we move outwards, get some work done out there. Hit the edges. I’m having trouble believing that we are going to catch a meter fish in here. I wonder how the other teams are fishing now. When it’s this kind of weather. You can get some cover behind the island over there. Pelagic fishing won’t work… I think everyone will have a hard time this afternoon. And if there’s anybody who finds a golden spot… Then they’ll win… They’ll win… Now when it’s this type of difficult fishing here then…. If you get 270 cm, then you’ll win. 270… We will try to make a move towards a shelf/reef that’s hit by the wind pretty hard. Maybe we’ll get some cover from the wind from the land on the other side. Our theory is that hopefully the watertemperature is a bit higher over there than it’s over here. he water temp has dropped 1½ degree (Celsius) here since this morning. And we think that can have an effect. So we’re off to check that. To see if the water temperature have risen. If it have or haven’t, we’ll just have to find out when we’re there. And we’ll make a decision if we are going to fish there or not. In that case we’ll use a “Rügen anchor” to hold the boat steady. Come on Jakob. Let’s go. Yes you really need to get your bag limit (3 fish limit) to stay in the game. Team Böjda spön with their current lead, can concentrate on upgrading their fish. But they can’t afford to get to comfortable in their lead. Now we are back where we started, and had good fishing. Just to check if there is not a feeding window for the fish right now or if we are fishing the wrong spots. I get the feeling that it’s just a slow feeding period at the time. Yeah And has been for a while. But if you take us right up from where I’m standing, then we can place some casts… Yes sure, before we run them over. Maybe not… Let’s net it anyway. Long time since we caught any. Really nice with a strike. This one is not 70? No It’s been slow now for a few hours and… …it was really nice to have some contact, even if it only was small pike. Open your mouth… thanks. Well.. a pike is a pike. Now we are below the spot where we had good fishing earlyer. Just to vary the fishing. But we’ve caught fish here before so… we’re thinking maybe we can catch some more fish here again. You’re scaring the life out of me! They are crazy, the small ones. They are totally… they jump and follow all the way to the edge of the boat. We only need to put down the lure… …sick. The whole lake is full of fish. They haven’t learned yet. We’ve caught some larger fish shallow as well. And we’ve seen that these areas hold larger fish. But we have to work our way through the small ones. Team Böjda spön seen to bee stuck with small fish. So let’s take a look in Sportings boat, and I have a question for you Stephan: If you could choose, which TV-program would you rather be in? If I was in a Tv-show? There’s no question about it. It would have been “Let’s Dance”, if I got to dance with Sigrid. You would have been the bench warmer deluxe. It would have been magical. My old tired legs… Would have been perfect. Stomping around with your old moose legs. Bring your cane… I would have become the laughingstock. I can absolutely not dance. Brake dance that would have been your style. Break dance, yah sure. Master chef, would have been my thing. You would have done… I would have done my meat-rose-baguette and my dumplings. Dumplings? Oh yeah, I’ve got black belt when it comes to that. You have? – Oh yeah, it’s the best there is. Yeah it’s good. I’m gonna change some lures. The sun is out and I’m thinking… this one I’ve caught on earlyer today. These sparkle nicely in the sun and here is a motoroil color with a lot of nice glitter inside, and an orange paddle tail which I’m pretty keen on. I’ll try this one now. Oooooooh it’s hot! As nice as one can be! Let’s use a 10g “fastach”. The best from Darts. It’s still pretty deep here? Yup! We are ready. For… ..Fattysaurus A big fatty is gonna want this. It needs to be in the same condition as you fatty. Then it’s good. Now we are putting all on one card. We are going to make a big move, and it’s gonna take a lot of time. And the wind is blowing like hell. But we are imagining that the reward can be… We haven’t had any cantact in over 3 hours. We can’t just sit around here. It’s better to move. No we can’t sit here with regrets. No, let’s just move. We have a good kicker fish but we would need a couple more. The one we have is not a monster in any way, but today with these conditions all over 90cm are good. As you can see the wind is blowing hard. It’s blowing a lot. And we are… fumbling a bit in blind. But we have fond a tiny rocky island out in the evening song (out in nowhere). That we are going to cover. It was almost 7 m just recently and it gets more and more shallow up to about 2m. So that can be a bit hot. Let’s see if there is any fish positioned out here. Shouldn’t we get the drift anchor in the water? Yes! – You got fish on? Yep! Good… It’s a general snipe..(small one). That doesn’t matter. You got it on this side again. Yeah but… Yeah it will work. That was an ultra-small one. I’ll second that… But at least we got our bag limit. 59 – is it 59? – Yes Well that’s not a big fish… Never mind, we’re still in bottom position. For me to have “Snask” on my hat is just embarrassing. You think I should change to a different version? I think so Ok, now it’s serious. Away with these… This one is gone.. “Pannben” (headstrong) Now I’m in pannben-mode. On with the flashy shades from Costa del mar. Here we go Rostaren! Look what I got on me. Beautiful… Don’t you think? Beautiful… – Yeah Nice team Giganten! You finally you got your 3 fish bag limit and pass team Apart from that, there are no upgrades from the other teams. Böjda, Sporting and Upplev still struggle to find bigger fish. We are looking for new fish. New areas to fish. We covered some reeds on the other side of the lake. What did we catch? You caught 2 over there? Yes, I usually catch fish where nobody else catch fish. Yeah “If Håkan doesn’t catch fish, than nobody catches fish” they say back home. They know that… They know that if Håkan ain’t catching nothing then there’s no point in going out. That’s the way it is. A little like that anyway… And if Håkan catches fish than there’s no point in coming out because he caught all the fish. So if Håkan is out fishing, than one should stay at home. No there’s no point. Here’s reeds and the deep edge breaks towards the reeds. So we are fishing up to and towards the reeds. Because we have caught the other fish a bit deeper. It feels more hot when it comes to the larger fish. The really shallow parts seem to hold just the small ones today. That’s no good… No Side imaging is the most important part when it comes to my fishing. Otherwise you can’t find stuff like this, on the bottom. This is some strange weeds over here. Are there weeds here? Yeah a good side image is really important if you are to find for example, perch in shallow bays in the archipelago. And also when you are fishing pelagic or vertical. Or if you’re looking for structures. You’ll get so much more information on it compared to ordinary 2D sonar, that only “looks” downwards. You then only see what’s straight under the boat at the moment, not what’s 40-50 meters on each side. The sun has come out… And I have shades on me for cloudy weather, that enhance light. That gets a bit to bright, so I’m gonna have to change to a different pare with different optics. I’ll do that now… It just got much more comfortable. These shades had yellow optics which enhance light in low light conditions. Cloudy weather… Dawn, dusk… That’s when they work really good. These have copper colored optics and work really good in sunshine. Reduces the UV-light an polarization is really good when you look at the water. Super nice shades. They’re called: Costa Reefton. There’s several different optics for your choosing. There’s glass… These I have here are are plexiglass. Really good and verry scratch resistant. They resist alot of punishment, and have a really good polaristaion. Damn! It’s now blowing nearly as much as we expected over here. That’s acctually pretty good wind. Thought it would be creazy ruff out here, but it’s not. We have moved 4 minutes straight accross tha lake. Here’s a 2 degree (celcius) difference in the top water. That can be a really big difference when it comes to the pike at this time of the year. 11 degrees over there, 13 degrees over here. Let’s just hope it makes a difference! I got a feeling you’ll hook up… soon. Yes, Iv had half of the day. Yes! Come on! – A good one? I don’t know… It fights like a good one. Come on… It goes the wrong way. I can’t see it There, there.. Damn that’s nice! I told you it will be here! No, I said you would hook up. It’s not a meter fish but… its probably an upgrade to those we have. Damn what a….. Could be a 90 fish, come on. Let’s see what daddy got here. Over 90 – Nice! Approved? Not really the kicker fish that we want. But it’s an improvement. So damn nice! I’m gonna catch more of you guys. Go fetch your buddies. The water temp has gone up 2,6 degrees from the opposite side. And here it is possible for us to drift. We’re gonna win it over here. Let’s win this thing here. Of course we will Zombie Perch, Wolfcreek Shad. OMG… …it’s good! Nice that it took the lure so close to the boat as well. Now we need a kicker fish. We still need that one meter plus, fish. For the pike five points. It’s so damn important. I’m not gonna swear… I feel the pressure of that something needs to happen again. The other teams have probably caught bigger fish now as well. No! No… The Dane… Let’s see where he stops. They go straight in… They’re gonna start a drift there and we are… Not there… …are withing 100 meters, thatn that’s not gonna be popular. Well team Sporting came here and… Damn, I didn’t see them, why didn’t we spot them in time? What? I heard the engine. Yeah after a while but… We should have spotted them farther down. It is what it is… Go straight up into the gap. Yes, where we caught fish… That was cheeky but necessary. Oh yeah, it’s competition. Competition is competition… Wienerbröd! (danish desert) Well it’s an unwritten rule never to enter within a good distans in front of a boat that’s placed a drift. But he’s drifting the other way. Yeah we can’t tell which way he’s drifting from here. But now we’ve pissed in our territory so to speak. Yes We’re free to block him here. Let’s just hope the fish are active here. But we’ve caught 85, 88cm here so… ..we can’t just let the area go to the competitors. To a Dane… …a tinywiny country… …next to the Scanians. We did a crazy long move. We went almost from the southern part of the lake to the north part. As we arrived, team Böjda spön comes in… They had to follow in our tracks. They had to follow us the whole way. And positioned themselves straight in front of us, those assholes. But that’s how it goes… The thing that’s cool with this place is… You see how close it is to those reeds over there..? And 3-4 meters behind us it drops to 15 meters. Incredibly deep behind us. Even deeper than that, 20 meters. I have a new Abu Garcia Hornet Stinger 8′ 6″. Throws up to 140g. Extremely lightweight. Super light blank and really fast and comfortable rod, that throws pretty large lures, very far. Answers to hook sets really good. I’m really happy with this rod. It’s been a delight to fish with. To this rod I use the new Revo Beast. The classic 41. Not the high speed, I use the standard at this time of the year. What can I say? It’s one of the best reels I’ve fished with. And here I have… Svartzonker braid/traser braid, it’s the same type of line with dual colors to aid the visual aspect of it. 0.35 mm. A perfect line for this type of fishing. I’m using just like Stephan a Revo Beast, size 41, left hand. It comes in to gear ratios. I use thats standard gear ratio. Get’s almost every job done. Rubber lures… does jerk fishing well and so on… As for the rod, I use an Abu Garcia Svartzonker rod. Up to 200 grams and it’s 8′ 6″. Works like a charm when you are fishing a bit deeper like we are right now. And 8′ 6″ is my absolute favourite rod length. I think it’s fantastic fights on it and the casting distance is really great as well. I got a little “sniper”. I think… That’s the smallest of the day. This illustrates it quite clearly, you shouldn’t be afraid to fish large lures. This is a soft lure shad at about 22-23 cm. And you get a pike at about a kilo that strikes a lure half it’s size. They are not shy, that’s for sure. Let’s take some plyears and get rid of this. “Rostaren” gets the next fish… No I need to get amped up, I’ll get the next fish! You can count on that, because I’m going in, right there! We’re in a competition with each other, we don’t give a crap about the others. Of course. You have a following pike, shit! Yes! Good! So net it then! This one will lift our score. I’ll tell ya that! Yeah I saw it coming. For f*ck sake! Get him! Oh yeah! The “Snask-er”. It was the “headstrong/grinding-mode” that did the trick. It’s the best of the day. Yeah When you are fishing for pike… …a long and powerful player, in this case from Savage Gear, is a must! If you don’t want to catch some hooks in your fingers. 87 cm – Yes An angry post spawn pike. Norrlandian. Absolutely amazing, look at the belly. So freaking amazing. This 87cm, that raised our total score and is our current top fish… Ooops, there we go… …it’s like they say: Pikenuckles We should probably put it in “grind-mode” now. I’m on it… Shit! – Was it a strike? Yes It was a perch that followed. Damn, here’s a lot of perch. What’s mommy gonna say when i get home all bloody. She’ll might think I was in a fight. Damn the perch are voracious! Long and slim bastards. They’ve just spawned. – What? They’ve just spawned. Satan! That was a god damn pike! Was it? – Shit! No, sorry it was a perch. Look at the shoal! There… I caught another one. Here’s also shit loads of rock. One would think there would be a pike here somewhere. This is nothing short of a feast for a large pike. Snaska/Gulp some perch… Yes Congratulations to the Pike, Giganten. It it were Perch 5 than you’d probably catch a few nice ones at this spot. Team Upplev is in motion and are actively searching for new hot spots. Jonas have figured something out. Let’s see what the hell he has come up with. I’ve checked eniro sea map. We’ve found a bay where a creek flows out. From a small wetland. That we for some reason missed before when we were studying the maps. It looks really hot. Because areas where creeks and such flow out to the lake are really hot! It transports stuff and small things for the baitfish to eat. I threw in the jerk bait and I saw how the jerk bait flashed… …and just felt… and then I was hooked up. Which color was it? The old faithful… They don’t strike at other colors. Scary pikes. Oh he’s really lacerated. Yes, but he really smoked the jerk bait. He’s swallowed it It’s probably longer than it seems. Look at that bitemark it’s got over the back. Have you seen the other side? 78 cm. Look at the bite here. Let’s do this quick, we need to keep fishing. Look at this… We’re on our way god damn it! But hey, look at the side here. Could this have been a pike that bit across the side here? Or maybe a double… something has happened here. Never mind, this one needs to go back and recover. The camera missed out on our 78 cm pike that further our score with at least a few centimeters. Sure, we need bigger, but we have a super hot bay here, that has a small march/wetland where the pike probably been spawning. These type of march areas are the ones I look for, especially in waters that are hard to fish. Doesn’t have to be large march areas, small ones with moss in conjunction with a, small lake can hold monster pike. Often times it’s the smaller areas that doesn’t look to much, are the ones that hold large pike. So be on the lookout for these small type of march/wetlands where it looks barren. It can be a tiny area that holds really big pike. Precisely like this where its close to really deep water, and that’s good. You just might be in for a surprise. We’ll work our way in here and see what might happen. A pretty interesting thing came to my mind… Do you know what the difference is between an oral and anal thermometers? Yes… I know… What? Well one you put in your bum, and one in your mouth, I’m not gonna fall for that one. That sounds like some bullshit where I say: No… and you say well.. yes.. no.. I’m sorry for you because… So you don’t know that one? It’s an easy one…. It’s the flavour that differs. The best one is: Do you know the difference between sex and lego? Ok just for the sake of it, my answer is No I don’t have an idea. Then you should stick to lego… Its a god damn wonder that I have two kids. What would life be without joy… No life at all… Oh shit, in the middle of my cast as well. Hey it’s…! – I’m coming. Get it down! That’s an upgrade. It felt a lot smaller than it was. It’s gone… Gone in the net I hope? – Yes. Don’t say it like that… Shit, that was a poor netting. Ok so now it’s my turn I guess Hey the the hook set, did you see it? – No. – No, because… There were none. Come on it needs to be over… 80cm right? Yes Yes Maybe… No it’s an 80cm fish. It’s an 80cm fish… But fun to catch fish… You wanna kiss it? No… Tongue? No – Just a little bit? Get… Daiwa, Lazy Jerk, Zombie Perch. So god damn hot. It’s a tie between me and you. Yes. – It’s time for me to do my job then. Team finally seem to have found a spot that delivers. But how are things going with the folks from Värmland? Damn, I think it’s time for a X-Rap Peto again. We had quit a success with it before, and it doesn’t fish that deep. And… Yah, nice swimming action, nice colors as mentioned before. That’s why I chose this lure. It waddles really nice. Along with the shad/paddle tail… that paddles pretty hard. Have you tried this color before? No. We’ve got 3 meters under the boat… or 2 ½. The weeds begin… Yeah they start about here. It’s like the last outpost before the ledge. 5m behind us is a depth of 6m. The fish is here… They can’t have moved that far… No. It’s all about the feeding window. And this drop in temperature we got going on.. Yeah that’s… The problem is… …that we only find fish this shallow. It makes a difference if we could have fished deeper areas. Those in deeper water are for example not as sensitive to the light changes. We can’t afford to hand away this area… to our… our friends team Sporting. We’ll hammer on… Team Sporting is moving to a different spot. Are they the ones to find a good top fish for the Pike-Five point today? Here’s fish! Fish! I had to dig deep for this one! God damn snipe (small) again… That’s not big enough for the measuring board. Needs to be 58cm, could it be? I’ll set the anchor anyway. 58 – That’s what we got. No upgrade. Get it back. It’s a small consolation at least… We traveled quite a bit… But we know there’s a chance for big fish over here. Fist a 48cm and then a 58cm, that’s not what we need right now. No absolutely not. We need a 88 or 98 or 108, but no 48 or 58. It took a… a McRubber this time. But in that color… Zander… Zombie Zander or what’s it called? Yes! No what’s the deal here?! Two casts in a row, and this is so small… I thought we’d travel to Norrland to catch pigs. What’s this… But it’s a pike and pike are fun no matter the size, but this is… …this is really tiny. They’re still over there. They have to have caught something if they’re still grinding there. They’ve probably caught their 80 fish over there this morning. I think seriously we should go to the rocky area. This doesn’t hold anything… If we’re gonna have a chance we need to go to some place that holds fish. Here’s nothing. This is just ridiculous. We need to have one meter fish and one over 90cm to win this today. We ain’t gonna get em’ here so let’s get out of here. Yeah let’s ditch this place. We’ll have a pleasent ride because the wind has calmed. Yes, now is the perfect time to go. Now we have…. It’s really windy today. Like… probably 15m/s gusts. So damn hard to be out there on the lake. Our battery has… Is playing on the last verse. So we have… …moved here… …to a… ..we’re fishing a ledge. Rostaren is fishing at about 2½-3m. And I’m working the reeds. With a Buster Jerk. And you Rostaren? I changed to a Buster Jerk recently It’s the lure we’ve been catching them on… The few pike we’ve been in contact with have wanted some speed in the lures. Of what we can tell, anyway. So we’ll just have to see… It’s coming to the other side. Oh yeah! Damn he’s pissed! Nah.. – No It looked bigger, but it might be a small upgrade. Now I got one too. – Oh yes? But it ain’t a big one. Ok, 82 cm. A real warrior. Big wounds from spawning. Rostaren is reeling one in too, god damn it! This might be an upgrade? No not this one. Got a few quick fish, while Rikard was measuring he’s catch. But none of them of any valuable size to us. Finally we found a small patch that caught us at least a few fish. Nothing big though… No, but a larger one might be among them. But you have maybe… cleaned the plate over here? Take us out and let’s continue our drift. It looks more hot up in that corner over there. We’ve found a spot that holds a lot of big baitfish and weeds. We have not seen that during the whole day. So we’ll stay and work this place. I would think…. It’s 2,3m deep… It’s super hot! Told you they’re in there. – Holy shit! I’ve lost it…. God damn it! What a god damn strike! It was so f***ing heavy! Damn! I thought I had it… He bit the whole thing, what an asshole… That was the largest one I had during these days… No.. Don’t say that… So annoying… Look at this… The strike was over the whole lure. So annoying… I felt it instantly, like someone dropped a log on the line… Totally numb… I’ve been casting the whole day for that fish… – Where was he? Straight up there… This is probably a hot spot… Maybe just play it cool and wait for the window to open. They should be very active right now.They shouldn’t just… “No, we’re not gonna eat today” That’s not the way they should act. – Look!! A little “snask”… It wasn’t that small, about 70cm.That one was an upgrade. Wow that’s sick. This one was tangled up. And swam crazy wrong. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Then the pike came after it like an… And shook it off directly… It would be good if anyone would stay on as well… It is a lot of pike here… Yes Håkan, you really have to hook up soon to be in the game. Let’s take a look on the scoreboard where there’s been a few changes. Now with team and Giganten in the lead, followed by Böjda spön and Upplev. Sporting are placed last, but has the biggest fish of the day so far at 92 cm. A good advancement at this point by team that are working really hard to crack the code. I think… …we have found the fish. And what we’ve done is… …its a really large bay in here. The bottom is very flat. And got like a leopard pattern. But it’s all flat, and with almost no weeds. And a big shelf. So we are placing our drifts far out, at about 3m depth. So we are about 300m from land and start the drifts. And work slowly, slowly along the edge. It seems to be the melody… I think the larger individuals are out there and hunt for perch, that is in there at the moment. So… There out there, and that’s where we keep getting them, and not close to the reeds. But now are going to try closer to the reeds anyway. To see if there is anything over there. The biggest reason for them to be here is that the water is warmer than on the other side of the lake. When we were here in practice, the water temp. was 16 degrees in that bay. Today it’s 11 degrees. I think it’s very decisive. What’s this, an eal? – Is it a perch? What do they say…? “First cast, Boom” Damn you’re small… BullTeez Is that a new “killer” from now on? Where am I to place casts now? I have no offset gear for this. I can’t cast anywhere… – Yes!! Better? Or worse? Better than yours but… no upgrade. No that’s not an upgrade. – No, for f*** sake… The wind has calmed down a bit. Which makes it possible for us to fish on some deep reeds. That we fished earlier. Before it wasn’t possible. But not now, so here we go! This does not feel good…. Starting to feel the panic crawling… “Pannben” (headstrong) Oh yeah… Small farts is all we get… But nothing of better caliber. But it will come… Absolutely. If one can avoid getting mosquitoes in the ear… Yes. As fast as it dies, as fast can the spot come to life again. It’s like night and day. There he is! I lost one… ….first I lost one that I had on all the way to the boat. After that I was so irritated… And just kept the lure in on the surface. And he struck again. Both me and Martin have tried to get this one to bite. And now Martin finally caught it. I have the pleasure to fill in the report paper with a… 84cm pike. That’s a 14cm upgrade. Which can… …make a pretty big difference in the end. It’s been… – A good day. At least up to… …about 11:30AM We have a few hours left. Lets… Get one over 90, or 100. We’re back at a sport that was supposed to be our… well.. second spot. The first spot was the one we went to first… And this was the second spot that we haven’t been able to fish because of the wind. But now… …it’s totally possible to fish here. I’ll set the anchor soon. Yeah, we shouldn’t go any further in. Anchor now. Fish! It’s nice! It’s really nice! Easy now… Back up Oh, it’s a beauty. – Yes it is. I got it… Yes!!!!!!!!! There’s still plenty of time, I told ya… Ok let’s chill down for a bit… Liberating! 101! 101? We’ve caught a beautiful pike at 101cm, and as you can see here… …we were forced to cut of the hook. It was placed so bad. We have always, and will always recommend having a wire/hook cutter in the boat. This one is from Savage Gear and is very high quality. Cuts the hook straight off! And this is a 3/0 and cut just straight off. If we wouldn’t have a cutter in this situation, than we would have had a dead pike on our hands. Instead we have an energetic and happy pike at 101 cm that’s gonna help us on the scoreboard. This one is so incredibly nice to have caught at this moment. It does a lot to the confidence, and probably a lot when it comes to the points. 101 cm Precise the one we needed! Let’s get her back. Nicely done Sporting! That fish will surely shift the score. The first 1 meter Pike of the Pike 5 season is landed! So god damn nice! We sure needed that. But we need to sort this cut up tackle out. It’s not a monster fish but… A 101cm at a competition… Holy shit! It’s valuable. After all the work and grinding trough the small ones. The wind is strong today and… This is so nice! That was sweet! The color have been absolutely magical. We caught fish on 3 different lures with this color. The zander color with white… We think it might be the white belly. We think that might be the… We believe strongly in that. We will continue with it. So let’s get another one! Well our Pike5 points are still… 87… …fantastic centimeters, Rostaren. And you know the fun part? You were so cocky… …in the last episode. Now you got one fish on paper. Yes, that’s not good. I need to step up now. Focus! – Absolutely You’re embarrassing yourself. I’ll get us a 100cm pike then… Because I mean… It doesn’t look good that little me who almost never catches fish, is in the lead. And is dominating… in size… I’ve calculated that we have 208cm total. If the other ones haven’t caught.. Oh yes!! A small one or? You sure? – Yeaah… It’s about 79 cm… That one could.. maybe, with a lot of luck.. No! There we go… It should be… Yes the bastard is pretty long… It touches 90… – Yes Damn we need this! Well that was nice! Long and thin dragon…But 90cm never the less. Nice You’ll get a five with some pike slime. So god damn neat, Rostaren! 90 cm, that’s a dream fish. Yeah, but it’s a very nice fish. If it was fat too than… … than it very well may reach a weight of… A Scanian pike of that size can weigh 7kg. But they look like you… Yah, that’s true Everything is just a little better down in Scania. Yes That’s the stuff! Every cm is important today. Team Upplev have had a slow afternoon, but is it about to change? …and now I’m gonna “snaska” one on Buster Jerk… Were are the plates? Straight behind the boat… Told ya! NO!! What a f***ing pike! It’s not true! Did you see the pike? -Yes, I saw it. Holy shit it was big! This is god damn sick…. Holy shit it was big! – It was a meter sized pike… What a pike… It can’t get any worse than this. Had a pike on Buster Jerk. On short line. It got totally numb, but probably he bit the lure poorly. There’s nothing to do… But it feels very bad. I’ve lost 2 really nice pike now… That pike was… extremely long! I saw the whole fish. It was way longer than 1 meter. It could have been the same fish. The question is if we should just stray here and… …i there’s many pikes, and they get activated in a different way… But we have to keep the fish hooked, we can’t go on like this… We’ve would have won the whole thing if we’d manage to land those fish. You know..? – Yes. I just had… …two casts, and two large fish on… They’ve totally trashed the lure, check this out. Totally shredded. Haven’t got any of them in the boat, but the lure is shredded. I’m not sure if they do proper strikes, or just show some intent… If they inhale the lures then you usually get a good hook set but… But if they just nip the lure over the back, than it’s hard to set the hook. And it’s always tricky when you have short line out and they strike. That get’s difficult… Here’s a fish again on the side imaging. We got fish here anyway… Now we just have to get them up. Off the post again Upplev! But Jakob maybe have a tip for you guys. If the fishing is slow… Than it can pay off to try a… Fly… In this case a casting fly. A little “dobb” That makes it fly and…. … is pretty suspended in the water. Do you say it like that? A tip if you are going to fish with a Dobb daddy is, to use a softer rod. Preferably a trout rod, I have a 9ft Because the thing you do not want to do when fishing with fly, is to set the hook with a stiff rod. That will just wear out the hooks since they are pretty small. as you can see on the stinger. So go a bit against your own principles and almost reel in the hook set. But it can be hard as a pike fisherman not do crazy karate-hook sets, à la Björn. But try it. Twitchy? Yes, Yah, this is not 80+… But it ain’t THAT twitchy (small)… Holy shit they are energetic! Bicycle pump. A slime cucumber! It’s a small little rascal. But it’s really fun to get the strikes! You’re getting back now. Back you go! They strike real good, these small ones. I think I’ll get me another one, just for the fun of it. I’ll take another one… Would you get sad, If I caught another one? Hey? Hey hey hey… That’s a better one! You ready? -I’m ready. Well done! It might be an upgrade. Dobb Daddy, baby! So incredibly fun and you get to see the strikes as well. What I said before about the easy and calm hook set… That didn’t go well first time… The second time I had to remind myself about it. Im not sure man… It’s gonna be tight again… 81 cm! – Approved? 1 cm! ..Ooops, we lost the anchor… Lacerated from spawning… It’s gonna go back quickly… Here’s “Common whitefish” up in the surface, catching flies. Yeah, that should attract some… I mean… they are hunting now, but can quickly become the hunted… It might trigger the pike… With the activity on this spot. All that kind of stuff… What I did before I caught my pike recently is that I adapted the lure with… …a rattle chamber. To add another dimension to it. And some sound… They are here… They’ve just been in some sort of food-coma the last couple of hours. Yeah, one should allways listen to the nature, Martin. How is the mood in team Sportings boat after the meter Pike? We’re focused now again. Let’s get another one, come on! Damn! Let’s take another one! We’re gonna upgrade that 70cm we got. We have the right lure, we’re at the right spot. We just need to get them! Come on there porky! It’s time… This is our chance. Did you see how awesome that netting was? I’m a king when it comes to net/land the fish! Huh? Did you see how I awesome I was with the net? Again! Huh? What if he was as good as me when it comes to handling the net. We would be such a good team! I would have landed it with my hand if you weren’t up there in the front with the net. I’m better at netting than you right porky? Oh that was a slim bastard! Holy shit look at it! Screw that! It’s a meter fish! Good Rostaren! God damn what an ugly thing… Who gives a shit, there out here at least. The condition on this one is NOT fine… It has probably just spawned. But it’s pretty long. And in this case it’s the length that matters. There we go… Here’s the long dragon. It’s not more than… 93cm Exactly… – Yes. Well, that’s still good. The strike came on a BullTeez, a new soft lure from Westin. That will hit the shops this fall. It really moves beautifully in the water. To bad it didn’t had the time to stuff it’self before I caught it but… …right now it’s the length that’s important. Let’s get her back quickly. So she can recover. You know, now you don’t even get a five anymore. You’ll get a TEN! That’s nice – Yeah that’s really nice, 92? Yes, it’s nice… No, 93cm. 93… Damn, that’s good. Team Giganten are on fire right now and are in a good position when the end of day one is closing in. A team that still has it ruff is team Upplev. Have Milton broken down completely now? “Come and snaska, hard on my Shad.. …the Shad that I have stolen… That you have the energy… is a big mystery. What? No, nothing… Go ahead and cast. “Snask to the heart” “…and you’re to blame… ” “…you give love, a bad name…” “…you give pike, a bad name…” A few more casts and then we need to think about visiting another spot, ..where we haven’t hammered on them. The question is just how many pike there are here. If here is more pike that have not gone for the lure yet or… I don’t know. It feels like… We’ve had nice pike over here… This isn’t a place that holds a lot of “snipes” (small pike). No… We have to find a similar area. Now we know how they are positioned here. Here’s a passage to a shallow pond. That the pike have seem to used for spawning. And on their way out , before the fish go pelagic, they stop at shallow points like this. This is how close post spawning we are fishing…apparently. So we were thinking about fishing a bit pelagic in the open waters. But the fish have not gone out there yet. They are not there… Then the alternative is doing this. And we’ve managed pretty well today. At least in the sense that we’ve been in contact with those big fish we need. But haven’t managed to land them. That really sucks… That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching… Will you catch one or will you not… A perfect balance between luck and skill. Yes We’ve been drifting a lot, and we noticed that… …we get contacts at approximately the same places all the time. So right now, we are sport locked, put in a way point… We’re on a 2m curve/edge. 3m at the moment. About 400m from land. We’re using our “One boat network”. Talon…and anchoring. So what we do now is: Set the anchor. Work the spot for 10 min. And really comb the area. Retract the Talon, drift about 10 m. And just repeat that scenario. Until the one we missed is hooked up again… Yes! This is sick! First cast and all… I’m coming from the right… It might be a better one… No! We’re spot locked here and… …to get that one… I put on the new Gator Jerk, and pimped it a bit with a Dragon tail. Doesn’t affect the lure movement at all. First cast… I missed out on an upgrade… Darn! Now it’s off the post – Off the post… Let’s get her again! Dang it! The result we hava today… That’s not gonna be enough. Not by a long shot! Maybe a third place… It’s not enough. It’s not good. We will have a meter fish! It has to come up now. The fishing continues to be challenging and team Böjda spön has therefore decided to make a final move. What’s the plan? We just moved to the other side of this long “arm” /bay And we’ll see if there’s any fish over here. It’s a bit of a desperate move, but we feel that we need to do something. If we are to win today, than we need to put in a higher gear. And raise us by at least 1dm. Is it that… or that one? No it’s like you said, on the other side. Is the water warm over here? It climbed to 16 degrees. There was a fish! It would have been so cool… To catch a big pike in here… It would have ment a double spread of cheese on the breakfast toast tomorrow, just to celebrate. 4 slices of cheese instead of 2… We’ve done absolutely everything we can today… It’s absolutely over the expectations. Yes it is. We couldn’t have done it in any other way. Now it’s like 20 minutes until the end. Not much left of this day… We’re hammering on until it’s over. If our 70 fish would have been a 80cm, then I actually think we’d be winners today. Yeah, me too. But a 73cm is just a bit to small. We’ should have had a 80cm fish… In that case I really think we’d won this. We might be lucky but…. But the competition is so hard. So those last 10cm would have been incredibly valuable. I think we should fish in that bay… Nothing is happening here. To much rock anyway. Let’s try the “reed bay” behind the rocks over here. We have about 10-12 minutes left. Let’s get a 96cm in there and seal the deal. We’ve moved yet again. To where we started today. At this strait tat runs trough the lake. There’s a deep part/hole in the middle. Where it’s about 12m deep. And shallows out with reeds at the edges. The reeds we’ve fished and hammered. Good We’ve fished the reeds. And now we are fishing deep. And god damn it I’ve caught one, straight away. Better? – I don’t know. Absolutely not a monster… But you never know… Maybe.. I’m not sure…But it’s stupid not to check. Yeah This one is buttoned up extremely good… A 82cm fatty. He’s just ate something. Snask-ed… On a Svartzonker McTail Let’s see… He was hooked up pretty bad. Svartzonker McTail. A color that… …that we, together with “Wolfcreek” have created. For this production/competition. Really good looking! We’ve had a really ruff day. But we have… …found those big fish we need, but couldn’t capitalize on them. That stings really bad. Especially at the end of the day. That it played out that way… We made a huge move to a different area. Because we thought we were done over there… But we’ll give these Ox over here another chance. Before we throw in the towel. Because it might be that they spring into life again after letting the spot rest for a few hours. They haven’t been striking hard. So there is a chance actually. We’re betting on that… We’ll take 10min here and then drift further down. If we need to. Come on let’s get it! He’s eluded us 2 times now, so let’s get him! Damn, I got a second chance on it. Do you think that was a strike? No… The one on the Gator. What could you have done different? You did the hook set. Did the hook set, it was on… You fought it… It came to the surface and spit out the lure… Ok, check this out. Im gonna do a “Pierre”. Last cast, boom. Last cast, my friends. Last cast… Come on… That was day one… How it went? that we don’t know… No but I think we’ve done one of the best efforts…. Yeah we have fought well. I think it’s been worth the hard work. I would think we are placed in the middle. But today we’ve probably earned a place at the podium… Unfortunately I’m not that confident in the lead we had in the beginning. No I don’t think what was enough of a lead. I’m guessing we would have needed a… – A 90, 95cm Yes, exactly. 10-15cm more… I think it’s gonna be incredibly… Last cast porky. Incredibly small margins. The top 3 teams will be within… 5-10 cm I’m pretty sure that team Böjda spön and have done some upgrading So we are around 260… 250-270cm Team Giganten we haven’t seen for a long time so… …no idea how they are positioned. They didn’t have any large fish in the beginning so, well just have to see. Exciting! I think it’s gonna be very tight. And that’s really fun. I’m extremely happy with our result on a day like this. It’s been a pretty enjoyable day anyhow.
– Absolutely. We managed to get things moving.
– And we got to be out and fish. Only that… And you’ve been able to hang out with me. Only that… Can’t get any better that that. And you have “Snaskat”… And so have you… Yeah but you have “snaskat” a bit better. But it has been a blast. And now it will be a blast to see how the other teams have done. That’s really exciting. Especially when it’s all about 3 fish. It might differ only a few centimeters And decides who is in first place or even who gets the last place. Let’s get in and check the results. Well Håkan… How are we to sum up the fishing today? Yeah well, there’s really only one word… Failure… Yeah… On the account of the lost big pike. To loose one, that’s fine. But not loosing 3. No that’s crazy….
-That’s not allowed. But what the hell… We’ll never give up. And we don’t know how the other teams have done today. Sure, we managed a modest upgrade with my 78cm fish. But that’s not enough for the top position… No that’s impossible. But if we’re at rock bottom on the scoreboard, than there’s not much we can do… That’s just something we need to accept. But if we’re lucky then the other teams have had it ruff too. And we just might have an ok place on the scoreboard. But tomorrow we need to get the ball in the net, and not getting it off post all the time Nope… Good hustle. That’s it for us! We did what we could, but… I’m afraid it’s not enough… Not by far, I think we’re in third place. Let’s go to the ramp, and find out who won the day. And wee how everyone has done. It’s gonna be exciting. Day 1 ends with an awesome recovery by team Giganten. Sporting have managed to catch the biggest fish so far, measuring 101 cm which positions them favorably for the Pike five points, that are settled at the end of the whole competition. Good job all teams! We won… Damn nice…
– Giganten… 87cm, 90cm 93cm. Total: 270cm Sporting: 101cm and 92, 73. Total: 266cm Team Böjda spön… 88, 85, 84. Total: 257cm We’re one centimeter behind… What the hell! At a total of: 256cm
90, 85, 81… And last place team Upplev.
85, 78, 69. Total: 232cm Last place losers, both of us then… You’ll get an high five…. You’ve done well today…
– No we have not… What the hell…Sometimes you just don’t have luck on your side. I said that for us who had had contact with some really nice fish… It’s a win or lose situation. And we lost… I said it… That should be the verdict when you burn these kind of fish It’s just right… I promise you that Giganten got their right out here… 100% Good job everyone! Congratulations! Great!
-Thank’s I thought you had it. GOOD WORK ROSTAREN So damn good! I would never have thought… You guys caught three 90cm fish?
– Two 90cm.. no three.. “Pannben” (headstrong), is that what it says? I’m getting one that says: “Thigh Bone” Don’t miss… Don’t miss next week. It’s time for a new water.
Episode 3. That calls for a comeback. I think both of our teams are really hungry for a revenge. It’s payback time. We’ll get em’ done… Don’t forget to subscribe to Tackleshop Productions youtube channel. And follow us on Instagram: @tackleshopproductions See you next week for the next episode Pike Five 2019 is brought to you by: And by:

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