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GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.4 | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition North of Sweden

GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.4 | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition North of Sweden

Yep! Back up, back up. Well… as usual when you’re out with this one… I just have to fish by my own… Nothing else to do… Hello?? He’s stomach follows no laws, so to speak. Pike Five 2019 is brought to you by: And by: Welcome back to episode 4, last half of day 2 out in the Norlandic archipelago. Team Upplev is at the moment in the lead with 266cm. 9cm more than team Sporting with 257cm. And who have at the moment the largest pike of the day. Team and Böjda spön are struggling hard to upgrade their fish. While team Giganten starts with just one, but good fish in the bag. As store manager I’ve sacked my colleague and ceo. As you can see he’s not in the boat. And he’s whereabouts is not a chocker… Stay tuned… We’ll see how long Ill be alone here… Fantastic nice little outhouse with little curtains, carpet on the floor….nice sitting benches.. Heads up now! Yeah it was… Very very very… – Just jump on… …very very very… cozy. If team Giganten finish behind us today, and at the moment they are in last place with only one fish… Then we are up in the lead, after this day… If they don’t just soar…
– You never know with Giganten. Yesterday they were in last position and suddenly just soar up on the scoreboard. Absolutely, like demons… But one have to do the math and speculate. Yes, we need a 95cm fish If we get one at 80cm sharp, than we advance over… …team Upplev. I think, or if we end up at same points… Yeah, but we need a 90-95cm fish Well folks, welcome back. Jonas got one right on the first cast. And right by the boat a nice pike got caught. On a McTail… You’re welcome to join us in episode 4 of Pike Five. Because I think there will be more pike to come. And larger pike, or what do you say Jonas? I really hope so. And then we’re gonna try to tie this together and squeeze the other teams, because now we are on our way. Let’s just forget last days bitter blunders and move on. And I know a team who are feeling bad right now,, they are feeling really bad. Here we come on their home waters and just “snaskeli-snask”, and geting it done. So we’re gonna try and tie this thing together and… Yeah, yeah.. Start fishing old man. Team have had head-wind and this is a water they’ve competed on before. They are familiar with it, and have of course a game plan for the afternoon. We’ve just had a bite to eat, during a mid day report that reveled that we’re in third position. Which we don’t like one bit… One meter fish have surfaced, in team Sporting’s boat. Which is of course fun… For them… Not so fun for us. We have a 92cm pike. Our goal is to make that our smallest fish. We need to get 2 better fish to have a shot at this. We wan’t to win the day. We need to win this day to make up for day 1. And we need a kicker fish for the Pike5 points. If I get to make a wish… I’d like at least a 104cm Because now… … team Sporting have a meter fish from yesterday, that’s a few cm more than us. And today they have yet another meter fish. So now we are falling behind team Sporting quite a bit. That’s what we’re gonna try and fix today. Which means we need to hunt the bigger fish. Less strikes, but hopefully better quality. So let’s go. Let’s go. We are the team to beat. That’s how it is. And everyone want’s to beat us. We know that. But I like it.
– Both in fishing, and in physical terms. Definitely. But at the same time it’s a lot of fun. We’re a great bunch, and it’s fun to meet everyone. And to have fun.. mock… That’s how it is in this group. But of course you wan’t to beat them at all cost. That’s the way it is. A bit of hate-love, right? Yes of course. With emphasis on hate… …and then some more hate. And maybe a high five. No, it’s gonna be extremely fun to meet everyone again. It’s been one year since the last time. But of course we maintain contact every now and then. But not gathered together like this. So this is going to be really fun. But out on the water… We’re not friends. Out on the water it’s competition. Then it’s blood, sweat and tears -time. We’ve fished these waters quite a lot. And feel that we have a bit of an edge. Especially against the Scanians But at the same time the fish can change location from day to day. Then i’ts critical to find different ways and game plans, which tests you as a fisherman. You need to be adaptable. And that’s the biggest challenge up here. So there’s no clear game plan. If the wind stops blowing, that’s it. Then you need to find other ways to catch them. And then… …one has to deal with fatigue, mental fatigue. “Why aren’t they biting?”… all this second guessing. In all the decisions you make. It’s incredibly fun, but extremely trying… We’ve got a hot tip on a new bay. That we know folks have had good fishing in. And it’s this one. Did I only get a thumbs up? Yes… But I’m still here…
– Yes you’re still with us. Cut… Let’s do a 360… Closest we’ll get to a 360 sonar. We’ll just do a spin… I see you’re serious about catching them now. Now it’s for real. Now we’re gonna fish for real. It’s nice of us to have given the other teams some hope this morning. We’re on the move again. Restless souls… We have a new game plan and are cruising up a river system where we will try to fish a shallow point, positioned in kind of a fjord/bay. We had some difficulties finding fish in the flowing water, or to be specific, the water wasn’t flowing as it should. So we’re hoping the fish have moved out to a bit more open water on this shelf. So that’s where we’re headed to see if we can find anything. I brought down team Upplev that were in the lead… “Bicycle pump hunters” are in the lead. Also I am very impressed by team Sporting. They are fishing really good. He’s on fire, the Dane. Or it’s..? Maybe it’s Robin who’s doing the heavy lifting. Maybe he’s learned how to handle the net? No, it’s the Dane who’s doing the netting for Robin.
– Ok. You need to have some good flow. It’s just 3 fish..
– Yes, sure. 3 fish at 90cm won’t take you anywhere today. To win you need one 100cm, and at least one 95 & 90cm. To make it work. But we’re gonna make that happen now.
– You think? You think? Over here?
– Yes. Nice. Over to Lubbe… Thank you very much Rikard. Yes the margins are small when only 3 fish count. Team Sporting have good chances with their 100 cm fish. That has to feel good Stephan? We’re in second place… 6 cm behind team Upplev. It’s within our grasp… A bit “on post”.. It’s good… There!
– Oh he’s “snasking”! That’s not a monster…
– No it’s not. I had a bite on this lure before but now I caught the first of the afternoon. And I’m confident enough to say, it will not be the last one this afternoon. It’s incredibly fun fishing. Well the strategy…. …this afternoon will be… and I’m not sure if we agree, I hope we do… …but I hope we agree on staying in this area and work it until… …at least until we’ve upgraded the 70cm fish. I absolutely don’t see us moving from this place since we’ve had followers and contact with better fish. We’ve seen larger fish that guaranteed would have upgraded the 70 fish. I think it would be very foolish to move from this place. No, I don’t think ewe should move either. Also it’s very pleasant in here. Yeah, it’s nice and we do get some bites. It’s a bit sheltered but still some movement in on the surface. We’re gonna fish a bit more towards the deeper parts this afternoon. We have to get a larger kicker fish. This won’t do. Robin is fishing the inside. But I’m gonna fish more outwards. Maybe it was a good thing the wind was so hard out there, otherwise we’d loose an hour just transporting. I mean if we’d go with that plan and location… We’d loos an hour of fishing, minimum. And we think that team Giganten is in those areas. Yes, they went out. We have a shallow point here with on shore wind that we are fishing right now. Deep outside… A lot of Baltic herring… The pike are here resting, and every now and then they venture out to eat (snaska) some herring. This is traditional archipelago fishing that we were doing when I started fishing in the 80’s. Really fun to see that it works the same here. But it’s this way these spring pike should be fished. And the other teams… I’m not sure where they are fishing. We’ve seen team Böjda spön. They’re “snasking” in the reeds and stuff. It’s not the right time for that. There’s only small ones there. I hope they continue that for the remainder of the day. Yeah… Let’s not wish for others misfortune. So you go team Böjda. But sure… And good luck, all the other teams Ok, time to raise the anchor. We’ve fished this area that have been really productive, but… Not most fish, but largest fish. We’re off to find a similar spot with same type of rock structure and grass/weeds. And a defined edge to the deeper water that holds the bait fish. That has apparently been the winning card today. And we have to find a new spot. This place we might be able to revisit when things have calmed down and, maybe expect another feeding window. But now we move. Yes, let’s go. We’re back at… …this pelagic edge, where loads of Baltic herring has gathered. We have to catch a top quality fish. So we’re gonna hammer here and… We have 3 spots that we’re gonna be focusing on. And rotate to constantly in order to be efficient. And not placing everything on one card. We don’t dare to do that so we’re gonna spot hop for the rest of the day. If one of the spots don’t deliver big time. Damn, we have to catch that fish… We have to. We need a bit of wind Jakob. And preferably wind that..
– Oh, I had a follower. Preferably wind that causes some disturbance/curls on the surface. I’m not sure when this edge generally delivers. But without wind it’s not fun… It really don’t need to be windless right now. Does it usually get this way in the head after a while? Like this? The totally blank/bland feeling…
– I don’t know… But this restaurant concept would probably be valued by some… …and not so much by others.
– A bit… I feel I have a deficit on the joke/humor front. I don’t have anything to bring to the table right now… I can’t even think. That’s not a problem, just look into a mirror. You know what Finlands worst berry picker is named? I donno… “Holi Korienen” ? (hole in the basket) “Inga Hallonen” (no raspberries) Is there a name for this? Fishing coma? Is this what it is? Fishing coma… No, this is called 2 idiots on a lake… Team Giganten only had 2 fish right?
– Yes. Than maybe it’s just not that easy today. Or they’ve went… somewhere far and are only targeting the large fish. Yeah, they’ve done that before so…
– We haven’t seen them yet. No, it’s like yesterday. They were in last place as well. Oh yeah right… 80 in total…
– Huh? They have a total of 80 cm. I read 80 two times. Our batteries are running low due to the hard wind. It drains them in no time. And that’s a big drawback. So we’ll have to fish old school. With an actual anchor. We had to use an anchor yesterday as well. So we’re used to it by now. But it wont be as efficient… far from it. A smaller one I think. We’ll take him, any day of the week, this is an upgrade. Good Carl! Guppie time! A newly spawned male… maybe. No.. not a centimeter longer. Another 70… What’s going on..? Get lost, go get mom. Shit…
– I thought this one will be about 75… But maybe they wills start to bite now.
– Yeah. To bad it wasn’t a slightly bigger one, team Böjda. But it’s the first fish of episode 4 for you. Team Giganten are closing in on their spot. Will they be able to turn things around this fishing day as well? Now we are getting close to our spot where we intend to fish. Since we have technical difficulties with the trolling motor, we’re going to use a drift sock. And see if we can manage a decent drift so that we can fish reasonably between these two island. You got the trolling motor down? Yes. I’m doing the best I can over here.
– What? Yes… You might have to help me out with the drifting sock. Otherwise this won’t end good. I’m gonna have to drive with the engine.
– What? Yeah… What? I just hit a rock right now. Did we?
– Yes. I did, with the trolling motor. Keep an eye out… But I just need to pick up the drifting sock. What?
– I have to get the drifting sock out. Yes. Damn!
– Yes, it feels like… Is that down in the front? Yes but I have to… God damn… You can drive. We can’t be out here… We have to stop fishing at a certain mark… Yes. This doesn’t show any rocks on here… Yeah, but we are up at a shallow shelf.
– Yes. Let’s do like this… I think it’s smarter to put the drifts out here. We’ll put a drift outside, and maybe drift over the spot. But over is not worthwhile.
– No but on the outside. And we can drift over… And we can fish on the both sides. Here we drift like… But we’ll have to make that our last drift. We’re fishing extremely ineffective, I think. Team Giganten’s spot seems very ruff and they are in a bit of a disagreement when it comes to the choice of the place. We’ll just have to see how they tackle that challenge. Over to Sporting’s boat. What do you think about the conditions today Stephan? This can end up pretty even. I mean… We got 4 points yesterday. And… Giganten got 5. If the results hold up, than we’ve got another 4 points. Than we have 8. And Giganten will have 6. And team Upplev would also have 6. Yes they should have…
– Yes, and team Böjda got… They got 3 yesterday…
– No that’s not right. If they got 3 yesterday and get 2 today, than they have 5. And team got 2 yesterday, and 3 today. They they also have 5. So that’s 5,5,6,6 and we might end up at 8 points. So it’s pretty tight. The big advantage we have is that we have the 2 big meter fish to the Pike Five points. It’s called Pike Five, because you’re gonna need 5 big at the end of the competition. And that’s one of every day, and 2 of the final day. And we have the biggest, both of the days so far. Nobody else has that. We’re in a good position. Just hope we can continue to fish this well. I was also thinking about… We’re always… …are whining about that we spend to much time hammering at one spot… …and that could be both a strength and a weakness. Today it’s a really good thing because of… Well… the other teams that are more used to this kind of fishing, would have caught these small ones in the, morning like we did. And they would have thought nothing of it and moved to a different spot. But in our real-life-fishing, we spend a lot of time hammering on those spots we chose to fish. And that happens here as well, although you think about it more… Like “maybe it’s time to let go of this anchor point”. I like when the sun is out… Motoroil is a color I really like. On the McTail, with the big tail. It makes for a huge fishing lure. It’s absolutely magically beautiful. Look how nice it looks in the sun. Huh? Transparent Motoroil A bit of purple… It’s simply magical. Color design by WolfCreek, Anders Ulvforsen. On this McTail version. Now… It smells of big fish. You can fish any reeds you want. It will “snipe-a” (only be small ones). There! Right away! Hey it’s dart party over here Jonas. What a strike. This is entertainment. A little dart… Without weighing it down? No I have a little weight on. A fat and nice pike.
– Really beautiful one. Damn, they are pretty. And well fed. Bye. We changed spot here… That was a beautiful pike. But those 70 cm fish won’t help us. Holy shit!
– We need more.. Jonas had one now. Yeah, that one felt a bit better.
– We’re in some sort of pike mecka over here. It seems like the reeds are pretty deep. There ya go.
– What a “snask” (gulp). No… It’s not a pig. But it was a nice strike. It’s crazy entertaining. It’s so fun!
– One could easily go for a vacation here. You you are a pike freak, and really want to enjoy exciting fishing… Come here. They are of good condition. They’re not slim darts at all. No…
They’re fat and chubby. Team Upplev finds the fish, but makes a decision to move anyway. How’s it going for team Right now I don’t have any energy. Zero… I’m pumped out…
– Ok, you know what, let’s go to the reeds. No!
– Catch 2-3 “snipes” and then we come back. No, we need real fish.
– And than we continue pulling bad jokes. I’ll just get depressed when I get a nice “bend rod”…rod bend, and it’s just a small piece of crap. “Bend rod” ? What’s that?
– I have no idea, I’m to tired, Jakob. “Bend rod bend”. Is that team Upplev? Yes it is. Just what we needed… Team Upplev that comes here and pulls out a meter fish in front of our eyes. Ah hell no… In that case I’m ramping the boat and going for burgers. And cry myself to sleep tonight. Yes! Hurry, hurry hurry… Yes.
– You ready? Yes. Ah, a small one, but never mind. It’s a fish at least. Feels nice with a fish, even if it won’t pass. But it feels good. Or it will pass.. but won’t upgrade us. A fish gives a bit of the energy back but… …and the wind is here. At least in this part. That feels good, even though it’s not quite here I want to be fishing. Here’s large fish here as well. We just need to cope mentally and hammer on and on and on… I hope we can cope. We have 3 more hours to manage. Oh yeah… Or? It’s just on the mark again… It is 70 though. Maybe 71. Good Carl! Anyway… It’s fish!
– Guppie time! Guppie time. “Smacke-li-backen” – like he said. Suddenly they’re biting Good, thank’s thank’s! Why do I always end up with the smaller one. I’m taking Carls pike. Same thing yesterday, at the double pose. No… Say it ain’t so. Yes… It’s a 71?
– Yes One centimeter… No… 68cm It was a classical… Maybe not a double strike but.. Classic chaos…
– Yes and… …there’s some tangle in the net to attend to and a bit of an uproar in general. Hopefully… they start biting again. Got two fish, 68 and 71cm. So we got one centimeter upgrade. But one centimeter is more than no centimeter. My math teacher would have been proud. Hang in there team Böjda spön. There’s still time… Team Giganten are hammering on in the wind. But will they find any fish? Yes!
– You got a fish? Yes.
– Good Rostaren. It swims towards me. So god damn unpleasant. Yeah this is a nice one. A nice one, is it?
– Yes, yes… I think so. Yes god damn it!
– He’s coming to this side. No Yes it’s a nice one. Oh no… He still on? Come on…
– Yeah I’m trying! No… No! Please don’t get stuck. NICE!!! Nice Rostaren!! damn that’s good! Finally I got hooked up with a better fish here… 94 cm… A pretty ok fish. There are the ones we’ve kinda been longing for. Let’s put this one back now. The pike was caught on a Buster Jerk in the color: Zombie Motoroil. Really nice. Good Rostaren!!! What do you say “Ridde”, should we move on or try another drift here? Let’s go… Aren’t we here to get the bigger ones?
– Yes. No but we can hang around here.
– Who am I to say, I’m the general “snip-hunter” Let’s drive up and take another drift. Try to catch one more. After that we are able to fish with som confidence. A bit more relaxed…
– Yes, but we need 2 more 90 fish. And I have to catch one better. Before I get the nickname “Bicycle pump”. Yes. That’s true. “Bicycle pump hunter” Rikard Bergström And I don’t want that…That’s the last thing I want. Let’s get up there Rostaren. Finally team Giganten. A really nice fish on a day like this. Let’s take a look at the scoreboard. Where we can see that the positions have not been changed except for team Böjda spön with their, one centimeter upgrade and the beautiful fish for team Giganten which is their second of the day. We are gonna make a move. The fishing has been so damn slow in there. You can hardly believe it’s the same area. Stephan caught one and I had a nibble on a Rapala Peto… …other than that, shit has happened here during the whole afternoon. We’re gonna try something new here… You can’t stick to your spots if you’re not catching fish. It’s pretty simpel. You have to catch something to advance. If you don’t catch anything than the others, will pass you on the scoreboard, that’s just how it works. It’s 3,3m deep and grass/weeds all this area. It starts to be more shallow here. Should we go up here? So we’re gonna be drifting all the way… Yeah, we can’t drift the other way… Yes, I’m not sure. There is a nice edge of grass/weed towards the land. We are positioned here at 2,7m and are casting in at… well the edge is at about 2m. It’s blowing more out here. Not as pleasant to fish here. But at the same time, we have not had any contacts at the last spot for so long… The last contacts we’ve had was tiny pike. Maybe we’ll get back there later. In a few hours. But one of the other teams might get that same idea, you never know. I think it’s worth to take a chance at a new spot. I mean, we’ve fished hard in that other bay since this morning. You have to cast further up Robin, if you’re gonna drive that fast. Otherwise it’s gonna suck. We’re moving so fast that it’s hard to..
– Yeah, but slow down a bit. Slow down and we’ll see where we will be pushed. We can’t be moving so fast we can’t fish. There’s no point doing that. Then it’s useless. It’s now 2 hours since the noon report. We have left our hot spot, where we caught a lot of fish before We’ve tried at similar spots, with no success.
– Here’s a lot of grass here. We’ve tried to fish more shallow, we’ve tried other type of spots than the type we’ve caught our fish at. now we are trying out yet a different type of environment. We’ll see how this works out. We’re gonna hammer on here for a bit. Now the sun has come out. Than it’s time for Black Rubber, Zombie Motoroil. We’ll see if will “snaska” here. Motoroil is known to be brilliant in sunny weather. It hasn’t caught anything during the cloudy period. But it’s cloudy no more… Wonderful. Great Håkan.
– In there… the whole stretch here, bad. Then this grass comes along. Then it’s “snask”. What did he strike at?
– The old faithful… Pig shad? In Zombie Perch?
– This is a “snipe” (small one) No it’s not really a snipe.
– It’s an almost snipe… There… You see, these are beautiful pike. Compact, and fat.
– Beautiful. But it’s not the same fishing like we had, this morning. Something has happened. It could be so… You never know… we’ll know later. We’ve had it ruff for a while now. We’ve been at spots that look terrific, but it has just not been right. They haven’t been at home.
– No. And then we came in here, looked nice, but nothing happened. Then all of the sudden we got a bite. But it looks as though my Pig Shad is about to give up. It has been a slow start this afternoon for our tackle shops. And it is hard to get any upgrades done today. Therefore have team done yet another move. What’s your thoughts? The water level is constantly dropping. I hope we can get in, and I hope we can get out. It can’t drop any further, otherwise we won’t get in. We’re safe now… Maybe we won’t get out. Yeah, I see it. There’s not much clearance under this boat right now, I can tell ya that. Would you swap a 90 fish for a prop? Yeah, almost… I would. That’s exactly what I didn’t want to hear. You can see, now it’s drained over there. That was under water this morning. I would have felt good to catch a 95-96 or something like that, and maybe another 90 fish. And then be able to search for a kicker fish. You know what I’m saying? Yes.
– Just to cover… Just to have it covered. Let’s say a win today is somewhere around 290cm, even if we won’t find it here, and get say: 270cm. Then we’ll manage a second place. Instead of… 4th or 5th place… Yes. A bit twitchy (small)… I think.. yeah it’s twitchy. Have you seen it yet?
– No It was not an upgrade. It was a little “sniper” but it was pretty fun to get some… Some wiggling in the rod at least. Would have been even more fun if I would have landed it. Would had been good for the self confidence. What? It would had been more fun if it was around a meter. I can tell you If that were a meter fish and I lost it… I would have started to cry… That’s how mentally exhausted I am… I’m on my way…
– No no no… I can’t see anything.
– Neither can I. Vigorous pike again, good Carl! You need to maneuver the boat again… 81! Good. We get so excited by this… The definition of chaos it total in this boat. And in the midst of it we need to be fishing as well. Now we’ve proven that here’s larger pike as well… 70-71 Of course we can get some order to all this chaos. This stretch have resulted in 12 cm worth of upgrades.
– Yes. And we have quite a bit to drift on this stretch. After that we can just get on the drift again. We have 2 more hours “Nothing is impossible”! “Suddenly it happens” (cheesy Swedish slogans) That’s a bad one… Yah, I was just thinking, what? We’ll just have to by a Triss if we…(Swedish scratch ticket with the slogan “Suddenly it happens”) If we win this… Yeah, if we win this it will be “Suddenly it happens”, Triss. But I am a bit worried. We’ve seen where team Sporting is fishing. And they’ve been there the whole day.
– Of course if we would catch a meter fish somewhere, than we would too. So they are deadly today…also. And team Upplev who were also at this place… We saw them as well. They’ve moved further out. There’s no doubt about them being on the search for a meter fish. We have a tuff time catching up… And team Giganten do as they always do.
– Carl has promised me a Triss scratch ticket if we win… Right?
– You’ll get a double ticket if we win. That’s one hell of a carrot… We hope you’ll get a reason for buying a double “Triss”. Way out in team Giganten’s boat, they’ve just managed to land their second fish their bag limit. Will they manage to fill the bag and seriously get in the game? I wonder what they eat in here… Maybe perch. What? What do you think they eat in here? Everything… Buster Jerks?
– Absolutely, especially… It should be time for a bang right about now..
– Yes. Come on now… A 110 cm… Yeah, we need that. Not even a 90 fish will do. We need to have a 105-106 cm to feel that we’re still in the game. But with our track record of only 2 fish this day… Har to place an order on them. Yes!
– Oh holy shit! That’s a nice one! Yes, yes. Where’s the god damn net? Good Rostaren.
– Quick, down with the god damn net! Oh YES!! Nice! Shit he just came out of nowhere. This one has to be 100. Yeah it has to be.
– But you’re not… No, I hope not.
– 100? I mean in the head. No, not that either… Now we have filled our bag limit. I just have to upgrade my bicycle pump. It’s not a 100 pike… It’s not. Nice Rostaren! Full bag and you have also taken the lead. How’s that for a comeback? The Scanians strike back again! That was really nice! A 95 cm nice competition fish. It’s so liberating to get some proof that our game plan at least is working a bit for us today. Now we can fish a bit more comfortable and work on our upgrades. Let’s get her back now. Let’s upgrade the last fish to a 100+
– Hey, now I wanna see a “beast mode”. No…
– Yes. If I catch…
– No, a “beast mode” now! I’m doing “beast mode” if we catch one over 100 cm fish. You’ll do a “beast mode” then?
– I’ll do a “beast mode” in that case. The thing is, when Rostaren looks in the mirror in the morning… He’s got those Y front underwear. With a little yellow stain in the front… and he always do like… And I want him to show the Swedish people he’s “beast mode” But he’ll do it at 100 cm.Then everybody will see. If I would have done a “beast mode”, than my underwear would’t have a yellow stain in the front, but brown in the back… Good Rostaren… Let’s all hope for a “beast mode” later in the episode. The way Rostaren describes it, it is now my top 5 things in the whole world I want to see. Well fished team Giganten. You are on fire today as well. We’re out here casting on the more shallow part. And hope we can find a better fish in there. These spots don’t always hold the big ones… But one ok fish in here would be nice. There it was… The “ok” one… Yeah, that was a meter fish.
– A meter fish? Yes it was. Anchor… Drive up a bit and then anchor. It was over here… At least a 95 or something like that. It was fat as well.
– Was it? Yeah it was nice. A 6 kg fish. I’m not joking.
– Yeah, I believe you. I wouldn’t say it without a reason. You also gonna play it safe? We’re playing it safe now… We have to god damn it! We’re not stupid. Of course we’re gonna go after it. It was 90-95, maybe even 1 m. Of course we’ll try to catch it. It’s fun to see that we both are throwing ourselves over those lures. It’s just common sense.
– Of course it is. A couple of more casts, he’s in here. Let’s keep casting. God damn it… Oh well, got a bit of an puls at least.
– That’s good. Tuff afternoon… Really tuff afternoon… Just like yesterday. Morning fishing was superior. We managed to get one nice fish in the afternoon, yesterday. If we could do the same today, that would be crazy good. We only need one more. Yes, one fish can really make a difference when it represents 1/3 of the total score of the day. And can be crucial for the Pike Five points that are awarded at the end of the whole competition. We will check in with team Upplev who are placed second at the moment. We’re back on the crime scene… Where we caught a few nice fish before. A rocky reef. We’re thinking that those fish we lost have rested for a while now. We had a lot of nice ones over here. So we’re gonna see if they have awakened, and want to bite. As you can see even “Stanley the stickleback” from Westin, likes the Pig Shad. Well you poor thing…
– You have to measure it. It might pass… No.. No he has passed on to the great beyond… No… Poor fellow. Rest in peace, Mr. Stickleback. Who in Norway, is best at dancing flamenco? “Ole Ole Ole”… Olé olé olé… No, shit that was bad. That was a really bad one. The penny dropped, you didn’t have to clarify. We’re going back to a spot where we had a really big follower earlier. There’s not as much wind there… But we have to go there. We have to try and catch that beast. So let’s do it.
Away we go… What a damn slack bite. Come on, first blood competition. You in?
-What? First landed fish, from now on.
– Ok. The looser has to go down on the knees and say: “Master… you’re the best”. Ok… Sure thing… I’ll change to a Mc-T. “Mc-T”, ok… You don’t bring so much to the table by catching a “sniper” (small one), but I like that you’re… Nobody remembers a coward. …going for the big ones. The big dogs. Nobody, remembers a coward. Ok, this is desperate times. Oh no, you’re pulling one of those… It’s not ok to cast on the “snipe-side”. That’s not in the rule book. Have you written the rule book?
– Yes sir, I just did. You cant fish the “snipe-side”, to catch a fish.
– No deal. We can’t stay here for much longer. Here’s less and less water in this canal that we passed through. So soon enough…
– Loose the anchor. We can continue on other spots. Oh that so damn bitter… Are you happy with yourself?
– Very happy. Catching a tiny snipe and stuff… At least I caught it on the “big-pike side”. Well… Here… Master… You’re the best. I know. Get over here… Well done, you’re gonna get a hug.
– Ok then. You’re such a good boy… A good little “snipe king”, is what I’m gonna call you. With that internal competition out of the way, and the established dominance in the boat, it’s time to make, some good decisions as a team. Because that fish won’t make any difference today. Team is moving out since the water is declining rapidly now. Meanwhile we’ll take a look at the scoreboard. Where again it’s only team Böjda spön and Giganten who have managed to raise their total. Team Giganten makes a fantastic step up to the top with their 271 cm. Team Böjda spön have managed to upgrade 2 of their fish, but unfortunately that’s not enough today. And they are in the last place of the day. Will they be able to find the big dames of the archipelago? Yes!
– Oh, good. To small…
– He’s to small? Maybe not. What do we have, 70? I cant see because of the sun. Should we net it just in case? Another 70 fish. Yes.
– Good. No fish worth netting… Holy shit, they are striking hard. There.. Excuse me. Back to the other island?
– Yeah. I can’t recall where we caught the 81 cm now… We got that one up here by the house. Here by the house?
– Yeah. We haven’t caught any better one since… Rostaren?
– Yes? Are you a member of “Sportfiskarna” ?
– Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Well the reason I ask Rostaren is because… If you are a sportfisherman… …and want to have more fish in the waters, less commercial fishing in them. Less cormorants. En less pollution in our waters. Than I think you should absolutely become a member of “Sportfiskarna”. I’m a member, and my 2 daughters are members. You’ll receive a fishing magazine, I’m not sure how many times a year…I think it’s 5 times a year. It’s a nice magazine with interesting articles, great pictures and it’s all for a very good cause. And the nice part is, that it doesn’t actually cost that much to be a member. A family membership like I have is less than 500kr a year. That’s something one should absolutely invest in, if you like fishing. Are you not a member of Sportfiskarna? Watch Pike Five, and then become a member immediately. Because we don’t want a bunch of nets in our lakes, we don’t want a bunch of cormorants that shit our islands to oblivion. We want good, healthy waters with a lot of fish and happy fishermen. That are able to catch fish. You have to step up a few gears, you’re starting to… Everyone who’s seen the kids film “Frost”… Well I’m that ice princess… Elsa. Cold as cold can be… But you know what? I’ll get back again. I think so. Damn, now I’m using the same lures as Rostaren. so there’s nothing more to blame. No, I lost that one to… God damn it! You hade a bite?
– Yes What the hell am I doing wrong up here in the front?! I’m gonna mimic him… I was thinking about the place up in the river. We could have had 4 fish up there. Oh yeah. And let me tell you, one of them I had on felt really fat. But I think… If you get hooked up over there.. Good! No… This one came along with my hook set pretty nicely. Yeah but there was nothing wrong with that hook set. That was a serious hook set. There… He came in fast when he took the lure. At the same time as I made fast hook set. That rascal flew up in the boat. Don’t miss out on Darts brand new stinger wires. With an “American fishing wire”. Really good crimp sleeves over these wire crimps. To this I have actually adapted a little rattle chamber. In the front. I bit innovative product from Darts. That gives extra sound, now when it’s a bit more murky water. So go and buy yourself these stingers, You’ll absolutely be happy with them. Because I’m very happy with them. No.. shall we… slip downwards? It’s you’re call. It’s cool. Well… there’s no point in hammering on here. The one you caught was just a little speck. We’ll put in the last of our time down there… Team Giganten is on the move, which may be a wise decision, because now it’s not that much time left, of day 2. Team Sporting have not made any upgrades this afternoon. But what is Stockis hooked up with now?? Fish?
-Yes Nice?
– I don’t know… Yeah, maybe. Oh yes! It’s a good one. Easy…
– It’s cool. He’s just wild. Come on then. Is it enough?
– No. Yes. Maybe… Nice though… I’m hoping so hard right now… At least 79… But he’s not. He’s bleeding, so this rascal goes back quickly. The bite was brutal. Damn, look how fat he is. Really heavy built. Yea that one we had to work hard for. But really nice with a bite again. It’s been so darn slow now. So I started to jerk the Buster Jerk frantically. In my favorite color: SnaskarGösen. 4 cm upgrade can make a decisive difference today. I don’t think it will be enough though
– Enough, it most most certainly isn’t. No I’m saying that. I think we’ll be left behind at… Follower, follower! If we end up in third place than we should be very happy today. Yeah, absolutely. Today we have to be happy if we finish third. We might even end up at 4th place, it all depends on how the other teams have had this afternoon. Yes… We’ve just started the final hour of fishing. We have moved out and are fishing a different large bay. And… …we’ve upgraded with 4 cm straight away. It ain’t much, but it might help to keep our place. I think team have surpassed us. We’ve done just small upgrades. But if we’re lucky we’re in third place, and we have that 100+ pike to the Pike 5 points. That’s incredibly important. Let’s take one here…YES! Come on then. Be sharp now Stephan. Yes, I am.
– This one is good. No… it’s small for shit’s sake… Or?
– Yeah it’s a bicycle pump. God damn it… I didn’t se shit, it just felt hard and heavy. A medal… That’s good looking. Good job Stockis. Another few cm to the total length and a medal on top of that. Awarded by the pikes themselves. That’s a merit not everyone has. As you have seen, both Håkan and me fish with reels and rods from Daiwa. We think these are very comfortable and lightweight. And these are strong blanks. The reels are absolutely magical. At the moment I’m hammering with a Tatula. And I’m using a Prorex XR300 reel. I have that to on my heavy rod. But right now I’m fishing a little Guppie. It has something called TWS. It stands for T-Wing System. The TWS system is this line spreader (line guide) that’s here… When you declutch the spool than this little “T-wing” comes down. Which enables the line to go much more freely in here. There’s no friction to a line guide. Which means longer casts. Less friction. When you hit the reel handle, and it’s clutched, than this jumps up and sets in this track, to its correct position, after a few cranks. A really smart feature that more reels should have, I think. But it might be Daiwas patent. So that’s probably not that easy for other manufacturers to do. Hey? Siv, she’s become so fat… Nowadays she’s called masSiv… That was good. That was actually a good one. That’s the best you’ve said today.. MasSiv…
– I came up with it right now. There’s almost no time left. We don’t even have time to finish in our windy hole/pot out there. No…
– Do we have time for a few casts on that pig over there? I don’t think so. We’ll keep it up over here? Look… Look at that beauty. Did you see it?
– No. God damn it… Was it a nice fish?
– Yep, it was a nice pike. So fish for it…
– God damn it. He just came in from the back real calm. He came in from the shallow then?
– Yes he did. It’s very shallow in there. I’ll try putting on a Jerk bait. And we’ll jerk one up here. You know who’s gonna help me with this?
– Help you with what? It’s Anders… He’s wonderful creations will help me catch that meter fish today, so that I… …can vent my bottled up feelings and roar a “spring call” so loud it’s heard around the whole of Norrland. “Spring call” ?
– Yeah, I’ll be even louder than the Dane… Yeah I know, I know… But I know that if I dig really deep within myself and really… …focus, and and roar from the belly, than maybe. “The Call of the Wild”… wasn’t that Jack London? I’m tell’n you, either he’s netting over there…
– You think he can hear us from here? Or he’s eating “Wienerbrød”… Wienerbrøøøøøøød!!! I think he heard that…
– It’s blowing towards him too. Anyway I hope folks in front of the TV share the suffering with us. Well I’m suffering with us… You might be a bit biased in this matter though. I have a mathematical question to you viewers. There was a guy who’d bought a flask, and a cork for 1 kr and 10 öre (0,11€) The flask cost 1kr more than the cork. What’s the cost of the flask and what’s the cost of the cork? That’s a question for ya. The one who get’s the answer right… Well…
– Can join us out for a fishless fishing trip. No.. the one who’s got the correct answer gets this beautiful WolfCreek. To you who got the right answer. Were should they answer? The comment section of the youtube video? In the comments below on this episode.
– Please, wright us a comment as well. Let us know if we suck or… But we have one more hour to go. Anything can happen. Yes, all can happen in the last hour, Björn. Team Böjda spön have had difficulties to find the larger fish today. Will it finally gonna happen for them this last hour? Oh yeah….
– Looks pretty good? He might be over 70… With a bit of luck. Borderline… Thank’s… Good. Might be 72-73..?
– Yes. A little fitness test… This was a bit… Yeah, this bas a bit… Long and thin. Unlike the others… 74 would I say. We said we needed to upgrade all 3 fish after the lunch report… at least we managed that. We did do that… We’ve managed to do something good to day at least. I don’t think we’re in the lead, and we’re not in last place. I think like always… My most common answer to that question: We’re in third place. Team Böjda spön is in last place… Team… is second last. Team Sportfiske Giganten third… Team Upplev second and team Sporting at the top, I think. What does Rostaren think?
– I think that was an excellent guess. You think?
– Yes. Look! Did you see the head?
– Isn’t that a beaver? Yeah sorry, a beaver… There. A beaver…
– A live one, furthermore. Look.. really cool.
– Or it was an otter? I think we need to fish in those kind of backwaters. There’s an eddyline to the backwater where we caught our fish. It bends in over there. Yes, let’s move up there. And we’ll get on some slightly deeper water. After that I have no damn idea where we should go.
– After that the time is up. I might put on a Buster Jerk, I don’t think it matters. Yeah but you’ll get that “side to side” bang bang bang… Am I nagging? No…
– Good. No it’s good. You’re right. Well I’ll do as he say then. I’m not catching enythin right now, so I guess I have to listen to his advise. He even got a medal.
– It’s none of that “one…. one two…” One…two…three… Needs to be “1,2,3,4,5,6,7” a damn military parade march. Show them that you are the best when it’s needed the most. I don’t know it I’m the best when it matters the most… Usually I shine in these moments. I’m not a competition angler…
– No but.. “Speed Jerking” with a Buster Jerk is about as far from my comfort zone as it gets. Never mind that, just go fort it. Snipes…
– Snipy? Yes. Unfortunately. That wasn’t the upgrade. This is a tiny snipe… where’s El’tongo… (pliers). Let’s go and put in the last 20 minutes in the bay.
– No…? Yes god damn it. Absolutely, come on. There’s no discussion, come on, stop casting. With so little time left, team Sporting makes one last desperate move, anyway. Team Upplev are also feeling the pressure. Let’s see how they use their last minutes. There! God damn it, that was hot. Shit, did you se the swirl? Yeah, I saw it. They’re out of the sun. I just felt it was something bigger. Shit… No! I had one too…
– They’re positioned there now. Bloody hell! I had one too…
– There they are… 6 minutes to go, and we’ve found very active fish over here. In a dark part… Or a part with shade. We think it might be the sunshine that have ruined the fishing this afternoon. Since the sun started to shine we’ve only caught snipe’s (small ones). So we’re hammering on. I’ts so typical that we found this spot so late. That’s the way it is. The hole stronghold is cracked… Alright.. so we have to repair stuff as well then. Great Björn… Well… I forgot to retract the Talon… Soooooo…. the whole thing cracked. We have some repairs to do tomorrow, if we are to use this one. It’s not enough that we’ll get back at about 1AM tonight… I’ll need to start on repairs too. Shit, this is our 6th long day without much sleep. Starting to wear out… Think we’ve had like 4-5 hours sleep a night. Today is a day one just want’s to forget. Just wake up tomorrow and say “What the hell happened yesterday?” No I can’t remember.
– Exactly like that. Until we watch it on the TV. You know what to do? You need to be like a golf player. After a bad shot they just forget and move on. We need to be thinking a bit like that. Just forget this day… As a terrible day and almost end things as soon as possible so that nothing else may go wrong. There is one thing that is absolutely 100% a sure thing. There’s a lot of things that are absolutely 100% a sure thing…. That I am the master… you’ve said so yourself. and that I am the best… you’ve said so as well… But one thing is absolutely for sure and that is that we can not change what has happened. Which means one should not give it to much thought.So I’m gonna become that golf player now. And forget this shot, forget this day… And just say: We did our best. But it was not good enough. Brief and on point. And god damn it tomorrow I’m gonna catch those 3 meter fish. The question is what the hell I’m gonna do tomorrow?
– Do the netting, we agreed on that. Hey? There’s not many minutes left.
– No. So there’s gonna be a “beast mode” whether you catch a fish or not. No, no no…
– Yes, yes you’ll have to show off now. Ah no… We managed a total of 261 cm and we’re pretty happy with that. – Yes we are. A bit of a shame since we only managed to upgrade 4 cm this afternoon. We would need more since team Upplev had 11cm more. We’ve definitely not won the day. I actually think we’re in a third place at the moment, not everyone as surpassed us. Although I think team has surpassed us.
– They’ve probably caught one meter fish. So I think we’re in third place and be have a nice pike for the Pike5 points, so that’s really good. We’ve fought well enough today.
– No god damn it. It doesn’t get any better than this. And so great to get bites in the end of the day.
– Yeah, today was a really good day. Yeah it’s been incredibly fun today with many fish and many bites. We’ve caught at least 50 fish today. So congratulations to Upplev or or who ever won the day. We’re on it again tomorrow. New water, new fish, new opportunities Then we’ll catch a big one again, and that’s that. What about me? Who’s the winner of the day?
– Team Sporting. Do you think Sporting has climbed? they did have that good one… Was it team Upplev that was in the lead?
– Yes, I think they got the day. No I think team Sporting wins. I think Fransson “smacked up” a 98cm in the end there. Bam! Why didn’t we do that?
– Because we’re not capable today… We’ll we are out of time… Out of time.. and we’re out of energy.
– Yes. Well fought
– We did our best. We sure did. We couldn’t crack the code today.
– Not for the large fish anyway. We weren’t off to a good start… Caught quite some numbers but.. 70 cm on average. So we said: we need to upgrade them all. And that we did. But maybe not to the desired level. Unfortunately I think we can count on a… humiliating last place today. Anything else would be an incredible bonus. It falls on me to summarize the day in the boat of team Sportfiske giganten… A pretty good result. 95, 94 and 82cm. But only 4 landed pike. But on the other hand… We made a gamle with coming all the way out here to catch 3 big fish. We’ve succeeded with 2 of them. So I’ll summarize this day as a completely fine. We’re happy, right Rostaren? Yeah, I think we should be. Of course you always wish for more and maybe the expectations were bigger. But as it all evolved. With the realization that the fish were really slow. Then one is pretty happy that… the plan worked, at least partially. I think we end up in third place this day.
– Yes. That would be my guess as well. Hey? I don’t want to sit out there, bouncing among the waves all the way back. Can’t we move to that harbor over there? And give us a luxury treatment. It’s probably gonna be cheaper… You know what I’m thinking?
– No? Does it start with a T, the thing you are thinking about?
– Yes indeed. And ends with axi?
– Yes. A taxi. Good…
– To drive us back to the trailer. One guards the boat and one goes with the taxi and then return here. Sounds like a good plan? Absolutely.
– Good, let’s do that then. It’s been a long day for our tackle shops out in the Norlandic archipelago. And it is team Giganten that walks away with today’s win, with 271 cm. An awesome recovery from a shaky start. As for the points so far in the competition, this means that team Giganten Who so far have won both of the days, gets rewarded with 10 points. Closely followed by team Sporting and their 7 points. Team Upplev have 5 points and Böjda spön and have each 4 points. But, with 2 days to go there are good chances to catch the decisive fish. Because we also have the “Pike 5” points where the top fish of the day are put together. And 1-5 points are awarded at the end of the whole competition. Right now team Sporting are looking very good for the top Pike5 points. With one meter top fish from each day The other teams have some catching up to do on this front. But a lot can change even on the Pike 5 points. First place… Giganten. WHAT??!!!! You kidding me? 95, 94, 82 cm. Shall we disqualify them for not being here? Total of 271 cm. Holy shit! Second place are… We. Yes
– Good. A bit better than yesterday. Third place.. team Sporting. Good work boys! One of you have the biggest fish of the day. Me..
– The Dane. A 100 cm. Well done there. At forth place is team YES!!! I thought we were dead last. And unfortunately in last place, team Böjda spön. It didn’t work out as well for you as yesterday. Boys and girls, if you are gonna watch the unraveling of Pike Five. Subscribe to the channel. Next week it’s time for episode 5. Then we’re gonna be hot like irons! Boom. Can anyone translate that? …for those who don’t speak Danish… We won again… Malmö won again
– Did Malmö win? WE won.
– What? Oh yes..
– Naaah.. Yes we did. We’re so damn hot Rostaren. That can’t be possible… Yes it is. Gimme a ten. Yes it is possible. They had it real slow in the afternoon.
– Oh really? So… Those two 90 fish you caught there were worth gold. Damn that’s nice.
– Yeah. And we’ll be seeing you next week again.
We will continue conducting the winning train. Yeah, now it’s just full steam ahead.
Yes. Damn, you’re in the zone. Yeah what the hell, we are a team.
Yes that’s true. We’re team fishermen. Exactly
– Although we have an internal competition. That’s well as important.
– Absolutely. Se you next week. Have a good one.
– Later… …Later… Yes don’t miss the next episode which will unfold in a freshwater lake. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel. And follow us on Instagram @tackleshopproductions See you next week. Pike Five 2019, is brought to you by: And by:

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