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Galaxy Note 10 Hands-On: Samsung’s Superphone Gets A Magic Wand

Galaxy Note 10 Hands-On: Samsung’s Superphone Gets A Magic Wand

– I’ve been using Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones on and off for the
better part of eight years. So a few weeks ago when
the new Galaxy Note 10 first appeared on the horizon, I moved back into last year’s Note 9 and started a running list of
everything I wanted changed, the things I wanted kept
and at least one old feature I wanted it back. Well, the day is finally here and Samsung’s not just showing
one new Galaxy Note, but two. So let’s see how much of this wish list the Samsung Galaxy Note 10
and Galaxy Note 10+ check off. (upbeat music) Let’s start with the easy ones, using the Note 9 for the past
few weeks has reminded me just how confining it can be to go without a wide-angle camera. Well Samsung thankfully solved for this by bringing over the entire camera array from the Galaxy S10, from
telephoto to wide to ultra wide. Also ported from the S10
is another of my requests, reverse wireless charging, so you can top up your Galaxy
Buds or watch on-the-go. And Samsung gave us faster
charging in both wired and wireless modes, more
details on just how fast when I get to the box contents
at the end of the video. For now it suffice it to say
we’re off to a good start. One thing I didn’t think
to ask for was two sizes of Galaxy Note, but here we are. The bigger Note 10 plus comes with the biggest screen ever on
a Note, at 6.8 inches, while its sibling uses
the smallest chassis since the Note 5 to
accommodate the screen size of 6.3 inches. Now that little nano Note is intriguing because it kinda breaks the
trend of endless inflation we’ve seen in the line until now, but it makes enough spec sacrifices that I’m mostly gonna
focus on the big one. Do me a favor, let me know in the comments if you’d like me to cover
the smaller Note 10. And please subscribe to the channel too. Whichever size you select of course the Note 10 packs the S Pen
that gives the phone its name. And while more S Pen
features is on my list, these are not necessarily
the ones I meant. More ergonomic. Rounded corners. I was hoping maybe Samsung
had figured out a way to make it feel less like
you were writing on glass, instead it put a gyroscope in
the pen so you can do this. Up, details. Down, get out of here. Oh, back. Just click for back. Got it. Okay. Interesting with a capital I. Look, gesturing in midair
to control software might be useful to some and maybe developers will even use the SDK to make something cool out of this, but I gotta say that
Harry Pottering my way through photos in the gallery
did little to enchant me. It was a lot more fun to get
myself made into a Klingon using the new AR doodle features. Yes, justice. Ah, yes of course. They make love at the drop of a hat. The end of the day I’m still an S Pen fan, it’s a very useful tool that
literally no other phone has, I guess I just expected innovations that further expanded that usefulness on the first double-digit Note. Sticking with things I didn’t get, that a prominent selfie camera has a field of view that
tops out at just 80 degrees, not wide enough for the vloggers I’ll talk about in a second. And on a more particular point, I was really hoping for a backplate made of anything other than glass. Look, I get it, this is
where the industry is at and it gives us beautiful
designs like the Aura Glow here, but unless you etch it like OnePlus does, it picks up fingerprints
like a crime scene and after a while it
just feels gross to use. Why call out the Note for this, when nearly every phone is glass? Well because the Note used to
be among the most adventurous in terms of alternative finishes. I’d love to see a stitched
leather backplate again. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, but I bet our minds meet when
it comes to another omission, the 3.5 millimeter jack is gone. Personally, I don’t care
about the headphone jack, since I’ve been using
Bluetooth headphones for years, but one of the ways Samsung
is trying to push this Note is by appealing to creators. The Note 10 ships with
its own video editor, with better video and audio capture and a new screen recording mode that lets you float your face in a bubble on top your content, for live commentary. Given how useful the 3.5
millimeter jack remains for things like lav
microphones and selfie sticks, and how the Note has always been Samsung’s kitchen sink phone, its removal here doesn’t
make a lot of sense to me. Of course, the Note 10 plus is still the overpowered super phone
it’s forerunners were. The battery is huge, the storage is fast and the RAM is prodigious. All great assets to have,
even if your phone can’t spread itself onto a computer
desktop, like this one can. Samsung even granted one
of my most important wishes by finally giving us
the option to ditch that stupid Bixby button. So on the whole the things
you gain with the Note 10 far outweighed the things you lose. As for how many of those
gains are worth the price, I’ll need more time with
the phone in the real world because from live PC game streaming to that new video stabilization, there’s a ton I didn’t get to try in my first hour with the phone. Pre-orders are live August
8th starting at about 950 for the Note 10 and $1,100 for the +. The 5G version will be
exclusive to Verizon at first, with pricing announced later. In the box you get USBC
headphones and a 25 watt charger, with a 45 watt charger
available for purchase, if you get the +. Pre-order customers get
between a $100 and $150 in credit, in case you want one of those
new 15 watt wireless chargers or the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Which I’m hoping to see
at the launch event. If I do you’ll see it
on my Instagram first, follow me at themrmobile
for some early impressions. And if you agree with my
objections to glass smartphones, be sure to hit up my sponsor dbrand. For years these guys have sold the best vinyl smartphone skins in the business. So click the link in the description to protect your Note with
coatings from subtle to showy. A special thanks to Android central for help shooting this one, along with the other
publications listed here whose first look videos you
absolutely should check out. I’ll link them below. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

100 comments on “Galaxy Note 10 Hands-On: Samsung’s Superphone Gets A Magic Wand

  1. I'm sticking with my outstanding Note 9 and it's headphone jack which I still use daily!
    I also like my Otterbox case which eliminates the back glass issue completely.

  2. Motion gesture with the pen would be great for mirroring the screen to projectors or other screens for presentations ect. What kind of reviewer would not take this into consideration? One heavy marketing point of the note phone is it's usefulness in a business setting…. Not to be rude. Sorry if it sounds it. Just take the perspective of everyone that will be using the phone.

  3. Samsung can get back on me when they release a Note 10+ in pink.
    Excluding the max sized version of that color for some blant white one is disgraceful. They really getting stale this year.

    If Huawei going to be smart on the Mate series they could push it over and get Samsung in some sales trouble.

  4. Samsung can get back on me when they release a Note 10+ in pink.
    Excluding the max sized version of that color for some blant white one is disgraceful. They really getting stale this year.

    If Huawei going to be smart on the Mate series they could push it over and get Samsung in some sales trouble.

  5. You easily get far higher input and output audio quality with a BlueTooth or WiFi Direct DAC/AMP device paired to your phone. The audio quality in the 3.5mm is 'meh' at best when considering production quality, but still great for most consumers. The Note series is not for media consumption by proposed design so it makes sense to carve out the old DAC/AMP circuit and plug to make room for the S-Pen (rather than removing battery like with the Note 8).

    I don't get the hate for the removal of the headphone jack. If you just listen to streaming music, generic BT devices are usually higher output than the source material. If you are working production sound, you essentially need more quality than the internal DAC provides anyway. This was a smart decision for a 'prosumer' model device.

  6. Was about to buy the fucking note 10 plus. But fuck it, 1080p, no micro sd card, etc. I traded in my samsung s10+ and went with a lg g8 thinq. I don't regret it.

  7. Good idea for the S Pen would be using it as a projection remote. Using the gyroscope and gestures for changing slides and mimicking a laser pointer!

  8. Where is the dedicated photo editing app where s-pen could shine. Apple is even making a full photoshop for iPad with Apple pencil support

  9. No headphone jack is a no for me. I know we're in the age where everything is wireless, but why not put it on? Especially if you're going to charge $950+ for this

  10. If you have a Note 9 or S10 variant you can get the note for $600 off right now. Hanging onto Samsungs and trading them up to other Samsungs can pay off. I traded my S8 for Note 9, got it for like 450. Traded my Note 9 and got the S10e for 300. I'll be able to pick up the Note 10 for $350. Doing this makes them very appealing.

  11. I would rather deal with a dedicated stupid Bixby button on my samsung phone rather than lose the headphone jack. Wired headphones = unlimited listening time. No batteries, no charging, no losing ear buds on accident.

  12. I got myself a redmi k20 and it is fast enough for everyday task. It cost less than 1/3 of the price of the base note 10. Now our hope is on mate 30 pro for the smartphone of the year

  13. My advice to anyone who wants this phone, just wait 1 month and the price will drop by hundreds of dollars, Samsung phones always do. Or better yet, don’t buy it.

  14. What's important is that when you die you go to Heaven…

    Hell is real and most people are headed there 😞

    Jeremiah 29:13 King James Version (KJV)

    13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

    This is a promise from God…

    Please, please seek the Lord while he may be found…

    Only Jesus saves…

  15. Why does YouTube do the thing where your notifications on videos go away after a period of time? That happened with this video that I was so excited to watch yesterday.

  16. The only reason the note exists is to hike up the price of the note 10 plus the note 9 had the same features as note 10 yet cheaper , I have lost all faith in Samsung

  17. Note 10+ is good, but Note 10? Nope.

    Talk about marketing strategy… Just get the now cheaper Note 9 or an S10.

  18. For a device that emphasizes on writing on the display with a stylus, a 90hz or 120hz display would make more sense.

  19. Two points…
    One, it's simply crazy upgrading to a new device every year. Today's devices do not become obsolete within a year, they can easily go 3 to 5 years, course the manufacturers would love to convince you otherwise. Oh and the price nowadays is just insane, unless it would also brew coffee and give a BJ too.
    Two, it's insane coming out with a new device every single year. Manufacturers should use that time to perfect the current and next generation devices, perhaps released every 2 to 3 years.
    Just my 2cents.

  20. Funny to see so many people hung up on the name. Let me clue you bozos in: the Note 10 Plus is the REAL Note 10. The little one is for folks who want the usefulness of the pen in a small form factor.

  21. I just want to upgrade my note 8 without a damn hole in the screen. A tiny spec of dust on the screen makes me immediately stop and get it off my phone. There's no possible way I could tolerate that stupid hole watching something full screen. What do I do give up on the note series I've been with since the note 4? Seriously, what the hell do I do?

  22. Okay, can we take a moment to appreciate how unobtrusively Mr. Mobile packages his sponsorship spots? It’s always in a subtle, respectable way. It just feels so fluid with the tone of the video, that I’m not nearly as offended to sit through it as I am with other content producers.

    Michael Fisher, I salute you, kind sir. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  23. Wonderful Video Content …….
    Undoubtedly You made the best video than all other youtubers out there and put so much effort during every second…..Subscribed !!

  24. The smalll note is an utter dissapointment imo , so many features gone , display 1080 P screen , 3.5 mm headphone jack, SD card, heart rate sensor , this is not even an S8 with an pen imo.
    The big note is certainly good , shame about the still very handy headphone jack.
    Sammy claims there wasn't enough room , and that may be the case , but I'm betting had Sammy not made the device even thinner than last year's model for cosmetic reasons we could have had the headphone jack.
    In my neck of the woods the high end 1Terrabyte note model is 2.4 K , the 256 GB model is 2k .

  25. will people stop complaining. Fucking Apple diehards are everywhere. Just because some Major features are not in the Note 10 doesn't mean is bad fucking phone. Like seriously just because It has no headphones, sd card, 3600mAh and 1440 resolution doesn't mean it's a downgrade. The note 10 sacrifices major features to make more major and minor features, like better camera, S-pen, more screen to body and more. You fucking idiots just judge's the book by its cover. Like literally It's not about batter capacity, it's about battery optimization Samsung may have a better battery optimization the the note 9(just like the iphoneX that has a small a battery), and also Samsung is not like any other brands, they remove major features for a reason unlike other phone brands. If you don't believe that I suggest you to shut up and just buy a 1449$ iPhone XS MAX.

  26. I see you asked for people to subscribe in this video. Is that because in the last video I commented that you have far too few subscribers? I can't believe it! Such great reviews!

  27. Let’s look at this… as you can see the note 10 only has 1080p 3 colours to choose from when you buy it 8gb of ram only 256gb storage no fast charging and a worse camera than the note plus while the cheaper iPhone XR has got the same screen more colours less ram but will outperform Samsung’s 8gb has 256gb of storage and has fast charging while being cheaper keep in mind the XR is faster and will get more support for more years Samsung is copying Apple and it’s pretty obvious

    Note 10
    3 colours
    8gb ram
    $200 more than XR

    Note 10 plus
    4 colours
    8/12gb ram
    Micro sd card
    Fast charging
    More depth sensors on camera

  28. Nice new Samsung Note 10 cell phones, the Note 9 was one of the best cell phone in 2018 I don't know if there is a reason to upgrade to the Note 10.

  29. Cover the smaller note 10 plz. This will be my first note since the note 5 which I loved. Samsung won me back with the smaller form factor

  30. Only 3500 mah and no ex memory for note 10 🙁
    It's a good phone, but more like a note 9S than "all new" note 10 tbh.

    A "great duo"…??? 😒

  31. your dillegence, neatness, eloquent speech, proper spelling and attention to the fine details are appreciated and admirable.

  32. Note 10 Nerfed. Prefer Note 10 size but not with those compromises. Note 10+ is too big but has the features. So Samsung just designed themselves out for me.

  33. I don’t know a single person who goes without a case. Finger prints do not matter for most people. Why want to go backwards to less premium materials?

  34. A review of the smaller one would be appreciated! I like what the note brings, but am hoping to downsize my device if possible. Even with the compromises, I'm interested in how the smaller one holds up – otherwise might as well opt for an s10 or an iPhone xs

  35. Exceptional content and coverage as usual. I will stick to getting the iPhone XR. I just prefer LCD to OLED.

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