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Garrett AT pro vs Fisher F75

Garrett AT pro vs Fisher F75

hey….hold tight why do i have to hold him? that’s why this is Jack hello guys today it’s April 1st kidding! that’s no joke pete and me are going to… to get us an other metal detector i’m Pete and we are going to test this detector i already have an idea for that an that’s what i’m gonna show you in this video are we gonna put it in a box for a giveaway? no…that’s not the idea it’s to help find treasure ofcourse we’re going to get it now in a minute you will see where and the kind of detector we are going to get? you can hear that my voice is not wel yet we are getting a Fisher F75 the best detector ever!! that’s what we are going to test we shall see we’re almost there so… let’s surprise our colleague detectorist here whe are, this is the place there he is the one and only Peter van der Mey hi Fans well people, two detectors the Garrett AT-Pro and the Fisher F75 which one is better? everyone thinks his or hers is the best i’ve got these two let’s see which one of these two is the best i hope you like this and thank you for watching this is the first detector let’s take a look at the settings as you can see, the settings are i hope you can see this i’ve got it in “pro” disc. at 34 and it’s in “custom” mode sence is full open so…let’s see what this machine wil find wel, that was the first one with the AT-Pro from Garrett i’ve marked the spots with yellow plastic caps up to the next one and it’s the F75 from Fisher let’s take a look at the settings discrimination…no sensitivity at 80 discrimination level at 0 only the lowest iron is discriminated with the notch, it’s at 10 i use “3 tone” and it’s in “yewelry mode” let’s go and see that was the Fisher the F75 which we’ve marked with red caps let’s see the difference so…let’s see what we got this is the lane which we’ve used let’s see, here we have a red and a yellow cap so both detectors detected something here is a red one from the Fisher a little bit further here is one from the AT-Pro this one the Fisher did not detect both machines also both machines and this one, just the AT-Pro i have only listened to the sound of the detectors there’s another one both machines just sound here’s a lonely one from the Fisher this whas a quit piece another one as you can see, both machines again this one also both a lot of you are perhaps wandering why i walked this lane from different sides why did i walk the same route back? because sometimes some items: and this is funny these are outside of the lane i walk the lane in both directions because the object are always in different positions in the ground so it could wel may be, that the first time the detector misses an item while the chance is big you will get it if you walk the same route back so this was the lane let’s see, both detectors i also didn’t pay attention at what dept the items where detected but we will find out not at this dept i’ve closed the first hole because there is a drainagepipe at 30 cm a piece of pipe, let’s leave it there there is some kind of signal but, he is not happy at 22 9 inch that’s about 30cm not a nice signal so i won’t dig it let’s take the next one there’s a better signal two nice signals could also be just the same signal twice the AT-Pro does the same thing at this spot let me show you let’s get the Pro let’s remove the headset so you can hear it too so we see that the AT-Pro gifs a iron signal on the first cap and here we get a better signal a beautiful 60-61 going up to 77 the second one gifs a lower signal but stil 63-64 sometimes let’s dig this one as you can see the signal is at this side so these two are probably one and the same we are getting closer we are also getting closer to the other signal it should be out now no, not yet the signal is very close i really think that we must dig the other signal so….let’s close this one and let’s make shure it’s like we never been here let’s go for the second signal we’ve got two signals here from both detectors but it’s probably just one signal there it is both detectors can find a penny and both, at the same spot the next one as you can see, this also was detected by both detectors it was a deep signal so let’s see if we can get this one faster open it up pinpointer doesn’t detect yet let’s see it’s still in the hole, according to the detector it also tells me that it’s very deep more then 25cm so it’s quite possible, if i look in a straight line that this hole is probably the same pipe as earlier there was the other hole with the pipe so here is the other side of the drainagepipe the other one was also very deep and maybe i’m wrong and will we find something nice also possible, we will see we are already at…. over 20cm and here is the signal let’s see if it comes out it’s very deep i’ll put you on pauze for a moment and as i was thinking there it is the pipe this is the next good signal the Fisher says it’s jumpy 81-8-74 but it’s a good signal, i think let’s check with the AT-Pro who says…… a clear 75-80 sometimes 60, so somewhere between 60 and 80 let’s dig! i’m curious what it may be and again both detectors detected this one check with the pinpointer it’s out i see some brown color i think it’s another coin 5 cents i think it’s a soccer field so i don’t expect something really good oh wel, it’s five eurocents both detectors again i’ve opened this one already AT-Pro and the Fisher F75 found by both detectors proof is somewhere under here there are the caps and it’s already out a piece of foil from a soda can again both detectors fisher says 25 cents dime-quarter sometimes “tab” it jumps a bit and the AT-Pro around 80 sometimes 53 so it could be a pulltab let’s see how deep it is also pretty deepso i will put you on pauze again and here is that damn famous pipe again wel it’s a sporting field, so what did you expect? a sportingfield should be drained, you can’t use water on the field the next hole the Fisher is screaming 65-70 now let’s get the AT-Pro let’s put the headset on and the AT-Pro says also 75 so both machines are equally constant let’s see what it is i just recieved a phonecall while filming with my phone hahaha now let’s see what the nice signals from the both detectors was a coin another coin no, it’s not a coin! it’s a silver pendant look silver pendant, so they both find silver cool!! at the same spot where the AT-Pro gave a nice sound just the AT-Pro and not the F75, the lonely yellow cap a guilder from the pre euro age let’s see what the reaction is on the Fisher with a Guilder, it’s made from nickel i put the coin on the ground let’s take a look there must be a reason why he didn’t detect this coin the coin is on the ground found by the AT-Pro now it detects the coin but what do we see? it jumps allover and that’s a shame, because it’s a beautiful coin to find and the Fisher doesn’t find them that good that’s it, the Garrett vs The Fisher as you have seen, they both detect the same things only the Fishes has a bit of trouble with nickel starts jumping allover the place if it detects a coin made out of nickel very uncertain there the AT-Pro is more certain in his finds my idea is thei’re both greath machines, both find almost the same hits both great on silver personally i can’t make a choice both great … i hope you liked this video it is starting to rain and the Fisher is not waterproof but…..we are probably going to find a lot with them both so thanks for watching and….. till the next time byebye

11 comments on “Garrett AT pro vs Fisher F75

  1. Thank you for what must be the best comparison video on YouTube! I wish this method was conducted by everyone….Its interesting to see the stability of the AT Pro against the Fisher 75….as you say both are good but from your video the AT seems to have a slight edge….Thank you again

  2. Nice Test,I use normally the Goldbug,on,gb,disc,run…now its in Service,I use the F75 ltd for this time…runs by detect not stable,so as yours,last week I have tested the At Pro…wow,by a coin just one ore two degree mire,most 63-65,or 66-68…I think I´ve buy the wrong machine

  3. Lol. The f75 will destroy an At pro when set up properly and used with a same skilled user as the pro. Especially in the iron.

  4. In multi-tone settings, the F75 defaults to a discrimination setting of 15, regardless of manual settings below 15. This is according to Tom Dankowski, arguably the best F75 operator on the planet at this time.

  5. I had always wanted to get into the metal detecting hobby, ever since I was a little kid.>>> It was last year when I read a news article that inspired me to again want one and another earlier this year that pushed me to decide to finally bite the bullet.

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