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Gannet XSport Review and Working (Drone fishing)

Gannet XSport Review and Working (Drone fishing)

My name is Pierre Hertzog and I have Nico Myburg here with me today and this video will be on the gannet XSport you can remember the previous time we talked about the Gannet X that is purely an electronic device where we switch on the Lights of the Drone and it will drop the bait and then we had a video on the gannet Sport the gannet Sport is again a totally mechanical device and we had a
video and we talked about all the futures and so on and today we are going to talk about the gannet XSport Nico can you tell us a little bit about the mounting of the gannet XSport well Pierre this is the XSport basically, you will take off this small cover
here and it is just a plastic insert that you push out it comes out very easily and then you will put the sensor cover over
it to just plug it in the bottom over the lens cover you don’t need to remove the lens cover and it’s on the front lights this on the right front arm of the drone,
you clip the gannet X on the centre of the drone with two grommets importantly is to make sure that you mount it in the centre so that you do not put to much weight on the front or back motors let’s have a look at the modes of operation and the first is the same as the mechanical gannet Sport you place the loop on your thumb and index finger then you grab it like this and push it in when you want to drop your bait you just put tension on the line and it will drop mechanically so that’s the one way of operation and
the advantage of this Nico is that it is safe because things happened yes birds fly into your line, you can get an overwind on your reel and you are totally safe so yeah so even if you too slow to drop it with switching the lights on and off then it will automatically drop
if something happens and I’ll show you that in a small video clip later on so mechanically it just clips in and it releases electrically it works like this. Nico you can open it for us by switching the lights now you can just push it in because it is totally open so you push it in and you can close it and now it is closed I will put my hand underneath here so if Nico switch the lights it will drop that is then dropped electrically by switching the lights on or off It is an easy way of operation. yes definitely you have the best of both worlds now you can also clip in mechanically and release it electrically let’s try that so let’s go and do a physical drop I will show you two very short clips the first is a normal drop with a pickup towards the end in the second clip, we will see what happens when there is a reel jam Phantom 4 pro in the air, switched on the gannet XSport, clipping it in and closing it so they check the direction again a long leader 22m shark bait 10 oz sinker, 500lb steel trace keep your eye on the left rod We are at Mpame beach here clipping in the line, close it and there it goes there it goes, again a 22 m leader and shark bait on big circle hook It was quite windy this whole clip is less than one minute but you will see now with the phantom 4 pro you can check with your camera and as soon as he is beyond the breakers it’s about 400 metres out you will see a reel jam to the right of his hand, you can see the line peeling off the reel and there’s it a reel jam and the gannet XSport dropped automatically so here’s what I think about the gannet XSport after using it on the last Transkei trip I think it’s an excellent dropping mechanism lightweight it’s not in front of any of the
sensors on my Phantom 4 it did not obstruct the bigger camera that’s on the phantom 4
Pro it worked brilliantly every time with the electrical drop I also like the fact that
it’s safe to use so that if something goes wrong that it will automatically release
with the mechanical release so I really think it’s a great product and if I had to buy now
if I had the choice between the different Gannet dropping mechanisms are will surely go for the GannetXSport so this was then the review video of the Gannet XSport and if you enjoyed this please subscribe, please give the video a like and I will see you in the next video thank you very much

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