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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


is really big if you so I keep its nose
like hands alright guys we just hooked on something big
alright guys welcome back to another episode I’ve been here quite a few times
I have found three guns here so far I am bringing my new magnet here anyways
we’re going to throw the 1500 pound brute down here so we can’t find
anything nothing what is that now for sure what this is
it does look like it’s junk anybody knows what this thing might be
go ahead let me know down in the comments oh god something we got there hey that couple bolts and screws okay
that fine knows all time not for sure what that is oh look at that got a
little rabbit on it I wonder where it goes – anybody knows what this goes to
let me know down in the comments something on there yeah there’s that big
ol hook alright guys we just hooked onto something big is really big alright guys I feel I got it Oh guy
thing look at that I think it’s really hard to get all the
water does the junk over in well here’s the game warden and see what
he wants how the glory vineyard these things does a little bit things right
there so far I’ve and I are very long time
found three guns died here so far yeah yeah yeah he I in the past not today
yeah I turned him into Marion County he’s finally gave them back to me a
couple days ago yeah so they gonna find anything linked oh yeah man you too
thank you guys I just pulled up a big on that this thing though the fishing lures
in it that was a good thing we got that out of the water it’s take a look what
we found today we did not find a whole lot today because I’ve been here so many
times this is the same place where we found it three guns and the sword if you
guys been watching but we did pull out this bill ran out of this room I think
it was more a hot that I did find this I’m not for sure what this goes to let
me know down in the comments if you know what this goes to it little does have a
little rabbit on it I’m not for sure so just let me know it looks like I found
some sort of bracket it is piece of junk did find this fishing lures


  1. That rabbit piece is actually half of the part, other half has a turtle, it belongs on a lawn mower upper throttle mechanism ( slow/fast).

  2. If the game warden sees enough magnet fishing he will propose a license for it so they can make more $$$$!

  3. Mad props bro. Thanks for cleaning out the river. I'm gonna half to start doing this in southern oregon

  4. It won't be long before they will want your money. Some state will try to make it where you need a permit to magnet fish.

  5. Did this stuff 40yrs ago. It was just river crap then and it's still the same crap now but oh well have fun.

  6. Game warden came out my FIRST time magnet fishing. Had pretty good success with finding a new pocket knife and a clean shuriken. Showed them to the warden. He asked if he could take a picture and put it up on the WY FWS page…want to say July or aug ‘18. He had never heard of it before! Great cleanup job! SO glad you got the net out. So detrimental to wildlife.

  7. 1st item is the bracket for a motorcycle front faring. It’s what attaches the faring to the bike

  8. I tried this in local waters and scored a Grigsby N10 Reduction Sleeve w/ Compound Radius; I mean, what are the odds?!

  9. I hate the way people use our waterways and nature as their garbage can. Thank you for cleaning up after these pigs.

  10. when i was kid I loved doing this at night around marina's in the Savannah area, I found a ton of useful items…expensive wrenches etc, just buff out the rust and still have some of them today

  11. That piece of metal you found with the rabbit on it is part of a lawn mower you flip it one way to go faster the other way to go slower

  12. Looks like a worthwhile hobby, none of that junk belongs in the water & pulling it out is good for the environment. You should take up metal detecting,

    (same buzz when you find little pieces of history).

  13. I about stopped hunting many years ago because my favorite places to go turned into harassment trips. Land Between the Lakes was one ex-favorite place. The area has since been taken over by the U.S. Forestry Service, but back then it was just Federal land with its own LBL Police Department. Also prowling non-stop was Tennessee Wildlife and Resources Management, and the Kentucky equivalent agency. What it meant was this —- 100% of the time I was stopped and "checked out;" sometimes twice by two different agencies.

    There was one firebreak I would always get ready to stop because somebody would jump out and flag my car down —- they would actually have to sit their for hours until I came out. 100% of the time, EVERY trip — never failed. If you really wanted to get them stirred up, take the .22 and hunt squirrels during the small game season when big game hunting was banned. Actually, don't hunt anything…. just fire a .22 every now and then; that really but the boys on a feeding frenzy when you came out. They just KNEW you were in there poaching deer and would tun your truck upside down/inside out looking for a deer hair.

    Another hell-hole was Nathez Trace State Park during the deer season. These idiots would search you car asshole-to-elbow after stopping you for no other reason than you were there, and loved to find a firearm. They would damn near disassemble a rifle to see if they could find a bullet hidden. A friend of mine had an expensive imported shotgun destroyed, because the clueless warden thought it was a top-break action (it was actually a sidebreak, which because a top break after several attempts across one of the warden's knee).

    Never could figure figure the law out. If the cops are looking for 6 dead persons inside of your trunk, they cannot stop you without having strict and articulate legal reasons to do so. Even if the cops know the bodies are there! However, the game wardens (or cops who can enforce game and fish laws in most jurisdictions) can stop any vehicle for any reason, or without any reason whatsoever (I was just bored and thought I'd pull over the 6th car of the next batch to come along, your honor) if they are looking for a single dead rabbit. Go figure; I can't.

  14. Well, you gotta understand the warden's thinking. We all know that fish will eat anything; especially the bottom dwellers like catfish, carp, etc. Now, it's reasonable that some of those fish have swallowed a screw or nut at sometime. And, those fish and your magnet happen to meet in the water, so you get to land a fish! Presto! Where is your fishing license! Actually, he does have a right to stop and check. All he can tell from a distance is that some guy is wetting a line in fishing waters and hauling things in. It should have been obvious once he was close, and it was. All well.

  15. I went with my uncle who enjoyed doing this. We picked up front axle for a Ford Model T. Pawn shop paid us $90 for it.

  16. That is a looks like y'all will heating help a switch out of a 00 Chevy pickup that looks like part of it it ain't all there

  17. That's good that the game warden didn't jack with you. They should encourage this it's a really great way to clean the water ways.

  18. That rim is good for outdoor wok cooking. That bracket is part of a communist car trailer hitch assembly. The bunny is a playboy accessory for vehicles.

  19. That much trouble to lift a rim from a 3/4 ton pickup truck? Methinks you need to hit the weights !!!

  20. The thing with the rabbit is a throttle control for a lawnmower or riding tractor. The rabbit is high idle, there should be a turtle for slow idle.
    You're welcome.

  21. You don't sound very healthy. Your breathing shouldn't be so breathless when you are not really exercising yourself.

  22. Thanks for getting that fishing net out of there. It’s good that someone is getting the crap out of the waterways

  23. So do these guys scrap this metal or just throw it away? Idk if you can even get cash of scrap metal that's been sitting in a body of water.

  24. You just gave me a great way to find a few Rolex s that was lost about 30 years ago in water area off a boat. Think it could work.

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  26. The bracket looks like something I've seen on a riding lawnmower. I think its the linkage that raises the mowing deck. There might be a lawnmower down there.

  27. I used to sink burlap bags along rivers with cinderblocks to snag lures and tackle. I went and got them out In the fall and would either sell them back to the tourists or keep them. That net probably had the same purpose.

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