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GALE FORCE TWINS: Blue Marlin Fishing in Kona 2018

GALE FORCE TWINS: Blue Marlin Fishing in Kona 2018

Alright. What’s going on? I’m looking for a bagel Um ok So we are fishing on the Melee For three days… I think Three or four, in Kona Uh we got invited by Captain Mike Tan Who’s a sail fisherman out of Singapore And we are fishing with Bryan Toney and his mates name is Creed And yesterday we hooked up We went two for four on blue marlin Which is the best they’ve had in a couple weeks Today, its uh My watch is on the wrong time zone I don’t know what time it is Its 9:25am Its 9:25am And yesterday we didn’t get our first bite til noon So we are just out here Waiting for another bite Even on this big of gear you can still feel the fish Which is important If they were easy to catch everybody would be doing it Go on strike? Yeah Go ahead and ease up nice and easy, just like Oh There you go, just like that 1305! Its on that one? Its on? Oh yeah! Niiiice. Its a nice one. 200 pounder I think Oh yeah Niiice Good job. Good job Get you a couple wraps brother Nice! Pretty work! Get you a little tug there dude? Oh its nothing like a saily! Nice going BT Good job guys!

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  1. How good is Kona, fished there a couple years back. Not many places in the world you are setting the gear as you leave the marina. Kona is awesome.

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