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Gennaro’s Gorgeous Grilled Fish With Pesto Dressing

Gennaro’s Gorgeous Grilled Fish With Pesto Dressing

Hi lovely people of Food Tube. What I gonna
cook for you today, and for me, lampuka with pesto in Malta. So fresh and so wonderful.
Lampuka is a local fish. Hahaha. But don’t forget, you can use the sea bass, sea bream,
sardine, mackerel, almost all kind of fish. Lampuka is the fish but as long as you have
a nice and fresh fish it’s incredible. First of all let’s make a pesto. This is a kind
of infusion marinade. Here I’m gonna use mint, parsley, garlic half straight in, little chilli,
plus lemon zest. Yes, I’m gonna use a little bit of lemon in as well. Squeeze about half
a lemon. Look how strong I am, I can’t believe it. Anyone ask how old I am, no I won’t give
you my age, no way at all. Now, Maltese olive oil. Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. That’s
good. Then capers. Make sure you taste it first. If it’s too salted put them inside
the water and make sure they’re losing a bit of salt. I’m gonna use a handful of this one.
What actually the flavour of the capers do, it’s got salt in it. Don’t forget, capers
grow by the sea so in a way, when the sea breeze, the wind of the sea comes over the
wave, the lovely capers catch them all. It keeps the flavour themselves. It’s so fantastic.
Last, not least anchovies, yes! All going in. Don’t be afraid, I’m just gonna put a
little bit. Then you get all those together and you start to mix it. Don’t worry if they
won’t break mould, mix it like a pesto. Now, yes we’ve got lovely fillets of lampuka. Look
at that, beautiful. I’m gonna do two actually. Season a bit, just a little bit. Then put them in
together, get the other side. Little pepper in. Now you make sure the griddle, it is extremely
hot. Olive oil. You only need a little bit just to wipe the fish, look. You turn them
to the other side and then you oil it. They only need a little oiling. Yes, no, no! Yes,
no, no. You can see there is not any oil because the oil, look at that, it’s on the fish. Get
a fish, one, always with the skin down, two. You can see the lovely line on the fish, means
it’s cooked on one side but do not overcook it. Now, slowly you turn it. Don’t worry if
the skin is broke a little bit, you cook the other side. Look at the lovely pesto. Just
brush on top. The anchovies, the garlic, the chilli, the capers, incredible! All this adds
to the flavour. At this stage the fish is cooked. Oh my, my, as soon as it come out
I need this pesto to get on top. Oh wow, wow, look at that! Look at that! Yes! Now
you leave them for rest. Maltese rocket and a bit of salt, olive oil, squeeze a nice bit
of lemon inside. Just quick mix it. And this is grilled lampuka with pesto and wild rocket.
From there to here to here, hey! Mmm, so delicious. It’s the flavour of the sea. It is fantastico.
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100 comments on “Gennaro’s Gorgeous Grilled Fish With Pesto Dressing

  1. @ the very end of the video when Gennaro said from there to here to here…did anyone think of the next place? or was it just me?

  2. Missing the "Why am I cooking so good!" phrase in all of your newer vids!! =) Gonna cook this for mum cause it's Mothers' Day tomorrow using Tuna steak instead and served with spaghettini!!

  3. Gennaro don't want to reveal his age, may be, he wants a young girl friend!  Any way, you are really sweet; I think you are around 65 yrs .  I enjoyed your video and can't wait to try this grilled fish dish.  Thank you!

  4. January 21, 1949 (age 66), sorry Gennaro.. alot of respect to you 😀 

    just wikipedia him 😀

    you are my inspiration in cooking.. this food tube will help my future to become a headchef 😀

  5. Thank you Gennaro. I tried this recipe immediately after I watched this video. I cooked mackerel for me and my husband. We loved it!

  6. this guy is awesome i love his attitude and vibrance
    and i notice a bit of english accent with his italian roots lol

  7. I can't get enough Gennaro! He's like the jovial Italian grandfather I never had. His dishes are all amazingly simple, yet look so delicious. You just don't see food like this very often in the states. I also love that he films a lot of his videos in Malta. I have never been, but I'm dying to go. It looks incredible. As always, many thanks and much gratitude from me to you, Gennaro!!

  8. Watching Genarro's videos feels more than just a cooking show, it's weirdly somehow some kind of relaxation therapy for me. The beautiful background combined with Genarro's charming, lively, and down to earth attitude really brings a smile. Love you, Genarro. A chef who kiss the fish!

  9. Is it bad to cook his dishes on a near daily basis? There's a lot of oil and salt. They're so quick though it's perfect for a quick but delicious dinner

  10. Gennaro you are simply amazing! I've been binge watching your videos , they make me feel happy and your cooking is divine. You cook from the heart and soul! I love that you've come cooking in malta! I live there and our cuisine is very similar to that in Italy 🙂 please keep posting more videos and stay with your warm character !! Love you and thanks for making us happy with your cooking!!! ❤

  11. amazing Russian Fish& Chips!))))

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  15. Hi! I am from Brasil! Recife! The best ocean of Brasil!
    Congratulations! I just bacame a huge fan of yours! Just made the recepie! Delicious!

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