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General Information About Studying Abroad at St. John Fisher College

General Information About Studying Abroad at St. John Fisher College

You’re a St. John Fisher College student
interested in studying abroad? Great the purpose of this video is to give you
guidance on what to do next. Go to your my SJFC page in the search bar type
“study abroad” look for study abroad at Fisher. As you read down the page stop at
“Program Overview.” Fisher works with six providers. The providers are companies
that specialize in creating programs at universities and institutions all over
the world for students to study abroad. through. Many providers also offer
internships abroad, or a combination of internships and coursework. Here is each
program: American Institute for Foreign Study, AIFS, is the provider that most
Fisher students use. Central College Abroad, CCA, is a college in Iowa that
developed its own small study abroad programs. Council on International
Education Exchange, CIEE, is gaining popularity among Fisher students. Through CIEE you can study abroad in one location, or through Open Campus Block,
you can design your semester abroad. You can choose to study abroad in up to
three different cities in one semester. You can also choose just two cities for
a shorter semester experience. Internships in Francophone Europe, IFE,
has programs in Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels, Andalusia, and Asturias. As
language is a main focus, it is recommended that students are fluent in
French or Spanish to participate in the field research conducted on-site in a
full-time internship with IFE. International Programs for Service
Learning, IPSL, designs and delivers programs that blend academic study,
ethical volunteer service, and engaged research opportunities. So students who
wish to earn college credit for service are drawn to IPSL. International
Studies Abroad, ISA, offers high quality abroad programming all over the world.
Currently the Tokyo, Japan program is the only option for Fisher students who
choose ISA. The following are important notes about credits, cost, eligibility,
application, and timeline. For credits, students must take at least 12 credits
abroad in a fall or spring semester as they must be enrolled as full-time
students. For cost, your financial aid goes with you when you study abroad in
the fall or spring. If you choose to study abroad in the summer you are
responsible for all costs; therefore, your financial aid does not go
with you. For eligibility, the spring of the sophomore year is the soonest you
can go abroad. Sophomores must have an overall GPA at Fisher of at least 3.0.
Juniors or seniors must have an overall GPA at Fisher up at least 2.75. Students
must be in good disciplinary standing with the College; if you are on probation,
you might not be able to go abroad. For application and timeline, Fisher has its
own study abroad application. It’s important to know that students must
submit their application approximately 10 months before they plan to go abroad.
That means if you’re interested in studying abroad the following fall or
summer, the Fisher application is due December 1st. If you’re interested in
studying abroad in the spring, the application is due May 1st. Students
typically apply to their affiliated program two to three months after they
submit their Fisher application and after they have been approved by Fisher
to study abroad. There is no fee to complete the Fisher study abroad
application. However, the affiliated programs do charge a fee to apply so
it’s best that you wait until after Fisher has approved you to study abroad
to apply to your affiliated program. If you are interested in applying to study
abroad, please contact Dr. Stella Plutino-Calabrese, Director of Global Education,
or Dr. Jennifer Pluretti, Study Abroad Advisor, via email for more information.
You are welcome to attend a study abroad information session as well. They are
offered three times per semester and are advertised through your email.
Students say that studying abroad is a transformational experience. Feel free to
look at the testimonials and the Fisher blog to hear directly from students
about their time abroad. We look forward to working with you as you explore this

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