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Gennaro’s Fish Spaghetti

Gennaro’s Fish Spaghetti

Hi lovely people of Food Tube. Let me show
you what I’m gonna cook today. Today I’m gonna make an easy, fast, unbelievable dish; Grey
Mullet Spaghettini. So good. Full of love and passion. Spaghetti – signora, spaghettini
– signorina. And it’s fantastic, it’s pasta. It’s almost like a linguine. Water is boiling,
salt. Like Jamie do, put in your hands. Slowly make sure that goes in. stir them a little
bits because you don’t want them to get stuck. Cover, frying pan, nice one, gas goes on,
olive oil. Abandon olive oil, it’s done. Little anchovies; you put in about three fillets.
Break with your knife or use your hands. Chop up a garlic, slice it. Ok, chilli. Roughly
chop it. The anchovies, the chilli, the garlic is inside with olive oil. Then you take a
tablespoon of capers, okay. Check the pasta; it’s not ready yet. Then you get about ten
tomatoes, roughly cut it. So tender, so sweet. Oh my, my. Let it cook them a little bit,
turn it down just a tiny little bit because I want it to cook them very, very slowly.
Grey mullet; it’s incredible, it’s underestimated. You can find them everywhere around Europe.
So good, so tasty. It’s almost like between a sea bass and a cod. Ask your fishmonger
to fillet for you. Don’t remove the skin, just roughly cut it. Just look inside there.
Get a spoon in. It is time for you to put a bit of salt. Don’t forget the capers got
salt, anchovies got salt so be very careful. The way you do. I always like a little bit
of pepper and also, because there is salt inside there, I got a little bit of pasta
water. Come on, look at that. Little bit more of olive oil. Little bunch of parsley, roughly
chop. Parsley goes straight inside, stir it. Just taste it. Oh my, everyone should cook
this way! The fish is cooked in minutes. Look at the way it’s dissolved and mixed with tomato,
mixed with the garlic, mixed with anchovies; bring out the flavour of the sea and the capers
which grow near to the sea and the basil which goes almost with everything. What a dish,
I’m not joking. The pasta is ready, all in! You know what I sound like sometimes? A commentator
of football, when he says it’s goal, the first one running. Oh never mind, I don’t think
anyone can understand what I’m talking about. One thing I know, this is great. Little drizzle
of olive oil, extra bit more. Come on! The pasta is ready. I’ve got some nice, wild rocket.
Lemon, squeeze in on here and also on the pasta. Yes! A little salt, olive oil, mixy,
mixy, put him on the side. Off! Yes. Silence is gold, for a long time Gennaro don’t say
anything because the music is the dish. Just stick those on top. Yes! This is what it’s
all about! Mix the right ingredients, the right marriage and then the wedding will last
forever. Bon Appetito. If you want to see me cooking more dish, like a fantastic spaghettini
with grey mullet and tomato just Food Tube channel. Enjoy it. Mmmm taste and smell the same.
Bless you. I chose the beautiful wine which goes perfectly with pasta. Go to Jamie
Oliver’s Drink Tube and see right now. You will love it.

100 comments on “Gennaro’s Fish Spaghetti

  1. You re very good mister Gennaro !!!! "oh my mind" 🙂 Gennaro Gattuso is your son ???? loooooool you have the same energy !! 😉

  2. These YouTube famous chefs are masters of describing their dishes… I’m sure this is really tasty but Gennaro sounds like he’s having an orgasm.

  3. Spaghetti
    Anchovies 3
    Olive oil
    Capers 1tbs
    Grey mallet or sea bass
    Lil bit of salt n pepper
    Put some of that pasta water in mmkay

  4. I know the Video is about the dish but does anyone know where that building is, or what it is called? I think it looks beautiful!

  5. Wow!!! The way he is while he’s cooking is simply amazing! I love cooking and love when I see others acting out how they love it as well!

  6. italians are like us tunisians they use all meats with past abut i do not prefer fish with pasta ..shrimps etc are great but fish cooed alone better

  7. Wait! I'm confused bc the title said spaghetti but that looks like pasta with tomatoes. The American spagetti have tomatoes sauce and meatballs.

  8. What an amazing recipe! Watchin' this video right before lunch break makes me sooooooo hungry!!!! Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  9. First time I've ever heard of or seen this guy, but it won't be the last. What fun to watch! And some good ideas. I like the anchovy especially. I need to use that more.

  10. I have great for respect michellin starred chefs but these guys gennaro and antonio no michellin star needed. Great cooking personified.

  11. A kitchen without Genaro is like a garden without flowers, no joy and no color. This man is food passion embodied

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