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GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.5 | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition North of Sweden

GÄDDFEMMAN 2019 | EP.5 | PIKE FIVE | ENG. SUBS | Pike fishing competition North of Sweden

Damn, I wonder how it’s going for team Upplev today? I think Upplev is having a hard time today…
– Why? I think Upplev is having a really hard time… Why do you think that? They’ve been fishing good… Quiet Håkan… Or you won’t get any water.
– Quiet… There, there…
– Well played man! Pike Five 2019 is brought to you by: And by: Last day’s fishing was strewn with long traveling distances, few hours of sleep, and finally on on location you encountered strong winds and vast areas to hunt the Norladic pike on. Team Sporting, you are fighting for the top position, how do you think the fishing differs up here from you’re home waters? Well the coast differs of course since we are located inland. But the lakes are pretty simular to our waters. The big difference is that everything transpires later on up here and… …the nature is very different. But the lakes are a bit more our style of water than some of the other teams. So we feel pretty at home.
– Okay. Team Böjda spön, you had a pretty ruff day yesterday. How do you feel now that it’s freshwater on the agenda? Yesterday was a huge disappointment. We never did figure out how to catch the larger pike. We caught a lot of them but they were all modest size. Today we’re back on the freshwater, and just like Stephan says, we’re a bit more familiar with this type of fishing. Today the meter fish will surface and that’s that. Okay, we’re leaving the Norlandic brackish waters and trail the boats right down into episode number 5! Let’s go! The participants are getting ready and we’ll have a look at the score of Pike Five 2019. The day starts with team Giganten in the lead with 10 points after the great feat from the last episode. Team Sporting have been fishing really well, and are not far behind. They start the day with 7 points to their name. Team Upplev with their 7 points are at third place, closely followed by team and Böjda spön with 4 points each. The Pike5 points, one to five, that are distributed in the end of the hole competition have at the moment, a clear leader in the form av team Sporting and their 100 and 101cm fish. Stephan and Robin has put the bar high for the other teams who will have to work hard, this important fishing day with invaluable points that will be awarded. First spot… A spontaneous one. We’ve managed 4 hours of practice in this lake when we arrived here. But then it was 27 degrees and sunshine. And today it’s sunshine but it’s much colder and much more wind. At that time we had 2 bites here. And then we landed one back there, about an 80cm pike. So it’s foolish to not fish here, when there is 2 boats in there fishing that bay. So screw that spot, we’ll fish in here where the large ones live. What the hell… Who’s that?
– What? Someone is coming. A boat is coming, it’s the god damn Dane…
– The Danish man. He runs in there and steals that god damn spot!
– He’s in full swing. We’ll try here in the inlet to this bay. Unfortunately Stephan had the same game plan, so they are in the bay here where we planned to fish. But we’ll just go for it. We have to get em. We’ll position us here in the opening and close it. We’re almost at our first spot here. We have team Upplev in our back, so we’re trying to hurry a bit. A bit stressful… A totally insignificant bay, in nowhere almost. It’s sheltered/lee and not that large, so we think that we will be able to fish it pretty good. We don’t want to spend to much time searching for fish. We want to have our lures in the water during as much time as possible. We’re don’t know this lake at all so we have to..
– Turn in here then. Come on.
– Let’s do this. The conditions can’t be any better than this.
– No. First cast, boom. We’ve arrived and we’ve had really good fishing over here before. Or at least we’ve had one good fish here at this spot in practice and… …after that we left. So now we are hoping that they’re here. And not only one but more of them. I’ve promised 3 today. It’s time for me to deliver. I usually hold my promises. We’ve chosen to fish a sunken rock area with a lot of rocks, almost like aisles between the big rocks. Where the fish can hide and rise to attack the bait fish when it swims by. We’ve caught some really nice fish here both in during practice and at other times. So here’s where we are planning to spend a lot of the morning, if not the whole morning. This is where we’re gonna get em. Big depths around… All is lined up for success at this spot. The teams are starting to arrive at their spots. Böjda spön chose to launch in the southern part of the lake. And have also reached their first spot of the day. New lake.
– Less wind New conditions.
– This is more similar to our lakes back home. Yes, exactly. And the only lake we’ve had chance to practice on. So we have at least a little bit of knowledge on what’s what. Yes, if they’re still here, them they’re still here.
– Yes that’s how it is. We drove in one direction and the others went in a different direction. So we don’t know it they know something we don’t. But we know what we know… Yeah, it’s a big lake and about 25 nautical miles between us. We’re just hoping we did the right decision today. We’ll give it all we’ve got as always. Let’s get it done.
– Now we just want to start fishing. Let’s go. It’s so clear water here. This softlure has a little red paddle, just slightly at the end of it. I can see it wobble its way to the boat. Cool if you just see it disappear. I mean they have to be here, honestly.
– Yes. Yeah, the strikes came pretty close to shore before. Not very far… It could probably be… like here. Didn’t I place a waypoint? On that. Yes, just here next to us. Good.
– Damn! I lost it. Damn!.. No it’s still…no. Damn what a bite! And I’m standing here messing around. But it was a bite. Look how he ate it. Just when I was fiddling with the trolling motor. Yeah it’s indicating red already.
– Yeah, that’s just worthless. Yes. Yeah we have not had any particular game plane when we arrived here. It’s so hard because you look at a chart or google maps or something like that on a lake. But it’s almost more satisfying to be able to see it first hand. For example a bay, can look fantastic on an areal photo but once you get there it can be just sand and desolate. But we had the chance to come up here and fish at least one and a half day. We were able to fish 2 different waters. That gave us at least a bit on insight. Yes, we got to see the different characteristics. But the fishing was a disaster. We had no wind and almost 30 degrees °C hot, so we didn’t get any help from the practice fishing. No way. But they are beautiful there Norrlandic lakes Yeah, it’s really cool to be here. The cool thing is… You know a Scanian flatland lake can have a depth of about 15 meters. And you’ll starting to be a bit scared… But here are depths on like 60 meters. Just enormous volumes of water. So it’s all about finding these small spots. Because there aren’t a lot of them basically. There’s loads of water but you need to find the spots. Back home it’s more about the reeds, shallow areas… …big flatbeds. It’s much easier to find the fish back home. But up here in Norrland… It get’s a lot more tricky because you have to rethink. Here’s big rocks and… Very small amounts of reeds and not much vegetation on the bottom. It’s barren basically. If we’d fail this on this venture than we can’t blame the fishing gear and lures. We are packing a really wicked arsenal.
– Oh yes. Loads of sweet colors and models, just loads of lures, and hot lures. Yeah, it’s the hottest lures on the market right now.
– Yeah, this feels really good. Clear water pike have a tendency to strike the lures right right over the head. But with the help of Darts swivels and split rings, I’v made done a small mini rig. Here… that I’m gonna attach to the head like this. During the fishing of the first day in the other lake, we had some giant fish and all of them hit the lure over the head and missed the hooks here. But if you adapt a little stinger hook or what ever you want to call it… Up here on the head, then the chance is bigger to be able to actually hook that dream pike. Was there a rock formation over there? Holy shit, I thought that was a strike. So god damn rocky here you know… I’m gonna catch a pig today. Yes! Fish?
– Yes. Easy now…
– It’s cool… Well that wasn’t a McPorky… * Gibberish * Are you surprised if I say it’s on the “SnaskarGösen” Damn nice color this one, with a fluo tail. This time on a McTail, the first one. I did not expect to land a fish this fast. I thought we’d have to carve… a long time before we’d catch our first. So that was a good omen. Not the largest one, but as always, a pike is a pike. And it’s just fun that they are biting. And they strike even on hands, fingers and all… But it’s worth it. No we just go for a bigger one. The first fish of the day is landed, nobody can carve like you “Stockis”. Not even “Emil of Lönneberga”. Let’s take a look in the boat of team and see how they are doing? First cast and I lost everything, had to be a
damage somewhere on the line. It just cut off… So I’m a bit stressed out. I’m nervous man…I’m.. Don’t know what to say. Having a hard time breathing. No, I need to rig this up so that I can start fishing again. To be successful here today… That would mean everything for the self-confidence. Everything for the mojo. Everything for the psyche. To know that… …we are still in the game. To fail here today… Than it’s not easy to just dust yourself off and move on to day 4. We have to be successful today, we are in dead last position right now. And that’s not what I had in mind. We haven’t been good enough the first 2 days and… We said we would deliver today, and today we really have to, no question about that. Not these we’re after… We’re after the big ladies , but it’s always nice to have one in the bag. This is a tiny fish… A tiny fish… but ok… At least it’s one in the bag. This is a small fish, but so nice to have one in the bag this quick. Look, they’re starting to put on some weight. 74… Good Björn. A small 74, goes back quickly. Go gad damn nice! So fun! Hey, usually it’s feeding periods. Get that untangled quick. – Yep, let’s get another one. Did you see it? Get it Martin, usually you do once I’ve had them on 2 times before. Don’t know where it was… Let’s just make a random cast. Team Giganten have started out really great but… They are from Scania, we are in Norrland. They’ve been here a couple of days… They’re starting to get a bit of “Lappsjuka” (Norrlandic sickness) I should think. Sorry but there might be a breakdown there… Or what do you say Carl? Yeah, they are used to Scania with hand-grenades and machine guns. It’s bound to be a to big of a readjustment for those boys, they haven’t realized it themselves yet. But it will catch up with them today I’m sure. Today it’s our turn. Absolutely.
– We’re the closest to Norrland. This spot we’ve chosen is pretty flat/shallow. With sunken reeds witch gets thinner as along the way further out. We’ve had one contact outside of here. Right of the bat, so I think we’ve chosen a pretty good spot actually. No! And on again. You’ll get it right away here. He was on multiple times. Anchor. The tension is unbearable and there’s a lot at stake for the teams. But the competition is still very open. I’m “Snoking” a bit. I’m calling it “Snoka”, can be very effective. You reel in a bit normal and then… …you kinda push the rod like this. And the lure gets a bit of a… …movement. Not always, but the strikes feel awesome on the technique. It’s like… …and then the strike comes. “Oh shit, let’s move on. Oh shit, what a terrific spot. Mälaren is my second home.” “It’s so damn good. Oh shit.. Claes? Claes? Something like that… That’s where “Snoken” comes from. He seems “king”, I don’t know him personally. Never met the guy, but I like him. “I like him”. “But I don’t know him”… Like the Dane would have said. We’ll the Dane would have known him. “I knew him” “Who else do I know..?” “I don’t know any else.. But I know Joe Peterson.” “I’m gonna fish for musky “. “The next… Next fall”. “With Joe Peterson And who else?
– Rostaren. Someone you know?
– Yes, myself. It’s gonna be fun, fish for musky. No, now I’m gonna show a clever thing from Darts. They have these small clip weights. I’ll pull one out. They come in loads of different weights. from 3g to 14g. A really good original fastach grapple. That is very easy to attach. I usually put it in the front here, but sometimes I think it can change position so that the lure behave strange, But with these everlasting stingers , also fram Darts, than I usually put it here instead. There it hangs nicely, without being in the way. And that get’s your soft lure down very easy . “Are you finished grinding this edge, buddy?”
– Yes. Good “I’ll make a cast over there as well”. “Holy shit what a good cast, a so called specialist cast”. If you’ll “snask” on me, I will “snask” on you… They’re riveted down there in that strait, and are just hammering on. What are you saying? They are riveted down in that strait and just flapping around. – Yes, they are guarding it. Should we swing by just for the hell of it?
– No. Into the bay…
– We have our spots, we need to try and fish them first. I’m not sure how mobile we should be. If we need to be moving around a lot. Yeah well… A point like this we need to be careful and meticulous about. Then we can move around. You just back up there.
– Easy. Shall we take it here or go back?
– Easy, it will come. Just nice and easy. Ready? There’s two of them. Perch… No it’s… Easy now… It’s not that big.
– No. Not the one we’re after. But it’s still a fish.
– It is pretty nice though. It could be a 90. It feels fantastic.
– Fantastic f***ing great. He had a pig behind it.
– There was a larger behind that hit the lure. It just hit the lure so I made a cast further up thinking I’d catch it, but this guy came along instead. So damn nice, just look at it. Incredibly beautiful. Hefty and nice. It’s decent.
– Keep it down. I’m keeping it down.
– Down with the rod tip. Yeah it’s cool. I have my lure over there but never mind that.
– It’s cool. Could have had a double… …double strike. God damn! Now we’re “on”. 2 casts and 2 nice ones. And a “gros” follower. Stephan talked about 110cm but that’s just to good to be true. Ouch, daddy’s fingers. 86 nice centimeters. And we have our 3 fish bag limit, but have caught 4 fish now but the 90 fish is great. This one we will upgrade. But… this is absolutely not bad for our self esteem. The self esteem is paramount. That we have understood at this point. Nicely done team Sporting. A really important fish in the bag. The second one today on the color “SnaskarGösen” that seems to be a hot color for the day. I’m still all pumped-up.
– Same here. It feels like I’m flying. We are here in late spring/early summer. It’s been a bit complicated here because it’s been so damn cold up here this winter. So the water temperature that is expected to be warmer out in the bay, is barely 10°C. The pike have just gone out and positioned themselves out on the underwater rock/sunken rock. And started to eat and put on weight, in areas in conjunction to the spawning areas. A bit like in lake Vänern. So we are hoping to find that post spawn fishing, effectively. The water up here is always clear-water. But it’s the bottom type that control in what degree. But this water is very clear so we need the wind. We need the wind. We need the wind for them to want to bite. If it’s windless than it’s almost impossible. If you’re not fishing them pelagic. But we will fish underwater rocks/sunken rock points. The last thing we should do is to get into the spawning bays. We need to be fishing the post spawn areas, to catch the post spawned fish that are “very hungry”. Snask!
– Here it comes. It was Snask! Damn i took it. It’s a bit subtle bites. Here it comes. Good, our second.
– “Frying hot” As fun as it can be. Things are happening, and I’m actually managing the hook sets well. Swim back… Ok boys and girls… 2 in the bag, Björn is frying hot with the swim bait, the WolfCreek. The first thing that comes to mind. I’ll change to that lure as well…. No. That’s not what you should do. McTail, works with a paddle, jerk tail, works with different stuff. But I’ve had enormous success tackled with a BigTail. Extremely good lure. and it doesn’t really matter if Björn catches loads of fish. We want to have 2 different, type of lures in the water. If the want a shad/paddle… Then he’s there… and can catch em with it. I wan’t a “donna” on this one. So a tip to you guys. Make sure to have different type of lures in the water. If a friend catches fish on a competition… Well it’s a competition. If he catches 14 fish today and I, And I zero. But we get a good result, than that won’t bother me. But that’s not gonna happen because this one will catch a pig. I got some company. He hit me in the eye. Beautiful creature. I’ll just go with it today. We continue to fish with our Abu Garcia gear. I’m standing here with my Stinger + 140g. Carl is fishing with a downsize version, it’s a Mass Beat An 8ft rod that’s 45-90g. Equipped with a Revo Inshore reel. And that’s become a favorite for both of us. An extremely lightweight combo. Great compliment if you only have a heavy duty rod or a lighter rod and wan’t something, in between. Perfect setup. The bite came way out there. You’re hotter than Björns sauna right now. We don’t have any prop going.
– Good. Get the rod down as much as possible. Has it released from the mouth and is just buttoned up on the outside? There we go. How about that? Yes Good start! 87 in the bag. This is the one I caught the 87cm on. Let’s see if there’s any good mojo in this specific lure today. This feels hot. We had good fishing on this one, Black Pike… …in practice. Let’s continue. Second fish. A bicycle pump. We’re netting everything until we have a bag limit, to save our name. 52 Are they longer here? Let’s see if he’s a photo star as well. Team Böjda spön surpasses Upplev and Giganten who are on the hunt for their first fish of the day. is in second place and at the moment only team Sporting have a full bag limit, with some really nice fish at early point in the episode. Oh there’s a mirror.
– What’s that? Just making sure the lipstick goes on nice. What? I’m making myself pretty.
– Well that’s nice… We’ve made a move here and are going to try some sunken islands/shallow points. Out in the open water with depths around it. We haven’t, well Rikard had a bite but after that… We fished for another hour but nothing happened. So now we are moving in a bit and search in a bay instead and see if we can… In connection to the bays and in the bays. A follower…Shit!
– You had? Yes he’s after the soft lure again. He’s right there looking at the lure Ah shit, he came again, he’s right there. Look. There’s got to be more of them. Did he strike?
– No, but he was really interested. But that was a 80+ Stop! Can I borrow… Or I need something to bring back my rod with. Where are all the other rods?
– They’re down in the compartment. Well the point is not to throw your rod in the lake.
– No… That’s the third time now. Well… this is how it is. We’re not fishing… We’re gonna drag for Jonas rod. And I’m stuck on the bottom because I lost my concentration. So team Upplev is doing great now… Really f***ing great… I got… So damn good. I caught it! Good… So damn nice! I finally got i up. I don’t know what happened. The line cut down on the… I was declutched, the line cut down in the spool and then… And the whole thing flew away, third time this trip. Be on lookout for rocks, I have to go in there to retrieve my lure. We have to move. We’re gonna have ourselves a grand walk. Just full speed ahead. The tank full, we’re going a long way. To a… Bay, that is suppose to work, according to… Folklore.
– The tips we’ve got. We have to catch fish. We can’t keep on like this. The tip we got about this place… doesn’t seem to hold any fish. We haven’t seen any. Jonas might have had a small contact but it doesn’t feel right. In that case we have to move. So we’re off to the other place. Is it bonanza?
– No, I don’t know. It was a hard strike though. No that’s a smaller.
– It’s a “sniper”. That one upgrades the 70 fish right away. Man, now we’re on fire! It took a PigShad.
– “SnaskarGösen”. On Zombie Zander or Zombie Gösen, or whatever it’s called. “SnaskarGösen” It’s been great fishing on that color so I’m gonna continue with that. There’s no reason to change. At least not that color. It delivers on all the lure types. Oh yeah, it’s almost 80. He’s 80. Precisely 80. It feels awesome, full bag limit already. I did not expect that. On the other hand I thought we’d have to really grind… Maybe catch 4-5 fish during the whole day. Well… I’m on the spinning gear now. Personally I like multi reels/casting reels and casting rods more, to pike fishing. But.. with a bad boy like this, a Dobb Daddy. It’s really nice with spinning gear. Long casts, good control and with this lure… I’ve always been intrigued, although I’m absolutely not a fly fisherman. But always been felt the urge to try it , when I’ve seen Bauer and the boys bend and pull all those fish on these type of lures. And you can have them suspended for so long, it’s almost ridiculous. Now I’ve attached a weight because I wan’t to fish it a bit faster, but look how it goes in the water. It’s lively… Maybe. Damn that’s fun. Dobb Daddy, over the weeds. Also, a nice fish.
– Oh damn, nice fish. Not a giant in any way, but boy do they go. And loads of fun to fight on spinning gear. Lighter stuff. They’re incredibly beautiful and they don’t have scabby fins either. They’re in great condition and nice to watch. No?
– Twitchy guy, twitchy guy… Oh yes. A twitchy guy on the new Gator Jerk. This one was lively. Team Sporting keep “scooping” fish, as they use to say. An incredible start when fishing is so slow in many of, the other boats. You’ve really managed to crack the code before the rest of the other teams on this day. We have… …discussed a bit here. Björn is fishing a… Björn is fishing swim baits, period. He’s really good with those. I’m usually the one who is alternating between other lure-types. So McTail is gonna get a lot of time, and also it’s never wrong to have a jerk bait in the water. In this case, Daiwa Lazy Jerk. It’s fished slow and steady. It has a bit of lazy swimming action. Goes a bit deeper which I think is suitable, to this type of fishing on under water rocks/shallow points. In this case… the color Zombie Perch. Yes. Feels a bit twitchy.
– Don’t really care about that right now. Feels way to light.
– And when it finally surfaces it’s not “way to light”. But this one can’t be big. It just can’t be. Hey? It’s not that twitchy… I’ts not tiny… Here! Come on.
– But you said 3 over meter. Yes, they will come! I’m not done yet! Ouch! Thank you pike. There we go. I’m gonna be fast with you. There we got 99 89…
– Yeah sorry, exactly. 89. Full limit, with an 89. Not those we wanted, but god damn it’s nice. I’m sorry for the language. It incredibly nice! To be able to have a limit this early. Bye…Talk later.
– Yeah, bye. Swim Damn, it’s been eaten on. There we go, oh she was full of life. That’s perfect. God damn, fishing is fun! Hey? Gimme my lovn’.
– A small one. King, so god damn hot.
– Let’s get some more. Damn that’s nice. More, more!
– I want too. Netting 45cm fish…
– Yeah. What if he’s a 50?
– Ops… That’s exactly how I should not do. Ok, here we go. Gos to 66… done. A quick release on this one.
– Yes. Finally we have filled our bag limit. It’s not those fish we need to be successful but… We’ve tried a lot of different lures but are catching them on 23cm Pig Shad at the moment. A Zombie Perch this time. We’re gonna keep fishing and try out some things. What’s that?
– Worse odds today than… Holy shi… Yes! Great Carl! They’re so darn strong these ones.
– Oh yes. Good.
– Perfect, thank’s Martin. Thank’s Good Carl!
– Give ya a pull. Yeah, just send me away. Over the edge… Carl strikes again. He’s frying hot. We’ve hade very little vegetation and finally found some stubble reeds/under water reeds, so we anchored. And it didn’t take many casts until we got an upgrade. Not a giant but… We’re gonna upgrade a few centimeters on that smallest one we got at least. 70… 7… The go to lure for Böjda spön seem to be doing the trick. Congratulations to a full bag limit. You’re now really back in the game. The Scanians have not managed to catch anything yet. How are things going? Yes! There it is.
– Damn! Good. A bicycle pump.
Yes a bicycle pump, but what ever, it’s a god damn fish. It’s a 65, never mind. First god damn fish in the boat. Let me tell you… When they are hooked like this one and you really need to get in there, then I recommend using a “hook out”. It’s both long, and grabs the hook easy. And then you just push out the hook. Get’s out easier and it’s a bit gentler for the pike. Oh, a classical bicycle pump. But since we don’t have a minimum length… Then we need to check this. 67 This bicycle pump that I just caught at 67 cm… Took on a… Totally new lure from Westin that will be released this fall. In connection to the Pike Five premiere. Bull Teez A pretty profile based lure. With soft fins and a very rolling action in the water. Really nice. We’ve had pretty good fishing with it during this production. Holy shit! There’s a giant pike down there. He just swam away. Easily a 12 kg.
– Is it true? That’s sick. That was a giant. Holy shit, that was a huge pike. That’s sick.
– I just saw a giant pike down here. It was… I mean… At least 120 cm It’s true! It was right here. God damn it! Huh? That would have been a dream fish for pete’s sake. Mmm dear viewers, one think’s for sure. It’s truly a privilege to dwell in this environment. This giant body of water, and then this scenery around us with these peaks… And this… It’s totally magical.
– The whole uphill over there with the small trees. And then the bigger trees further up, and the ridge over there… It’s beautiful for real. There’s a little cabin there. It’s fantastic.
– Very beautiful. So go to Norrland and experience… Experience this nature. That’s a tip. Drift down a bit here… Yes sir-e!
– You hooked up? Oh yes!
– Yes, yes! That was worth the… Hold on now, we haven’t landed the damn fish. But hey, we haven’t landed it yet.
– No but I’m so gad damn happy. You can’t be cheering here and loose it, that would be… I’m so happy we came here. Yes.
– Wonderful. It’s an approved pike at least. about a 90 fish.
– So damn nice. Now we’re back god damn it!
– That one took some hardship. Now we’re on the move. We’re gonna stay here and slaughter whole day long. It’s a wonderful brown Norrlandic pike.
– A brown pike. And the beard is with us god damn it.
– Yeah yeah yeah… Should I help with that Jonas, so that we get it right? It’s done there?
– Yes. 83 cm First fish of the day has been landed. Now we just have to get more. And bigger… We know they are here. Pretty good casts huh? A real casting-canon. Revo Beast, I’m just say’n. Stinger Hornet, yummy. Better? Don’t think so. It took the lure on the drop at max cast distans. He’s fighting pretty good. Lively. Look how nice the markings on the back look in the sun. It’s like a lepard pike. Look at the beautiful stomach. Almost as fat as you “Fläskis/Porky”.
– Almost… get over here with the measuring board. Not so god damn far away from 80. 78 Fetch grandma. He’s fast and efficient. Good… He’s more than welcome to catch all my lost fish. That’s teamwork. Teamwork is exactly what it’s all about. And you are glowing hot today. Team Sporting truly has a good shot at the top if it continues like this. You know, in all the Norrlandic lakes up here are in one way or another a part of different rivers. Like Indalsälven, Ångermanälven and so on. That means that most of the lakes are made by dams. Which means that the water levels are highly regulated and have a big impact on the fish. If the conditions are bad for spawning, then it will be a bad spawning year for pike and other species. That’s also a reason to be a member of “Sportfiskarna” which enables them to influence politicians . And influence owners of hydro plants, in order to get improved fish habitats and fish stocks. So that they don’t damage that. That means free waterways and so on. Imagine how great when the salmon could migrate up here. In the old days they had demands, to only eat salmon maximum of 6 days of the week. You can imagine how the fishing was in those days. Today there’s dams and the fish can’t migrate, and there’s no more salmon here. We could have had one of the worlds best salmon fisheries. But as i said… Sportfiskarna is doing something about this. They are making our voices heard. I really think you should be a member if you are fishing. Okay Jakob, decisions. 1, 2, 3. Yes We’re going to… let’s see if my theory holds up, and I hope that this spot is not occupied when we return. But it will take us 2 hours. Upwards and try 2 spots. That’s easily gonna take 2 hours. We’ll see. Let’s go. Ouh… there came an arrow. Came from the side and then under. But that wasn’t anything large whatever it was. There he goes again. And I who wanted to catch him on the Dobb Daddy. Yeah I could have spared this one to you maybe. 67… It’s so hard to say when they are in the water. That’s borderline of course. At least it’s a fish. That’s always fun. Unfortunately not big enough. That’s not an upgrade either… Or?
– Maybe. Dobb Daddy. Just a quick measurement on it. 64 It took a Dobb Daddy, fished pretty shallow in the water. You could see the lure on under the surface and then “smack”. Very fun to fish. Here’s a bit more of a clay bottom, you see that? No…
– No rocks at all. The kind they like to just hang out on. Yes.
– Good. It’s a “snipe” but what ever. Oh, he’s shaking his head. Get him now. There we go, thank’s. “The cycle pump hunter”… Have spoken again. I get it to 64 cm. Pretty fat actually. You’ll have the honor… Oh what a wrestling match, you’re gonna get back don’t worry. Would have been a dream… I have a little joker here.
– You got a fish on? He’s barely hooked. 64 ? Two 64. Just wright the length there, I’ve prepared everything else. Well… That’s a full bag limit at least. But it’s nothing good. No But here’s fish, and that’s the important thing. – Yeah, but we could have been out of here, if I didn’t spot that giant. No but of course we shouldn’t leve now.
– No. And you had a nice follower too. The numbers have changed a bit and it’s a full bag limit for team Giganten, Böjda spön and Apart from that, the positions are the same on the scoreboard, but with upgrades for team Sporting. Team Upplev however, have only one fish in the bag. So there are reindeer here? I didn’t think so. Holy shit!
– On long line? Yes. On the other side of the sunken island/shallow point. Now the beard has awoken. The second fish is on. Let’s see if we get it in.
– Yes, I hope we land this one, it would have been great. What a “snask” strike…This one feels better, than the last one. He feels heavy man. Oh what a block! What a lump! Holy shit! My goodness! Look at it! Oh my.. what a darn pike! You’ll get a hug man. This might be a 10 kg No not quite. A 9 kg it is for sure. What an wonderful Norrlandic crocodile! The largest fish of the competition is landed. And well fished by team Upplev. Well… A real Norrladic crocodile. He’s so fat! He’s eaten so much food. You can see the fish moving in the stomach. This one has to go back now. What a god damn condition. Look at this fat back. Soon we don’t have a landing net. I’ll release him now, he want’s to go. Gosh golly, what a chunk. What a fish! Huh? Jonas?
– That one was big. What a block. He was so incredibly crude. Look… They’ve been in there…
– Yeah, but maybe they haven’t had “general snask”. No… I’ve just calmed my nervs and rigged up so now I’m gonna… …what if I get a strike on the third cast? An even larger one? We’re humming one here… We haven’t been in contact with any, well we’ve had a few bites. But it was a while ago both me and Stephan had a bite, but they are… There’s a bang and then it’s just gone. Either they strike hard or… There it is! You ready?
– Yeah I’m ready. This one is nice man.
– Alright… I’m ready. Nice and easy… There’s your 100. Not a 100, but close. We’re not moving a meter, that’s what I’ve been saying.
– “SnaskarGösen”. And that’s that! Good thing it’s a small one, because I’m dealing with hooks and stuff here. He’s over there crying “Fatty-Stockis”. Thought I’d leave him to deal with the hooks in the net, while I make a few casts in-between. Look at this one, “Panzer-Britta”. Got a back like a tank… 94 cm in length. It’s a heavy fish, this is the stuff you want. I mean, this one at 110 cm then we’re talking some serious weights. Feels incredibly good, now we have two 90 fish. Stephan caught a smaller one too right away. Now we’re on fire god damn it. And of course it was on the “SnaskarGösen”. SnaskarGösen. This one took a Buster Jerk in the same color with a power dot on the back. They’re going back and I’m gonna get me another one.
– That’s right. “Coolis” Coolis indeed… You truly are on fire, Sporting. Team have changed location to a reef/sunken rock, just outside of the bay where they saw team Upplev Fransson is in our neighborhood. If we are in bad luck than he’s already… …smacked up a giant pig already. There’s large fish over there.
– Yes indeed, there is large fish everywhere. Yes of course. But… They need to feed as well. A bit worrying to see him over there though… Very worrying to se Fransson around our spots. If you’re out fishing waters like this and don’t know them. And you don’t have any reference points at all… These shallow areas are really out in the lake. And without having an auto chart live, where you can record, and get a excellent overview. So that you can place your drifts and your casts precisely where you need to. Without that it’s impossible. Spots in order of 20-50 m that you’re suppose to find with no frame of reference, is just impossible. So you can see here… We’re positioned here where we have the shallow peak. We’re spot locked and placing our casts towards it. And are rotating around it. Best in the world… Today I’m using a different Gator rod. This is gator Gumbait, up to 140g With a Daiwa Costal 7.3 reel. The reason for me to use this rod today is because it’s a quicker blank. That means that it has a bit softer top but a powerful spine the whole way down. I can set the hook much faster, but it’s not a full action blank, which means you have to work a bit harder when, you make your casts. I love this characteristics with “Gator Explorer Giant Bait” It’s awesome. I’ve landed 3 out of 3 so far… We’ve found a shallow bay here and it looks, very hot here. We’ve made a few test casts, had some small ones biting. Now further in, it got a bit wider. And it looks extremely hot. We’ll hammer here for a bit. If nothing happens then we’ll go out again. There. Good Carl. It’s probably not an upgrade. What’s our smallest?
– 67 cm. I’m not supposed to try and fish with an offset hook.
– No… Put on a regular, because there’s not a lot of weed here. We just might find a spot here… There. Oh but what the heck… Oh well.. Yet another borderline case… Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Oh.. Someone has bitten of he’s tail fin. They’ve bitten of everything. He was to randy. But damn! They’ve chewed of several cm of the tail fin. It’s 70. Good. A few more cm. Good good.
– Took on a shallow rig. With a little extra clip on weight. They get a bit shewed on when rigged like this. Well… we’ve been in this bay now and… And got at least a full bag with 3 fish. But they’re so small we might as well have had zero fish. Yes.
– I mean, they won’t help in any case. No…
– But we saw a monster pike. Or at least I did. A giant. So thank’s to that we spent some time there and tried to grind. We’re out of that bay and if not Rostaren is mistaking, then he saw a similar place like this. Yes.
– But on the outside instead. So we’re gonna try that. And maybe there are big fish over there. The suspense is excruciating… I like you Jonas, but sometimes I hate you because you can be so damn stupid. Yes…
– But that’s just something I have to live with… Yes… but deep down you are a smart man.
– I am smart… You know probably… I know everything…
– You know 100.000 puns/word jokes, And every each one is worse than the last one.
– Yes, but the third one is the worst. How do you think the other teams are doing? We saw the Dane, they went into that bay. Yes, and have not come out of there since.
– No. So they have probably caught fish. They wouldn’t… Nobody… is just fishing if they ain’t catching. No they’re not that stupid.
– The Dane and Robin might have succeeded today again I think they’ve fished very good this far. Last season was terrible, but they’ve shaped up this season. Strong comeback. So they are doing good I think. We have fished okay, started out really slow. I mean… It was super slow! And I was in a bad mood because I got stock in the bottom and broke lines and stuff. And Jonas threw rods in the water, and it hardly felt that we were fishermen. But then we make a huge move. Several 10’s of kilometers on the lake. And then we just flip the whole thing.
– Just “snasking” it. So now we’re just need…
– More fish. One or two more big ones. Then we have a good chance to wrap this thing up. We’re putting the pedal to the metal. I’m still all shaky after that fish. Yeah, I understand that. If you catch a 120 cm fish that looks like that, then I’ll kiss you, I promise you that. that’s about a 17 kg fish. Yeah, a 120 cm pike in that condition is probably something everyone want’s to see. The mid day report is closing in.. is it as hot as before at team Sporting’s spot? everything is good now “Fläskis/Porky”, he’s catching a nice one now. Where you at? The least one can say is that it’s fun fishing right now. Extremely strong, well fed, fat Norrlandic pike. Took on a Buster Jerk in the color “SnaskarGösen” as well. Damn this is fun! I don’t think this one will make for an upgrade. No.. 81-82… A change of lure here… I’m putting on a Guppie I the color “SnaskarGösen” of course since that’s the color we are “snasking” on right now. And have basically been the go to color all day long. Joe at TruGlide has designed this one. Him and I have been friends now for 20 years, and I travel with him every year. We’re gonna fish together this september. Joe and I have actually won worlds biggest musky competition. 2 times. Last year we won again. That time it was Joe who caught the big one. And back in 93 I was the one who caught the biggest fish so… Now he’s on it again, the “snask-bandit”. He’s on top of things. He’s hot like an iron. This was a small… and shabby… …fish, but nice. And… Grabbed a Buster Jerk again. I seems to do the job extremely well right now. I fished it a bit faster. Reminds me of yesterday. The fishing slowed down while they seem to want more speed on the lures. Well..? We’ve stopped at another spot, on our way to our original start spot. It’s a passage between two islands, very rocky, a lot of structure on the bottom. This spot have resulted in a few fish here before and… Yes. No idea, it might be a better one. It’s fighting good. Wait, not yet… now, now, now. It’s ok.
– It’s ok, not a pig but an upgrade. It’s an upgrade. Damn that’s nice! No no no… this one is way to small. 76… Back you go. Bye Finally a strike, it’s been a few hours now, but finally another one. Unfortunately wrong size. But what to do? You have to go trough many before you get to the big ones. Incredibly nice anyhow, and such amazing fun! Isn’t that right Jakob?
– Absolutely. You’re becoming a “net master” (head waiter) for f***s sake. I’ve been a restaurant owner as you can tell. Just by the boat? It came and took a bite when the lure was 5 cm under the surface. A meter fish. No? Guaranteed
– No, are you kidding me? Seriously… It didn’t follow, it just came from nowhere and just… When the lure was here. To bad, that fish would have been important today. Sometimes you just don’t have those last percent luck in your favor. But, you’ve seem to have found a spot which holds fish. Dobb Daddy. Maybe maybe… No no no… 67-68 tops if I were to stretch it. The 80 + fish that we caught here… Those we have not caught today. They’re not really biting. a bit this morning but now.. No. I can’t fish with this one anymore. Iv’e managed to wear out a Pig Shad, soon there’s nothing to pin the hook to. I did only have one of those left. So… I have to feel the mojo in another one. Look what the wizard pulls out… My last one. There you go Carl.
– Thank you. Come on, bite again. There. That one though… Oh yes.
– No. Yes yes yes… down with the rod.
– Yes yes. Well that’s why he’s jumping into the air. Get over here… That one of those we were looking for. 86.
– Good. You got some mojo on you… Thank’s. But it’s strange… They should be more active right?
– Yes. You got one?
– Yeah but it’s a bicycle pump. You sure? But if it’s a 70 cm than that’s always something. Just check it, that’s not an upgrade.
– Now, definitely not. For f***s sake Rostaren…
– I mean it’s…. What’s happened? You’re lowering our score. I’m used to you bringing the bacon. Pig Shad I’m so disappointed in you… I’ll have to turn this, otherwise… Oh shit. Bicycle pump.
– Yes. But you’ll never know. We need to beat 64 cm. Maybe they’ve gathered up in that bay. The wind is pushing on there.
– This one might make for an upgrade. You want the net?
– No I got this. Another bicycle pump for “Ridde-Ruda”. Let me measure it. It just might… …give us an upgrade with a centimeter or two. No, it’s not 67 god damn it. It won’t go there.
– It’s on the line though. It is on the line. Pike… they give such nice strikes. Now you have to keep fighting team Giganten if you don’t want be dubbed: “Bicycle pump hunters”. The day is young, but episode 5 is coming to and end. There I had one! First god damn strike. You got a strike?
– Yes yes. Sure as hell it was a strike. It was just a bumb. Don’t think he even got hold of it… Just need to check if he’s not after it, no. I don’t even think that i chewed down on the lure. There I had one…
– You did? Yes! Got it!
– You got it? Yes! He’s swimming towards me. No! He got of just outside the boat, shit. F*** The last one to the bag limit. It wasn’t a big one I think. I never got to feel the weight of it. There’s one!
– Great! A small one but we’ll have a full bag. Hurry up, he’s barely hooked. Not on my rod.
– No, where is he? He’s here! Get him. Great. We’ve got 3 fish. Damn nice Håkan. It could have been the one I had, no… No. It’s great to just catch one. To fast ones. Got the bag limit full at least. Third fish, 72 cm. Jonas lost one, too bad. But that wasn’t a big one either, probably. I had a bite before, and than this one hooked up. So yeah… We’ll hammer on. Not far from the noon report. But nice to have a full bag limit. Real good. Yes! See ya, bye. Bye, fetch grandma. But we still have some hours on the day. I’m sure we’re able to upgrade some, huh? Yes we can. we have a full bag and I don’t think all the teams have that right now. Have you felt anything else? No. We’re gonna cover all of this bay. Now you’ll see what happens when you put on a “SnaskarGösen”. I’ve changed to Guppie, in that color. I can guarantee a fish on the first cast. Oh yes, how hard can it be? I’m a god damn king! I mean… I’m telling ya, SnaskarGösen. First cast with Guppie, first time we use it. Yesterday I caught a… the largest one yesterday was also on a Guppie. But that was on the motor.. motor oil… …version.
– That’s a nice one. No this is nothing… It’s just a little “Snaske-Franz” Yeah but still a fish. Fantastic beautiful pike… There we go! Double fish… it came off. “It came off”.. a classic Stockis comment. I told you guys. When I changed to SnaskarGösen, Guppie. I felt it was the right time, we’ve had some good contacts so… And lo and behold, I got a good bite on the first cast. Wasn’t a monster, but a nice fish. Dr.Snask We need a “kicker”, Fläskis(Porky). If we catch a kicker than we are deadly, I’ll tell ya that. We will catch a kicker. You do not have to worry about that… It seems as tho you are unstoppable, team Sporting. have moved back to their starting spot, to spend the last minutes of the episode on a spot they believe in. It’s not a good sign for the afternoon fishing, that the wind is starting to die off. The wind is calming, and as I said before, no wind no fish. That’s the way it works up here. Meaning… Well.. We’re in a hurry, or the wind needs to pick up. There we are at the shallow point. Yes! Better, better, better… You ready?
– I’m ready. That’s good. Wonderful. It’s not a giant, but god damn. It’s a fish that I managed to hook up. This one is so incredibly good. It’s one of my absolute favorite lures. Absolute favorite… damn, now I’m talking like you again. Absolute favorite, like I said. The paddle.. jerk tail, you can adapt it to many different styles. I’ve had most success with the BigTail. Let’s see here. This little lady is about to lay down on the measuring board. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the other teams have done. If they have managed to crack the code and found big ladies. We haven’t. We’ve caught fish… But we haven’t found the big ladies. But I’m still very positive towards the rest of the day. I am. Oh yeah. There… Let’s get him over here. I’ve made up my mind. He hasn’t. Good! That’s maybe that wide backed cow we caught the other day in practice. 99… Yes, that’s it. Good Martin! That’s how they’re supposed to look like. Now!… Now we have got em’. The answers… We always did believe in this spot, but at the same time when the hours starts to go by… Sure we caught fish but… Those we caught before would not bring us far. We’re closing in on the meter fish. only one centimeter. I’m convinced we can catch a few more of those. In this area. If we grind on. Awesome Martin, that was a very nice fish right in the end of the episode. A fish that puts you up a few notches on the scoreboard. Yes but that one could?
– No… Be an upgrade.
– No No, I got it. He’s hooked up good. Damn we’re in the nursery. Yeah but we’ve seen big fish, that’s what’s so god damn frustrating. 67 No not quite..Yes. He’s starting to twitch here so I’m just gonna… Oh, here’s a nice one out there.
– There is? Or no, what the hell is it? Yes, it sure as hell is a pike over there. Yes it is. Is it a pike?
– Totally uninterested, a really nice one too. A meter fish?
– He’s just swimming like… What the f*** is wrong with the big ones? It’s hiding.
– Oh check this. Get it.. get it, yes! They’re hiding down in the…
– This one could be 70 cm. So I’m gonna net it. Just because I had a fast retrieve. I reeled in real fast. That just might be the trick, because I had crap on it. We don’t have many minutes to the noon report but… We’ve just started here in this new bay, so I guess that’s pretty fitting, as a worthy finish on the episode. So… We have about 10 minutes left to fish. We’ll try to get one more. It’s a bit more murky in here right Rostaren? Yes. There’s a big wolf there… What?
– There’s a wolf right there. Just hanging out there. There. You can see the shadow underneath. There he is the bastard. Always have to have an eye on the side imaging and keep up. They show up on the Mega Si, that we have. The very high frequency lets you see fish clearly. Especially the shadow of the fish. This one has gone up from the bottom a little bit, which generates a good shadow. Jonas is trying to get that one. Let’s see if it will bite. No, I had one more! Now?
– Yes. What illusive strikes. Well.. 9 minutes left now. We’ve managed to fill our limit. We’re getting the indications of fish being present here. So we’re gonna fight on the last 9 minutes, after that we’re going to eat. And then we’re going to have a look at some other spots around here. And try to get another big one. Or preferably 2 more big ones.
– Yes. But let’s make some casts during the last minutes here.
– Yes, let’s keep casting. There’s a bite. This one is pretty damn nice. It’s decent. It’s damn decent. But nobody here gives a damn about netting or anything, so I’ll land it myself. Hand land that sucker. It’s a small one, a 70 fish. This one is over 80 Stephan… Yeah… Turns out it’s a 90 fish, which upgrades us with 4 cm. So now we got three 90 fish to our limit, so that feels pretty good. And the self-righteous doughnut over there, dismisses it like a 60-70 fish. The old man is getting spoiled. This is an absolute cracker. Three 90 fish.. I’m so god damn pleased so… What’s left is a 100 fish. That’s the mark. Was it the “SnaskarGösen”? Yes. He really wanted to get back home. Yeah… this feels so incredibly good. The goal has evolved to catching a 100 cm on every water. That doesn’t feel like an impossibility at all . Stephan had a verified 100 + follower so… Maybe I’m not known for the best nettings (net landings), but hand landing 90 cm fish is something I have black belt in now days. It’s funny how it again is a lot of activity in the morning. And then nothing for a long time… And then a lot is happening within a hour, we’ve been trough this before right? Yes… If I’m being totally honest about our position on the scoreboard, I think we’re actually in second place. You think?
– Yes. I think we’re second. This lake is not easy. And i think we are second and… Team Upplev or Giganten is in the lead. But the new format we have this season, with 3 fish instead of 5. That makes it really fun. Yes, but it have not benefited us If I may say so. But it’s exciting, one fish can turn the whole thing Yeah, that’s the fun part. Yes of course.
– That you’ll never have to feel down and out. And you can never feel safe either. Exactly.
– So team Giganten, hope you don’t feel safe. We’ll “snask” one or two additional fish of good quality. I can imagine that the fishing here on early mornings is really good. But we were out here in good time right? In practice.
– Yes, that’s what I ment. We were not here at this time of the day.
– What? We were not here at this time of the day.
– No no. Personally I think everyone have fished well today. They know where the big ones are… Where do you think we’re at, now just before lunch? I don’t know?
– Think “dentist” before you answer. I think we’re in a pretty god damn good position.
– You think so? Yes. I don’t think the other teams have found any fish. Yeah, I would be surprised if we were in last place. But… anything is possible. Maybe they’ve had great fishing, what do we know. Lunch/noon report…
– Last cast for episode 5 of Pike Five 2019. Like Lubbe would have said, or something like that. But I can’t talk with Scanian accent, so it wasn’t that good. You missed out on the whiskey voice, the urgent need for taking a poo, you missed everything. Did I?
– Yeah, that was horrible. Well well. Lunch report… We have fished good. I think we are in second place. I also think we are in second. We have total of 280 cm and that’s pretty damn good. I mean compared to the other teams this is, this is the best result so far, 280. But this lake holds huge fish and I think you have to have 300 cm to win. But 280 cm, we are number 2 and might even sniff on the first place. I think we have fished good right here before lunch. And Martin threw in a 99 cm in the game so we might still be on track. Close… almost 100 cm. The hell with it, open it up… An eventful first half of day 3 on the scoreboard. Team Sporting has managed to stay on top of things. And have now team Böjda spön just behind them, who have started to upgrade their fish with determination. Team Upplev have landed on a third place with and Giganten on their tail. Team Sporting, 280 cm are in the lead. We’re in second place… We have team Sporting ahead of us. You were right about the Dane, he has frightened up the fish. – Yeah. Stockis have caught a nice. And then us at 261 cm, biggest fish 106 cm. 89, 76, 83. 248cm Giganten… 71, 67 and 67… It’s so damn nice that team Giganten is at the bottom. And we have the chance to actually turn this around. You can stay down there. You live far down in the country so you must stay down on the scoreboard to. Not climb up on it. You have to… give us a chance to win this thing. We have the largest top fish.
– Yes we have. Yeah, we’ll just have to get it done. Good, let’s do it. That’s good work everyone. It’s just us who can’t keep up. – Yes. But we have to change our game plan. I wonder how the others have fished. But they’ve been fishing pretty much the same. At least Upplev and Sporting, those we did see. And where they were fishing. And team Giganten, 205 cm. I’m not gonna say to much because they’ve been in last position every time before, a lunch report. But the thing with the “Lappsjuka” (Norrlandic sickness), that I mentioned before… I think that’s kicking in pretty hard right now.
– Yeah me too. Now it’s… Now it’s hit them. Damn that’s good!
– Yeah this one is good, this one is god damn good! It’s so sick, Giganten have been in last place on every day, and always made it to the top anyway. So those I will never count off. They’re incredibly adaptable. That’s their strength. But god damn, how good is this?!
What fish did the other teams have? Team Upplev have a 106 cm kicker, that wicked.
– That’s really wicked. That’s the biggest fish of the competition.
– Yes it is. There are many hours to go.
– Yeah, it’s good fishing. Good fishing boys. You’ve all fished good! Good fished by team Sporting.
– Yeah, do not even joke about it. Well.. we have to catch one, we have to catch one big… Let’s just face it, we are second to last, again… We’re doing well now… The big question before the next episode, will we catch the big one? Yes… We will…
– I think so. We will… Don’t miss that! And also don’t miss to subscribe to the Youtube channel and @TackleShopProductions on Instagram. See you next week when day 3 unravels. Pike Five 2019 is brought to you by: And by: You know for me it’s all about managing the offensive feeling of a great presence in my end-musculature. Because there’s something there that doesn’t feel all to well. It’s curving towards the edge of my pants. Back home we say that it’s the Herring head but I’m not sure about that. More like an eel. Let’s see now… I pinched. It snooked up again. It’s like a moray eel. That looks out. A piston…
– No a moray eel

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  1. Undrar vart Team Böjda Spön har lär sig att göra sina mothugg, klart att dom bränner fisk som man såg i början av episoden? Sen undrar man varför dom inte byter plats än att stå och nöta i flera timmar på samma ställe och och bara lyckats fått en fisk på över 85cm i håven, trotts det så står dom fortfarande kvar, hmm

  2. Fan va jävla coolt att ni fiskar i min hemmasjö! Men det är mycket bätte gäddfiske nedanför bron om jag skulle säga det själv 🙂

  3. I love the special lure colors for this edition. Unfortunately in the shops almost everything is sold out (especially the Buster Jerk), do you know if new stocks of these limited colors will arrive in the shops soon? Thank you for your reply!

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