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Genevieve Taylor’s Portuguese style Fresh Tuna Steaks on a Napoleon BBQ

Genevieve Taylor’s Portuguese style Fresh Tuna Steaks on a Napoleon BBQ

Now this is a real treat I’m barbecuing fresh tuna today with a lovely Portuguese style marinade. I sliced the middle stalk out of some fresh bay leaves and finely chop the leaves. I crushed some garlic with
some sea salt and mixed it in, I added some red wine vinegar,
olive oil and a good grind of black pepper and mixed it all together to a coarse paste. So I’m gonna pour the marinade over the tuna steaks and give them a good turn about so they’re really evenly coated and they can just sit there soaking up all the lovely flavors for about 30 minutes or so. In the meantime I’ve got some onions softening here in some olive oil and butter to make a topping to go with them. Now they’re in a pan that doesn’t have a plastic handle so it’s really fine to use on the grill. A little bit longer so I’m just gonna
shut the lid and let them do their thing. I’m serving the tuna
with some barbecued spicy rice so I’ve soaked some basmati rice in some cold
water for about an hour and boiled a kettle full of water. Now the onions are nearly done, I’m gonna put another heat proof pan over a high heat and into that I’m gonna put a slug of oil and the drained rice. And then I’m gonna add some garlic,
a little bit of chili, some salt and pepper and then I’m going to pour over enough boiling water so it comes just a centimeter or so above the rice give it one last stir put the lid on and let it boil for one minute. And then after that turn the heat off and just serve it steamed quietly by itself. So the onions are beautifully soft now so I’m going to add a really good glug of Port and a grind of salt and pepper, give them a good stir turn the heat up a tiny bit just let it reduce down so it’s lovely and thick and glossy. So now it’s time to cook the tuna so I’ve got the grill bars really really
hot and it’s just going to take a few minutes on each side. I’m just gonna stir a bit of coriander
through this lovely rice here. That’s smelling really delicious now, so that goes onto warm plates, with a tuna steak on top just a generous dollop of our
onion mixture over that and there you have it Portuguese style fresh tuna steaks on barbecued spicy rice with boozy caramelized onions, what a treat!

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